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Futonto Co., Ltd. Autumn sleep That slump may make you tired! ? Autumn sleep method to balance the autonomic nervous system

Futonto Co., Ltd.
[Autumn sleep] That malaise may make you tired in autumn! ? Autumn sleep method to balance the autonomic nervous system
We will announce the sleep ranking for August 2023.
Makurabo, a custom-made pillow shop operated by Futonto Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Saito; hereinafter referred to as Makurabo) offers a free smartphone app called “Sleep Ranking” that can measure your sleep. From this “Sleep Ranking”, we will deliver the top 5 prefectures nationwide with the highest sleep scores (average value) and personal rankings for the month of August 2023 in a ranking format. We also provide tips on how to sleep according to the season every month.
The extremely hot summer, which gave birth to the term “global boiling,” is over, and even though the mornings and evenings have become easier, many people are still feeling sluggish and lacking in energy. . This may be due to the “autumn heat” that is unique to this time of year.
This summer, the Japanese archipelago has been hit by intense heat, with days in Tohoku and Hokkaido reaching over 35 degrees Celsius, and people are already feeling tired from the summer. This is a state in which our autonomic nervous system continues to be under heavy load. If this condition is left untreated, it can not only cause physical problems, but also mental problems such as lack of sleep and “autumn depression.” The autonomic nervous system can be adjusted through daily lifestyle habits.
During this time of year, I want to maintain my body and mind frequently so that I can enjoy the comfortable times.
This time, we will tell you some sleep tips to prevent fall fatigue and regulate your autonomic nervous system.
Autumn sleep method to balance the autonomic nervous system: 3 points
[Image 1:×562.jpg] 1. Prepare for temperature differences
Although mornings and evenings in autumn are cool and comfortable, you can still get sweaty during the day, and the temperature difference tends to overwork your autonomic nervous system.
To stay comfortable during the day, carry something that you can put on, even if it’s short-sleeved inside, so that your clothes can handle the temperature differences in the morning and evening, during the day, and between the air-conditioned room and the hot outside. 2. Bask in the morning sun
The parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes mental and physical relaxation, becomes dominant due to the action of the hormone melatonin.
Melatonin secretion increases 14 to 16 hours after exposure to light in the morning, causing sleepiness, so try to reset your body clock by exposing yourself to the sun at a certain time every morning. 3. Bathing and sleeping are a set
Taking a relaxing bath in lukewarm water at around 40 degrees Celsius will warm your body, and the sympathetic nervous system, which was dominant during the day, will switch to the parasympathetic nervous system.
After that, you will feel sleepy as your body temperature slowly drops over 1.5 to 2 hours, so counting backwards from your sleep time before taking a bath will help you fall asleep naturally.
At Makurabo, we offer a free sleep measurement app “Sleep Ranking” that allows you to check your sleep status. Why not use this as an opportunity to review your own sleep?
What is “Sleep Ranking”?
[Image 5:×341.jpg] “Sleep Ranking” is a free smartphone app that allows you to visualize your sleep status while you are sleeping by simply setting it as an alarm. Due to the recent social trend of “wanting to make the most of their time at home,” the number of people making custom-made pillows at our company has increased, and the number of regular users has exceeded 220,000.
This “Sleep Ranking” was developed in response to customer feedback such as “I changed my bedding but I don’t know if I’m getting a good night’s sleep” or “What does a good night’s sleep really mean?” This app displays scores for items such as snoring, bedtime, beauty, and obesity prevention, and visualizes your sleep. You can also listen to your own snoring with automatic snoring recording.
▼Sleep measurement app “Sleep Ranking”
In addition, every month, those who rank high in the national rankings receive luxurious sleep items as gifts.
So, let’s announce the results of the “Sleep Ranking” this month as well.
[Image 3:×1396.jpg]
[Image 4:×1875.jpg] We will announce the prefectural rankings of “Sleep Ranking” from August 1st to August 31st, 2023.
Top 5 prefectures
1st place Tottori Prefecture (average score: 2865.8)
2nd place Nagano Prefecture (average score: 2858.4)
3rd place Yamagata Prefecture (average score: 2829.8)
4th place Aomori Prefecture (average score: 2828.5)
5th place Tokyo (average score: 2813.1)
(Full score: 3100.0)
*Average value of sleep score + quietness score (out of 100 points per day) for users living in Japan, among the top 100 prefectures nationwide
Next, we will announce the personal ranking of “Sleep Ranking”. Individual TOP5
1st place 3030 Nagano Prefecture Female
2nd place 3003 Tokyo Male
3rd place 2981 Kanagawa Prefecture Female
4th place 2975 Tottori Prefecture Male
5th place 2972 ​​Tokyo Female
(Full score: 3100.0)
*For users living in Japan, the value of sleep score + quietness score (out of 100 points per day)
The TOP users who are ranked always go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every day, regardless of weekdays or holidays. In order to adjust your life rhythm, why not try visualizing your sleep with the “Sleep Ranking”?
▼Download from here
Get coupons by continuing to use the app!
[Image 5:×341.jpg] ◆Sleep ranking 7-day challenge
If you log for 7 days after installing this app, you will receive a free gift coupon at a Makurabo store within the app as a 7-day challenge completion (excluding mail order sites).
◆Sleep ranking 30 days challenge
After using the 7-day challenge coupon at each Makurabo store, a 30-day challenge coupon will be issued. If you continue to record using this app for 30 days, you will receive a 10% discount coupon for all items at Makurabo (excluding mail order sites).
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