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Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television A production presentation for Sanrio’s original live-action drama “Bosamaru” will be held! Sakura, Tsuna Keinaga, and Mori Shuto from “Bosausa” will be on stage! Furthermore, the ending song of the drama

Fuji Television Co., Ltd.
[Fuji TV] A production presentation for Sanrio’s original live-action drama “Bosamaru” will be held! Sakura, Tsuna Keinaga, and Mori Shuto from “Bosausa” will be on stage! Furthermore, the ending song of the drama has been decided to be “Bokunimaru” sung by “Soraru”!
RAM RIDER is in charge of the soundtrack! Production presentation: Free distribution on FOD from Tuesday, September 19th! Drama: Episodes 1 and 2 will be distributed on FOD at 0:00 on Friday, September 22nd. …… (“Bosanimal” official page) (FOD distribution page)
The production presentation of the drama “Bosamaru”, which will start streaming from 0:00 on Friday, September 22, 2023, will be held on FOD, a video distribution service operated by Fuji TV, and Sakura, the leading character “Bosausa”, will be held. , Hironaga Tsuna, and Shuto Mori took the stage. In addition, the ending song of the drama will be sung by Soraru as a character, and RAM RIDER will be in charge of the musical accompaniment.
[Image 1:×427.jpg] Drama “Bosamaru” production presentation (from left) Tsuna Keinaga, Sakura, Erika, Mori Shuto, Kotaro (C)️2023 SANRIO CO., LTD. Bosamaru Production Committee
The drama “Bosamaru” is about a group of animals called “Bosamaru” who one day suddenly understand human language and can communicate with humans, and humans live together in a shared house. This is a cute and thought-provoking drama about the characters growing up little by little while being confused by the differences in their lifestyles and rules and sometimes conflicting with each other. The production presentation was hosted by Mana Mikami (Fuji TV announcer), with triple-starring actors Sakura, Keinaga Tsuna, and Shuto Mori from “Bosausa” taking the stage. When asked how he felt when it was decided that he would appear in the drama, Tsuna said, “With Shuto! He’s the strongest! I was looking forward to co-starring with Shuto again, this time in a different role, and to see what kind of scene it would be.” Revealing this, Mori expressed his feelings at the time, saying, “I was filled with joy. Keinaga and I are good friends in private, but I was happy that he gave us the opportunity to act together through work.” Ta.
When asked about his impressions of “Bosamaru” and his friends, Tsuna confessed his love for Sakura, saying, “I love her! She was a really good girl!” and would often chew on her whenever he had a chance on set… When the inside story came out, he admitted, “I did. I was allowed to do it,” and then insisted that Sakura didn’t mind, saying, “I was serious. Sakura won’t deny it either, so I’m sure she’ll do it.” Mori said, “He’s very curious and adorable, and I want to take care of him.”
Regarding the impression of Kotaro in “Bosainu”, Tsuna said, “Kotaro was always disheveled.The costume designer was always rubbing Kotaro’s loose hair on his clothes (lol),” and Mori said, “ I’ve rarely seen Kotaro without his hair untidy. He was so unkempt that I wondered if I could see in front of him, and it was so comfortable to hold,” he said, revealing that Kotaro was unkempt all the time.
Erika’s impression of “Bosatori” is that Tsuna “feels like an older sister, and Erika’s love for each other is a spice in her warm atmosphere,” and Mori says, “There are many scenes where we argue, and I think we were always at odds with each other.” I was looking back at the scene where we co-starred.
