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For designers or aspiring designers Think with Kosuke Kawabata, who has 17,000 X followers! 9/28 (Thursday) Free seminar “Collaboration What is ‘design that conveys’?”

Creek and River Co., Ltd.
[For designers or aspiring designers] Think with Kosuke Kawabata, who has 17,000 X followers! 9/28 (Thursday) Free Seminar “[Collaboration with] What exactly is “design that communicates”?”

Creek and River Co., Ltd. (C & R) will hold a free online seminar “[Collaboration]” Design that communicates “on September 28th (Thursday) for creators involved in design and those who aim to become designers. What the hell? We will hold the event “What is the designer we want to think about together?”.
▼ Click here for details and application * Deadline: September 28, 2023 (Thursday) 18:00
[Image 1:×675.jpg] “To, Collaboration” is a seminar where you participate, learn, and speak out on your own initiative. By collaborating with various companies and creators, we aim to create a place to improve skills and knowledge. In this “to, collaboration”, we will collaborate with Mr. Kosuke Kawabata, who has more than 17,000 followers and has more than 17,000 followers, by transmitting the perspective of sales, marketing, and branding from the standpoint of a web designer and manager on X (formerly Twitter). is decided. This is the second seminar in which Mr. Kawabata will be on stage, following the “Creating a Portfolio to Convey Your Thoughts to Recruiters” held on September 7th (Thursday). On the day of the seminar, Mr. Kawabata will introduce his thoughts and examples of nanocolor, which is the representative, and based on the contents of the pre-questionnaire from the participants, what exactly is “design that communicates”? We will work it out together. Words that are often used in the field of design production are “Think of a design that is conveyed” and “Be conscious of the end user”. It is especially recommended for those who want to clarify the meaning of the word. In addition, in this seminar, we aim to be a seminar where participants can enjoy learning while exchanging texts and answering questions on the chat, creating lively communication. By all means, please actively participate!
[And collaboration] What exactly is “design that conveys”? Thinking together, what kind of designer is needed?
■ Date and time September 28, 2023 (Thursday) 19:00-20:30 ■ Location online ■ Speakers
[Image 2:×2150.jpg] Mr. Kosuke Kawabata CEO of nanocolor Co., Ltd./Marketing Designer In 2004, he participated in an EC business startup. Self-taught with knowledge and skills in design/advertising/product development, established nanocolor Co., Ltd. in 2010. We support our customers’ digital marketing areas, focusing on BtoC, advertising, EC sites, LP, CRM, branding, etc. ■ Participation fee is free ■ Eligibility ・ Those involved in design work ・ Those who are interested in design work ■ Capacity 100 people ▼ Click here for details and application https://go * Deadline: September 28, 2023 (Thursday) 18:00 [Contact] Creek and River Marketing Group ” and collaboration” Email: As a pioneer of creator agencies, we have supported creators to improve their careers and skills through joint company briefings, career consultations, seminars, etc. Going forward, we will continue to aim to create an environment where creators can maximize their abilities through various initiatives based on our mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals.” -Web/design related seminars/courses-▼9/9 (Sat) Let’s master the user experience (UX) of generated AI! (Full English)▼9/9 (Sat) UX BOOST!!VOL.2# Co-creating UX https://www. ▼9/13 (Wednesday) Figma update explanation webinar Systematic design and prototyping method utilizing the new function “Variable” https://go. ▼9/20 (Wednesday) Sales Writing Basics Compete with AI Writing! SEO-friendly writing ▼9/21 (Thursday) Thorough understanding of GA4! GA4 Webinar-Mastering
the Search Function-▼9/28 (Thursday) [Talk Discussion] UI for Web/App and Game Designer, which one do you aim for?▼9/29 (Friday) See the future of UI design: how to create great UIs with the power of AI Let’s learn [Vol 3] e-learning-▼ Sales writing basic course (26 chapters in total) https://www. ▼Introductory video editing course ▼Banner production Learn through! Photoshop course required for web production ▼ Design comp production course
creator/128433/?rls▼Illustrator Basic Course▼Dreamweaver Course /?rls▼Basic JavaScript/Practical Course▼Basic PHP Course /?rls▼ UI/UX Basic Course▼Creating Outstanding UI Games, Apps, Websites https://www ▼Internet marketing test measures▼For non-programmers Introduction to Python ▼Learning Data Aggregation with Excel Vol.1 ▼ Copyright introductory course Event information such as seminars is also distributed in the e-mail magazine. If you are interested, please register! ▼ Click here to register for “C&R Event Information Mail Magazine” [What is Creek and River] Founded in 1990 is a professional agency. With the mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients”, we are working on video, games, web, advertising/publishing, writers, architecture, computer science, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, etc. We operate an agency business (dispatch/introduction), a production business (development/contracting), and a rights management business (planning, development, and distribution of intellectual property) specializing in professionals in the field. The C&R Group also operates businesses in the medical, IT, accounting, legal, fashion, food, and agriculture fields, and has expanded to a total of 18 fields. Website: (old Twitter): /creek▼Company introduction video shot with a drone is now available!
[Video 2:]▼What is the origin of C&R Company…? Brand site “Go Beyond the Limit” More details about this release:

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