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FOEX Notice of “New Sustainable Urban Development” “That’s Dangerous!” Design Semi nar” 9/15 (Friday) (Environmental Mirai EXPO) ~ Flask Online EXPO(R)︎

Smart Luce LLC
[FOEX] – Special Lecture – Announcement of “New Sustainable Urban Development” “That’s Dangerous! Design Seminar” 9/15 (Friday) (Environmental Mirai EXPO) ~ Flask Online EXPO(R)︎
Smart Luce LLC (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates Flask Online EXPO(R)︎ (FOEX(R)︎), hosted Mr. Keisuke Yaegashi (G Holdings Co., Ltd.) at the “Environmental Future EXPO” held on September 15th. ) and Team Zero One (Zero One Co., Ltd.) will be holding a special lecture. *Online EXPO(R)︎ and Online Marche(R)︎ are registered trademarks of Smart Luce LLC.
[Image 1:×1464.jpg] FOEX(R) “Environmental Future EXPO”
-Special lecture-
[Venue] Inside “Environmental Mirai EXPO”
[Date and time] Friday, August 18, 2023
[1] 14:00~ [2] 15:00~
[Participation fee] Free (Zoom participation)
[Image 2:×915.png ]
Mr. Keisuke Yaegashi
Special lecture [1]
“New sustainable town development”
Speaker: Keisuke Yaegashi (G Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Our lives are facing a truly difficult situation, both economically and environmentally, due to soaring electricity prices and various environmental problems. We will talk about our gradual sustainable lifestyle concept based on new technology and perspectives.

[Image 3:×915.png ]
team zero one
Special lecture [2]
“That’s dangerous! “Design Seminar”
Speaker: Team Zero One (Zero One Co., Ltd.)
[That’s dangerous! Design Seminar] Design is more difficult to communicate than to create. Have you ever been conscious of the design around you? If you think, “I don’t pay much attention to design…”, don’t worry, it’s normal. However, this casual design! We play a very important role, so if you have time, please feel free to join us ������‍♂️
■What is “Environmental Mirai EXPO”? Global warming, air pollution, ocean pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, additive pollution… “Environmental Mirai EXPO” considers the global environment and proposes a future environment that will be passed on to children. An online exhibition. With the slogan “Let’s create a sustainable world,” environmental protection professionals from all over the country will explain in an easy-to-understand way the various environmental pollution and health hazards that are happening around us, and suggest products and services to counter them. Masu. Held every third Friday of the month from 13:00 to 16:00 [Homepage]
[Image 4:×1281.jpg] ■What is “Flask Online EXPO(R)︎”?
In April 2020, Online Marche (R)︎ “ONLINE Hobo Kenjinkai (R)” (4th Sunday of every month from 9:00 to 12:30) started, which is open to participants from all over the country. Now you can enjoy encountering products and services you have never seen before online, no matter where you are. After that, through repeated trial and error, the first “Adult Festa” of “Flask Online EXPO (R)”, which specialized in specialization, will start in May 2021. To date, we have launched more than 20 online EXPO(R)︎ projects, held more than 300 times, the total number of exhibitors exceeds 4,000, and the annual number of visitors exceeds 20,000 (as of May 2023).
[Image 5:×343.png ]
Exhibition of experimentation and creativity “Flask Online EXPO(R)︎” [Homepage]
With the basic philosophy of Share the World(R)︎ ~Let’s share the world~, Flask Online EXPO(R)︎ supports businesses that take on the challenge of exhibiting online. By sharing my world, I aim to develop my business with my friends. We will connect the whole country online and contribute to the revitalization of various industries.
Sponsored by: Japan Online Event Promotion Association (JOEPA) Operation management: B-Dash Co., Ltd./Smart Luce LLC
-Radio program “Flask Online EXPO Hour”-
★Every Sunday 24:00-24:30 (Chofu FM)
We welcome online EXPO(R) exhibitors from various industries as guests and deliver fun and slightly useful information! You can listen to it from anywhere in the country using the Risuraj app.
[Past broadcasts]
*Online EXPO(R)︎ and Online Marche(R)︎ are registered trademarks of Smart Luce LLC.
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