In addition, in a scene where they looked back on their roles, Tsuna talked about the role of Yuuma, a “fluffy boy” who is always calm and collected and you don’t know what he’s thinking, saying, “The roles I’ve played so far have been bright, cheerful roles.” There were a lot of expressions, and this time it was normal, or rather, it was difficult to be normal, and I tried slowing down the lines to play a “loose and fluffy” character, and Taiga said, “Way! Mori said of the role of Taiga, a hot-blooded guy who likes muscle training and cares about his friends, “On the contrary, I often play calm characters, so I thought about how to play the role.” I actually trained before filming and always maintained my voice, which gave me a fresh impression.” When asked about the rumor that he was doing muscle training in his free time, he replied, “There was muscle training equipment in the boys’ room (the shared house used for filming), so I gave Keinaga some muscle training instructions. When Mori answered, “It was tough,” Tsuna replied, “I was comfortable, though!” and when Mori asked, “Really?”, Tsuna replied, “It was tough…” and said, “I was able to afford it!” There is also a scene where the friendship is conveyed through good dialogue.
When asked about the highlight of the drama, Tsuna mentioned “Living together with Bosamaru,” adding, “There are many lives where only humans live together, but Bosamaru and humans are two different species.” I think one of the big highlights of this story is what happens when they live together.Also, please pay attention to the relationship between Mio and Yuma, who sometimes come to the share house.I talked to Erika earlier. I said it was a spice, but Mio is also a really good spice!” Mori points out that “There are serious scenes that are not just cute,” and “There are some heart-warming scenes of a warm communal life, but the highlights are the tears and laughter that are born out of diversity, so it makes you think while watching.” It’s a drama that will make you happy,” he said, promoting the drama.
Other than that, what if the two of you lived together? During the talk, which will be revealed for the first time, including memorable filming episodes, messages from director Tsubakimoto to the two, etc., an “uneasy” Sakura will appear from the side of the stage and it will be a three-shot talk.
When I asked Sakura about her impressions of Tsuna and Mori, she said, “It was a lot of fun! They were both very kind, or rather, they had a very peaceful atmosphere, and I was jealous of how close they were.” Mori said, “On the contrary, there were times when I felt
jealous.Whenever there was a scene between Taiga and Sakura, I would get a little confused and wonder what she was feeling.” It’s the same thing. Keinaga was one-sidedly flirting with me and expressing his love to me, but I can’t express my love to him straight, so I feel like he’s being sneaky.” Sakura said, and it became a popular episode.
Lastly, Sakura said, “The humans and Bosamaru living in this share house are different creatures, and they pass each other and collide with each other a lot.It can get rough at times, but little by little they come to understand each other.” I think there’s a part of me that can relate to that kind of thing.That’s why after watching this drama, I feel like I want to be a little more kind to people than usual, or I want to talk to someone. , I hope everyone feels a warm feeling.” Tsuna says, “When Bosamaru and humans, people with different living environments, live together, they clash due to misunderstandings and differences in values, but they still have dreams and goals.” It’s a story about finding your goal. I hope everyone who watches it will also find their goal.” Mori said, “I think it’s difficult for Bosamaru” and “Humans” to live together amidst all kinds of diversity, but the bonds between everyone can be strengthened by overcoming the troubles that arise. It’s a
heartwarming work that everyone can relate to as it deepens.I hope everyone is looking forward to it,” he concluded the talk. This production presentation will be streamed completely free of charge on FOD, so please take a look.
[Image 2:×427.jpg] (From left) Hironaga Tsuna, Shuto Mori, Sakura (C)️2023 SANRIO CO., LTD. Bosamaru Production Committee
[Image 3:×427.jpg] (From left) Hironaga Tsuna, Sakura, Shuto Mori (C)️2023 SANRIO CO., LTD. Bosamaru Production Committee

Furthermore, the ending theme for the drama “Bosamaru” is sung by “Soraru”, a singer who is active mainly in the internet scene, as “Poppy”, an alpaca who served as the CV for the anime “Bosamaru”. We decided on “Nimaru”. “Boku ni Maru” is a catchy song that makes you want to dance to the song, which conveys the “Bosamaru”-like message, “You may not be very confident, but by giving yourself a ○, you can become a little more positive.” It is a song with an impressive pop sound with a melody and synthesizer tones.
