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Focus Workshop Co., Ltd. Added Micro Four Thirds lens to the tilt lens “TTArtisan Tilt 50mm f/1.4” that can also take miniature/diorama style photos

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Focus Kobo Co., Ltd.
A Micro Four Thirds lens has been added to the tilt lens “TTArtisan Tilt 50mm f/1.4” that allows you to take miniature/diorama style photos.
Equipped with a tilt function that allows you to freely control the bokeh ……
Focus Kobo Co., Ltd. will start selling the tilt lens “Tilt 50mm f/1.4” for Micro Four Thirds from the famous optical company TT Artisan on Friday, September 15, 2023. Masu.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 42,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 1:×1200.jpg] The TT Artisan Tilt 50mm f/1.4 from Master Optics is a large aperture lens that uses a tilt/rotation mechanism. By focusing on a wide range of subjects with depth, or conversely by making the focus area extremely narrow, it is possible to create images that look like you are peering into a miniature world. There are six types of lens mounts, including the already released Sony E, L, Fujifilm X, Canon RF, and Nikon Z mounts, as well as the newly released Micro Four Thirds.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg]
[Image 3: &s3=71960-295-11b67e06D417E417E4CA0113281C5B3 f41-1200×1200.jpg]
[Image 4:×1200.jpg]
[Image 5:×1200.jpg] Tilt/rotate mechanism By loosening the lock on the lens barrel and tilting it, you can intentionally shift the optical axis of the lens, allowing you to freely control the range of focus without having to rely on adjusting the aperture. The lens barrel tilts up to 8 degrees on each side and rotates up to 360 degrees. It supports a variety of subjects and allows for free composition, and when the tilt mechanism is not used, it can be used as a standard lens with an easy-to-handle angle of view.
[Image 6:×420.jpg] Designed to support follow focus The aperture ring and focus ring are compatible with follow focus for video shooting, making this a lens that can be used for a wide range of purposes.
[Image 7:×533.jpg] *The image uses a Sony E-mount lens.
Lens configuration/MTF diagram
[Image 8:×604.jpg] 7 elements in 6 groups (2 high refractive lenses)
Compatible mount: Micro Four Thirds
Focal length: 50mm (35mm format equivalent: 100mm)
Focus: MF (manual focus)
Lens configuration: 7 elements in 6 groups (2 high refractive lenses) Shortest shooting distance: 0.5m
Aperture: F1.4-F16
Aperture blades: 12 pieces
Filter diameter: 62mm
Tilt amount: ±8°
Rotation angle (revolving): 360°
Size: Approx. Φ68 x 68mm (excluding mount) Weight: Approx. 450g sample photo
[Image 9:×450.jpg]
[Image 10:×533.jpg]
[Image 11:×534.jpg] more sample ↓
[Video 2:]

▼ Product page [Focus Workshop Online
Store][object 13][object 14]https://item.[object 15] TTArtisanTTArtisan Tea Artisan) is a new lens brand born from Shenzhen optical manufacturer Famous Optics. We are also developing lenses for mirrorless cameras, including high-performance Leica M mount lenses. Focus Studio Co., Ltd. “We want you to feel the joy and joy of cameras and photography closer to you.” Focus Studio imports and sells camera supplies such as popular overseas-made mount adapters, camera lenses, and accessories. We continue to sell products based on the concept of “good products at affordable prices,” and thanks to our customers, we have received high praise. We are also cooperating in the development of new mount adapters, and hope to contribute to Japan’s camera culture.

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