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For web creators Learn the basics of Python and improve your engineering skills! PEC starts offering e-learnin g “Python Basic Course”!!

Creek and River Co., Ltd.
[For web creators] Learn the basics of Python and improve your engineering skills! PEC starts offering e-learning “Python Basic Course”!!
Professional Education Center (PEC), the education division of Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C&R), has recently started offering the e-learning “Python Basics Course.”
[Image 1:×400.jpg] Python, which has gained popularity in recent years, is a popular language not only in Japan but also overseas, and is used for applications such as application development, artificial intelligence development, data analysis efficiency, and blockchain development. Python emphasizes readability and understandability of programs, and is designed to be easy to understand even for people who do not know Python. Not only that, it has a rich library and is highly extensible, so the balance between readability, ease of learning, and practicality is one of Python’s great appeals. In this e-learning, you can learn basic knowledge and skills of Python, such as an overview of Python, website data acquisition and website creation using Python,
association analysis, document similarity search, etc. This content is especially recommended for those who are aiming to become web engineers or those who want to acquire backend skills. Please feel free to contact us as we also accept applications for multiple people from companies and use for group training. -Notes when taking the course-・Prerequisites are a certain level of understanding of HTML and the ability to manipulate files and folders.・Python targets the latest version of version 3 series. -Latest version of Visual Studio Code/Visual Studio Code enhancements/Python itself (latest version of Version 3 series)/Google Chrome will be used in the lecture. (An installation manual will be distributed to those who apply) – No knowledge of programming languages ​​is required – Some statistical knowledge will be used, but detailed explanations will not be provided. – Recommended for: Front-end engineers who want to acquire back-end skills for web development Creators who are studying to become web engineers
e-learning “Python Basic Course”
■Contents (all 4 curriculums, 7:06:32) – Chapter 1 – Overview of Python (1:45:53) What is Python? Python operating environment How to write Python variables, string concatenation How to write conditional branches How to use import statementsUsing functionsCreating user-defined functions – Chapter 2 – Programs using Python
(1:45:29)Input methods from the userUsing listsUsing repetitive processingUsing dictionaries and setsOpening files, Writing and saving BMI calculation – Chapter 3 – Obtaining website data and creating a website using Python (1:47:45) How to use pip Obtaining external website data using the requests module Launching a web server with built-in Python Via CGI Displaying the screen display form and creating a confirmation screen Checking data using regular expressions – Chapter 4 – Association analysis using Python, document similarity search (1:47:25) What is association analysis? Importing modules used in data analysis Importing the analysis package Performing association analysis What is document similarity search? Creating a model using Doc2Vec Document similarity search from Doc2Vec ■Lecturer
[Image 2:×150.png ]
Kazuma Sekiguchi Director, Comcent Co., Ltd. CTO Responsible for total web services including site design, HTML coding, program development using JavaScript, PHP, etc., creation of apps for iOS and Android, web server implementation, and operation. Create a site. His strength is that he understands technology and can provide comprehensive advice on design, coding, server operation, and service operation. As CTO of Comcent Co., Ltd. (web production company), engaged in website creation, system development, and program development. He mainly handles EC site customization, full scratch web system development, video distribution systems, video distribution, and creation of smartphone applications for distribution. In charge of web production classes at universities and vocational schools (part-time). He also has extensive experience speaking at events and seminars. He has also written books such as Dreamweaver. ■Price 33,000 yen (tax included) ■Viewing period 90 days after purchase ▼Details/Application -Related seminars/courses-▼10/31 (Tue) Let’s create an artificial intelligence chatbot with Python! (Lecturer: Mr. Kazuma Sekiguchi)▼e-learning “PHP Basic Course” (Lecturer: Mr. Kazuma Sekiguchi) https:
//▼e-learning “Introduction to Python for non-programmers” -Other related information-▼Details of PEC’s training services for creators [Inquiries regarding this seminar] Creek & Co., Ltd. River Inc. PEC Secretariat e-Learning “Python Basic Course” Email: Since its establishment in 1990, as a pioneer creator agency, we have supported the career and skill development of creators through corporate joint information sessions, career consultations, and seminars. Based on our mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals,” we will continue to strive to create an environment where creators can maximize their abilities through various initiatives. -Easy to learn e-learning-▼JavaScript basics/practical course▼Sales writing basic course (26 chapters in total)
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introductory course, etc. Event information is also distributed via email newsletter. If you are interested, please register! ▼ Click here to register for “C&R Event Information Email Magazine” [What is Creek & River?] Founded in 1990 is a professional agency. With the mission of “increasing the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients,” we are working in a variety of industries, including video, games, the web,
advertising/publishing, writers, architecture, computer science, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, etc. We operate an agency business (dispatch/introduction), a production business
(development/contracting), and a rights management business (planning, development, and distribution of intellectual property) specializing in professionals in the field. The C&R Group also operates businesses in the medical, IT, accounting, legal, fashion, food, and agriculture fields, and has expanded to a total of 18 fields. Website: (old Twitter): /creek▼Company introduction video shot with a drone is now available!
[Video 2:]▼What is the origin of C&R Company…? Brand site “Go Beyond the Limit” More details about this release:

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