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Fujifilm Astalift, the sequel to the series “Look forward to it tomorrow” starring Aoi Miyazaki and Masaki Okada. New TV commercials “Two on the Train: The Power of Red” and “Two on the Train: Liposome”

Aoi Miyazaki and Masaki Okada appear in the sequel of the series “Look forward to it tomorrow.” Astalift new TV commercial “Two on the Train: Red Power” edition and “Two on the Train: Liposome” edition
~Broadcast nationwide from September 20th (Wednesday)~
FUJIFILM Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Teiichi Goto) has released a new TV commercial, “The Power of Red: Two Trains,” for Astalift, a skin care brand aimed at anti-aging care (*1). The two episodes will be broadcast nationwide from September 20th (Wednesday).
The two TV commercials that will begin airing this time feature a mysterious train journey between a woman played by Aoi Miyazaki who boards a train as if to escape from something, and a man from the future played by Masaki Okada. This is the sequel to the “Look forward to tomorrow.” series. A conversation between Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Okada and the catchphrase “Look forward to tomorrow” will convey the appeal of “Astalift,” which aims to provide skin care that you can actually feel by utilizing the technology cultivated through the development of photographic film. Masu. As in the previous part, Seiko Matsuda’s famous song “Akai Sweet Pea” is used as the song. Akemi Masuda will newly appear in the “Train Two – Liposome” edition as a cabin attendant on the train the two are riding on.
*1 Care according to age.
[Image 1:×1161.png ]
“Two on the Train: The Power of Red” TV commercial (30 seconds) URL:
“Two on the Train Liposome” TVCM (30 seconds)
“Look forward to tomorrow.” Special site
Actors Aoi Miyazaki and Masaki Okada appear in the new TV commercials “Two on the Train: Red Power” and “Two on the Train: Liposome”. In addition to the two characters, Akemi Masuda will appear as a new cabin attendant in the “Two on the Train – Liposome” edition. Through a conversation between Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Okada, who happened to meet on a train, they learned about Astalift White Jelly Aquarista, a jelly-like beauty serum that provides everything from foundation care (*2) to anti-aging care (*1), as well as the deep skin concerns of adults. We will introduce the features of “Astalift the Serum,” a high-performance serum series that focuses on and provides optimal care for each individual (*3). Our company’s proprietary
nano-astaxanthin (*4), which is the characteristic ingredient of Astalift and has been micronized using our unique nano-dispersion technology, and liposome technology cultivated in the healthcare field other than cosmetics, have been applied to cosmetics. Please pay attention to the scene where he uses red sponge balls and roll cakes to explain osmotic liposomes (*5).
“Two on the Train: The Power of Red” edition
A man and a woman face each other in the train cabin. A man takes out a big red sponge ball and starts doing magic tricks. Through magic tricks, it shows how the red beauty ingredient astaxanthin (*4) is turned into nano-sized particles. A woman smiles a little as she picks up Astalift White Jelly Aquarista, which contains nano-astaxanthin (*4). I became interested in the man who talked about “Astalift.” The mysterious train journey continues towards a tomorrow full of expectations…
“Two on the Train Liposome” edition
A man and a woman face each other in the train cabin. A man orders a “roll cake” from a car vendor. The man then explains. Fujifilm’s unique osmotic liposome (*5) resembles a “cream-filled roll cake.” It has a “single layer” structure made of one layer of membrane, and has the function of containing many beauty ingredients inside, delivering the necessary ingredients to the skin (*6). A woman who is curious about “roll cakes.” For some reason, the flight attendant is still at the entrance to the compartment. The mysterious train journey continues towards a tomorrow full of expectations…
The director is Satoshi Nagai, who directed the movie “If Cats Disappeared from the World.” The song uses Seiko Matsuda’s famous song “Akai Sweet Pea”.
*2 Thorough care of the stratum corneum
*3 Within the Astalift brand
*4 Firmness moisturizing ingredient
*5 Unique means a unique manufacturing method. Penetrating type means that it penetrates to the stratum corneum.
*6 Up to the stratum corneum
About jelly-like beauty serum “Astalift White Jelly Aquarista”
[Image 2:×207.jpg] The “Astalift Jelly Aquarista Series”, which has been the No. 1 selling series (*7) since its release in 2010, is a jelly containing “W human-type nanoceramide (*8)” that keeps the stratum corneum of the skin moisturized and healthy. This is a beauty serum that is ahead of its time. By using this product on your bare skin after washing your face and before applying lotion, you can bring out the power of skin care (*9).
