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Focus Workshop Co., Ltd. Released the electronic mount adapter “Fringer FR-FTX2” for converting Nikon F le ns to Fujifilm X mount.

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Focus Kobo Co., Ltd.
Electronic mount adapter “Fringer FR-FTX2” for Nikon F lens → Fujifilm X mount conversion released
The previous model “FR-FTX1” has evolved, including the adoption of rubber sealing and a smaller bottom part of the main body.
Shokujo Kobo Co., Ltd. will start selling Fringer’s electronic mount adapter “FR-FTX2” on Monday, September 11, 2023.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥60,000 (tax included)
[Image 1:×866.jpg] Fringer “FR-FTX2” is an electronic mount adapter for using Nikon F-mount lenses with Fujifilm X-mount cameras. It has further evolved from the previous model “FR-FTX1” with features such as the use of rubber sealing to prevent dust and water droplets from entering, and a smaller bottom part of the main unit.
AE/AF shooting is possible in combination with AF-S and AF-P NIKKOR lenses (with built-in motor)
Both mechanical aperture and electromagnetic aperture of NIKKOR (D/G/E type) lenses can be controlled.
Compatible with continuous AF (AF-C)
Compatible with “face detection” and “eye AF”
Compatible with in-lens image stabilization mechanism (Nikon “VR”, Sigma “OS”, Tamron “VC”)
Compatible with in-body image stabilization mechanism
Equipped with automatic correction function for lateral chromatic aberration (lateral chromatic aberration LaCA) (*)
Information such as focal length and exposure of the shot image is recorded as Exif data.
Firmware can be updated via USB connection with a PC terminal Flocking inside the adapter suppresses internal reflections
Dust- and drip-proof design, including rubber sealing to prevent dust and water from entering
Achieved miniaturization of the lower part of the main body
*Valid only for compatible lenses published on the manufacturer’s official website.
[Image 2:×866.jpg]
[Image 3:×866.jpg]
[Image 4:×1200.jpg]
[Image 5:×1200.jpg ]
▼Click here for product details [Focus Kobo Online
Store][object 7][object 8]https: //[object 9] Fringer Software-related work While working for 20 years, I have been a CONTAX lens enthusiast and a lover of cameras, and since 2013 I have been working on producing electronic adapters with a focus on high performance and smartness. Kobo Co., Ltd. “We want you to feel the joy and joy of cameras and photography closer to you.”Focus Kobo offers camera supplies such as popular overseas-made mount adapters, camera lenses, and accessories. We import and sell. We continue to sell products based on the concept of “good products at affordable prices,” and thanks to our customers, we have received high praise. We are also cooperating in the development of new mount adapters, and hope to contribute to Japan’s camera culture.

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