The music for the movie was composed by RAM RIDER, who participated as a composer at the Paralympic closing ceremony. The cute world view of Bosamaru is made even more gorgeous.
Ending theme “Bokunimaru”
Artist: Poppy (CV. Soraru)
Lyrics and composition: Yusuke Kikuchi & Umidva
Arrangement: Toshihiro
[Image 4:×427.jpg] Soraru
“Nice to meet you all. My name is Soraru.
I will be in charge of the ending theme for the drama “Bosamaru”! I was given the opportunity to sing the ending theme song
“Bokunimaru,” which was inspired by my role as the voice actor for the influencer alpaca Poppy in the anime “Bosamaru”. It’s a song that affirms our unkempt self and pushes us back.
I often end up putting off things I don’t like and feeling groggy every day, but I sang this song with all my heart in hopes of making you feel a little lighter. I hope you enjoy it along with the drama.”
[Image 5:×640.jpg] RAM RIDER
“When I received the project, the keyword I thought of was “coexistence.” Everyone has the problem of not matching their outward ideals and aspirations with their inner feelings. For the music, I tried combining cute melodies and tones with off-beat rhythms, and did a lot of trial and error. A shared house is a symbol of community. It might be more interesting to see the present and future of the people living there. I look forward to the weekly broadcasts.”

[Image 6:×212.jpg] Sakura (voiced by Mone Kamishiraishi) is an unkempt rabbit who wants to know the outside world and leaves the house of Hana, where she was kept as a pet. They arrive at a shared house where humans and Bosamaru live together.
Yuma (Tsuna Keinaga) is a fluffy guy who doesn’t know what he’s thinking, Taiga (Mori Shuto) is a muscle-training guy who is always idle but cares about his friends, and Kotaro is a cool and unfriendly “bosainu”. (CV: Sougo Nakamura), a senior “bosatori” Erika (CV: Rei Maruyama) who also works in the human world, and Mio (Hagoromo Mihara), a girl of the same age who sometimes comes to visit my house. Tachi.
Sakura, an honest and hardworking person, struggles to coexist with humans and other unscrupulous people, but she always fails… As a result of losing his sense of self-confidence, he is no longer able to “become unkempt”, which is the characteristic of Bosamaru. Sakura is searching for a new way of life even though she is worried. Will Sakura be able to “bossaru” again…!?
It’s a cute and thought-provoking drama in which Bosamaru and humans, each with their own troubles, sometimes clash with each other and grow little by little as they come into contact with each other’s different ways of life.
◇ Drama overview
■Title: “Bosamaru” (8 episodes in total)
■Distribution: Distribution starts at 0:00 on Friday, September 22, 2023 (episodes 1 and 2). From then on, 2 episodes will be distributed every Friday at 0:00.
*Episode 1 free delivery
■Cast: Mone Kamishiraishi / Keinaga Tsuna / Shuto Mori / Sougo Nakamura / Rei Maruyama / Hagoromo Mihara and others
■Staff: Original work: Sanrio
Screenplay: Hirotake Kumamoto/Chihiro Amano/Aya Satsuki
Theme song: CHAI “Driving 22” (Sony Music Labels)
Ending: Poppy (CV. Soraru) “Bokunimaru”
Produced by: Takeshi Shimokawa (Fuji Television) / Ue Shikauchi (Fuji Television)
Producer: Yuichi Sakurai (soket) / Kimiki Goka (maroyaka)
Director: Keijiro Tsubakimoto/Hiroto Totsuka/Chihiro Amano
Production: soket/maroyaka
Production: Bosamaru Production Committee
■URL: (“Bosanimal” official page) (FOD distribution page)
■SNS: (FOD official) (Bosamaru [Official]) (Bosamaru Information Bureau)
◇ FOD Overview
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[Image 7:×633.jpg] You can enjoy it from the nap. With “FOD Catch Free”, which does not require membership registration, popular TV programs are distributed for a limited time after they air. It’s free and easy to use. We offer an entertainment experience unique to a television station.
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