“Astalift White Jelly Aquarista” (quasi-drug, brand name: AL Jelly White e) contains “nano-astaxanthin (*4)” which gives firmness and moisture to the skin, as well as “arbutin”, an active whitening ingredient. Contains whitening care that suppresses melanin production and prevents age spots and freckles. It also contains beauty ingredients such as unique ingredients “Nano AMA+ (*10)”,
“Marronnier Extract (*11)”, and “Bilberry Leaf Extract (*11)”. It provides multifunctional care that provides moisture and firmness to the skin, as well as whitening (*12), leading to clear skin. *7 No. 1 in cumulative sales of the Jerry Aquarista series at Astalift from April 2008 to March 2023.
*8 Skin conditioning ingredients: Quasi-drugs include N-oleoyl phytosphingosine, hydroxystearyl phytosphingosine, and
stearoyloxyheptacosanoyl phytosphingosine. Cosmetics include Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, and Ceramide EOP.
*9 The content of skin care should be enriched.
*10 Nano AMA+ is a unique composite ingredient consisting of nano AMA (centella centella asiatica extract), which has been nanoized using proprietary technology, and ferulic acid. Bright moisturizing ingredient. Bright is a sense of transparency due to moisture. *11 Bright moisturizing ingredient. Bright is a sense of transparency due to moisture.
*12 Suppresses melanin production and prevents age spots and freckles. About the high-performance serum series “Astalift the Serum”
[Image 3:×197.jpg] “Astalift the Serum” is a high-performance serum series that applies our liposome technology to the cosmetics field. It was born in 2022 against the backdrop of increasing beauty awareness among a wide range of generations and the demand for even higher functionality in skin care products. This is a beauty serum series that focuses on the deep skin concerns of adults and provides optimal care for each of them (*3).Our unique penetrating liposomes (*5) miniaturized to nano-size hold plenty of beauty ingredients. , delivers it firmly to the skin (*7).
Interview with Aoi Miyazaki and Masaki Okada (Interviewer: LiLiCo) URL:
[Image 4:×564.jpg] Thank you for your hard work, LiLiCo. Akemi Masuda is appearing this time. Please tell us your impressions of co-starring with her. Mr. Miyazaki: “Your voice…! It felt really good to my ears, and it was a wonderful voice that I wanted to listen to forever. Also, the smile. It gave me a happy atmosphere.”
Mr. Okada: “I had exactly the same impression, and this is what it means to heal your ears.When I heard it, I thought, “What a beautiful voice, what a beautiful sound.”I’m glad I met you.” is”
Mr. LiLiCo Mr. Okada played the role of “a man from the future.” If you could find out about tomorrow, what would you want to know? Mr. Okada: “As much as possible…but as much as possible, I don’t want to produce NGs when I’m doing this job (lol).If I knew where NGs were coming out, I would be able to identify trends and take countermeasures.” That’s what I thought.Today, I felt like drinking coffee on the way, and when I was supposed to ask Mr. Masuda, “Please give me a roll cake,” I ended up saying “Please give me coffee,” (lol) and I was really embarrassed.”
Mr. Miyazaki: “I simply want to know the weather forecast. Nowadays, the weather forecast is very accurate, but I forget to look at it and the next day comes… “What time will it rain tomorrow?” “It’s cold, so bring a jacket” will come to you automatically, and you’ll want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I wonder if we can take measures against clothes as well.”
Mr. LiLiCo: After co-starring in the sequel, Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Okada, please tell us about the episode in which you said, “Actually, you’re surprisingly like this person!”
Mr. Miyazaki: “Not surprisingly, I thought he was a very kind person.I turned off the fan that was facing me, but another staff member took care to turn it on.” At that moment, he realized that he didn’t need me right now, and asked, “Do you want to stop?” I wondered what he was like. I thought he was a very nice and
soft-spoken person. He was kind (lol).”
Mr. Okada: “I’m not very kind (lol). I want to work with everyone in a good environment. This time, there were quite a few scenes where I spoke, so I noticed that and responded on the spot. Thank you for stopping by. I’ve always wanted to do a play with you, so I was happy to be able to work with you on this production.”
Mr. Miyazaki: “Thank you!”
LiLiCo: The sequel will be released this fall, but where would you like to go by train this fall?
Mr. Miyazaki: “It’s still a bit far from overseas, so I’d like to first go to Japan, take a train with a private room, and go to a hot spring area or somewhere with beautiful scenery.I’d like to experience something that can only be done in that place, like rice planting. , grape picking, etc. I think it would be great if there were a lot of events that let you feel the seasons.”
Mr. Okada: “When I think of autumn, I think of the changing leaves, and it’s also the season of appetite.I really like Tohoku, so I’d like to take a train trip where I can get around just by eating.I can see both inside and outside. Cleanly…”
LiLiCo, please give a message to the viewers.
Mr. Miyazaki: “The sequel to (the video work) ‘Ashita ni, look forward to it’ has been completed.”
Mr. Okada: “The magic of the red sponge ball and the roll cake.This time too, we’re showing off the charm of Astalift in every way possible.”
Mr. Miyazaki: “Please look forward to Mr. Okada’s passionate performance.” 2 people: “Please take a look!”
Shooting episode
Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Okada are impressed by the realistic train that makes it hard to believe that it is an art set.
[Image 5:×1335.jpg] The stage of this TV commercial series is a train cabin that is so realistically reproduced that it is difficult to believe that it is an indoor art set. The interior has a retro feel, with beautiful wood-grained walls and floors, as well as leather seats and backrests, all of which have a high quality feel, and Mr. Okada was curious as he examined the texture, saying, “Wow…” Mr. Miyazaki, who had recently experienced a private sleeper train trip, was enjoying the wait time with a bit of excitement, saying, “It felt like the real thing.”
Always do your best! Mr. Masuda has a positive character that leaves the director overwhelmed.
[Image 6: &s3=13110-219-07EB5C126D4249648A6915269F67777777777777777
Ms. Masuda, who plays the role of a flight attendant, surprised those around her with her proactive attitude, checking the tone of her voice and minute movements before filming. Furthermore, during a meeting with the director, he emphasized, “I think it would be better to include the word “dessert” in the line “I brought tea and coffee for your lunch.” The director said, “Let’s do that!” There is also a scene that makes a quick decision. Mr. Masuda, who was at the show, was smiling as he pushed the cart and said in his beautiful voice, “I brought you dessert.”
Mr. Okada has a high level of concentration and never mistakes his lines. The only NG is…
[Image 7:×1335.jpg] Mr. Okada, who plays the role of “The Man from the Future”, never made a mistake even after repeating a long line that talked about the appeal of “Astarift,” and he showed such high concentration that the director was impressed. , I will give NG only once that day. I was supposed to say to the flight attendant Masuda-san, “I’d like a roll cake, please,” but I ended up saying “Coffee, please.” Mr. Masuda replied, “Did you want to drink coffee?” Mr. Okada said, “Wow, that’s embarrassing…” with a shy smile.
Smile at the roll cake that resembles “osmotic liposomes”
In the scene where Mr. Okada explains the “single-layer” structure of Fujifilm’s unique penetrating liposomes by comparing it to a roll cake, a real roll cake that Mr. Miyazaki was looking forward to appears. At a preliminary meeting, the director asked, “Can I have a roll cake?” Mr. Miyazaki answered with a big smile, “Yes!” He looked at the moist and fluffy roll cake placed on the table by the window. I was grinning. Mr. Miyazaki gently brought it to his mouth with a fork and savored it slowly with a smile on his face.
[Image 8:×1335.jpg] Astalift “Two on the Train: The Power of Red” (30 seconds) Storyboard
[Image 9:×2475.png ]
Astalift “Futari on the Train Liposome” Edition (30 seconds) Storyboard
[Image 10:×2475.png ]
Aoi Miyazaki
Born on November 30, 1985 (37 years old). Born in Tokyo. Appeared as a narrator in the NHK TV drama series “Ranman” which will be aired from April 2023. Netflix movie “Crazy Cruise” will be distributed worldwide.
Masaki Okada
Born on August 15, 1989 (34 years old). Born in Tokyo. He will star in the movie “One Second Ahead” to be released in July 2023. The movie “Yutoridasuga Naka International” starring him will be released on October 13th.
CM overview
Title: Astalift “Two on the Train: The Power of Red” (30 seconds) Astalift “Two on the Train Liposome” edition (30 seconds)
Broadcast start date: Broadcast sequentially from Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Broadcast area: Nationwide
staff list
CD Hiroshi Sasaki Ren
PL Shinichi Fukusato One Sky
CW Emi Ota Emi Ota Office
AD Akihiro Hamabe WATCH
General Pr Yutaka Kushima Trademark
Pr (Graphic) Keiko Nishizawa Trademark
BP Hideharu Nawa Dentsu
Takamitsu Mikami Dentsu
Yutaro Morigaki Dentsu
Subaaki Kagami Dentsu
Pr Hideto Wakao Geek Pictures
PM Yuji Hirano Geek Pictures
Michito Surikawa Geek Pictures
Dir Satoshi Nagai JUKU
Ca Orie Ichihashi Orie Ichihashi Photo Office
Li Takuya Sakimoto Freelance
Art Ryo Sugimoto ROJI
STY Makiko Fujii Omelet rice
Yusuke Oishi A2
Kie Fujii THYMON
HM Akemi Nakano Peace Derrick
Reiko Kobayashi dot
Yoko Oyama Free
Food STY Mitsuru Sakon Eiko Free
CAS Keiko Masuda Gambit
Yuka Takeuchi Gambit
Offline ED Taku Ninomiya Glasses Film
Online ED Tsuyoshi Kanda Juju
CG Tatsuro Hayashi Ludens
MA Mixer Shoji Kurata Free
SE Hajime Ehara Free
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