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Genero Co., Ltd. Genero Co., Ltd. releases “Kamihaya CMS” v1.1.0 with improved functionality, equipped wit h a design system defined by the Digital Agency, commerce management function, and cloud management function

Genero Co., Ltd.
Genero Inc. releases “Kamihaya CMS” v1.1.0 with improved
functionality, equipped with Digital Agency-defined design system, commerce management function, and cloud management function
Genero Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Taishi Takeuchi; hereinafter referred to as Genero) has upgraded the Drupal distribution “Kamihaya CMS” and released it as v1.1.0 on September 18, 2023.
We added more components to the Digital Agency-defined design system released in v1.0.0, and released all 23 design components as V1.1.0. Additionally, Drupal Commerce module and Cloud module are included as standard.
[Image 1:×1132.png ]
“Kamihaya CMS” v1.1.0 distribution can be downloaded from the URL below.
“Kamihaya CMS” distribution v1.1.0 incorporates all the design systems defined by the Digital Agency (a mechanism for providing websites with consistent design and operability), and also comes with commerce management functions as standard. I did.
This makes it even easier to use for those who want to build an easy-to-use system that anyone can use, and for those who want to easily and quickly set up a commerce site.
[Components compliant with the design system defined by the Digital Agency] ■ Additional implementation of design components
You can create components that comply with the design system defined by the Digital Agency.
Digital Agency – Design System: By configuring design components from the KamihayaCMS distribution, you can ensure consistency in the design within your web service, and you can also make your web service more accessible and easy to use. Currently, this design system is being promoted by the Digital Agency with the aim of applying it to the websites and web services of government ministries and agencies, but it is expected that this design system will become widespread among local governments and general companies in the future. is expected.
Kamihaya CMS Distribution v1.1.0 incorporates all 23 design components defined by the Digital Agency. 16 components were incorporated in v1.0.0, and the remaining 7 components were implemented in v1.1.0. <1Bottom navigation allows access to 2 to 5 destinations. Users get a complete picture of the content and their current location, making it easier for them to find destinations that meet their needs.
<2A language selector is a user interface element that allows users to select their preferred language for viewing content.
<3This is a variation of a dropdown that is called from the global menu and has a large area that can contain content other than the menu list, and has a high degree of freedom in displaying content. <4A component that bundles menu items. Place it in the content area as a local menu, or use it inside a dropdown or mega menu.
<5The hamburger menu button is a button that triggers the display of a mobile menu primarily used on mobile devices with limited screen space resources.
<6It is a container that expands from the four sides of the browser screen (top, bottom, left, right) and can store components such as mobile menus.
<7This is a menu component that takes into account tap operations on touch screens such as mobile devices, and is used with hamburger menu buttons and drawers.
[Drupal Commerce module included as standard]
What is the Drupal commerce module?
The Drupal commerce module lets you sell products, manage your customers, process orders, integrate payment gateways, and more. It is equipped with essential functions for running a commerce site. The Drupal Commerce module has the following main features:
product management
・Creation and management of product catalogs
・Setting product categories, attributes, and variations
・Product pricing and promotion management
・Create price rules
Order processing
・Create, manage and track orders
・Automatic sending of order confirmation emails to customers payment gateway integration
・Integration of credit cards, PayPal and other payment gateways ・Offer many other payment options
Inventory control
・Tracking product inventory status
・Notification function when out of stock
・Support for multiple languages ​​and currencies
customer management
・Create and manage customer accounts
・Display customer order history and profile information
Cart function
・Create and edit shopping cart
・Change or delete the quantity of products in the cart
Drupal commerce module:
Drupal commerce official website:
[Cloud module included as standard]
The Cloud module is a Drupal contributed module that allows you to manage multiple clouds on one platform.
It is compatible with both public and private clouds and supports Amazon EC2, Kubernetes, Terraform, VMWare, and Openstack. In addition to operations on each resource, it is also possible to control access to resources by linking them with Drupal role management.
Regarding Kubernetes, it also has the ability to visualize and display resource usage status and costs.
“Kamihaya CMS” v1.1.0 distribution can be downloaded from the URL below.
For inquiries regarding Kamihaya CMS distribution, please send them to:
What is a Drupal distribution?
A Drupal distribution is a package that contains configurations and features customized for a specific use case or industry.
Themes, modules, settings, content types, etc. are preset, and by using the distribution you can easily and quickly set up a Drupal site.
[Image 2:×341.jpg] What is KamihayaCMS distribution?
KamihayaCMS distribution is a template for the fastest implementation of DXP. In order to respond to various application cases, in addition to the existing Drupal modules, we will develop modules that generalize functions often used in enterprise projects by Japanese companies, and manage them as templates (distributions). I’ll go.
KamihayaCMS distribution plans to provide the following features. A part of this was released as v1.1.0 on September 18, 2023. ·Content Management
・Product management and search system
・Commerce management (customer/product/order management)
・Linkage with product information management (PIM) system
・Linkage with subscription management system
・Linkage with authentication infrastructure and member information system ・Linkage with user information agreement management system
・Coordination with MA/SFA system
・Cooperation with payment gateway
・Linkage with payroll management system
KamihayaCMS distribution:
KamihayaCMS distribution is targeted at small and medium-sized projects. As the project size increases, the project’s unique requirements require more customization. The Kamihaya distribution is intended to be used to reduce customization as much as possible and to speed up the implementation of small and medium-sized projects.
For medium-sized or large-scale projects, Genero DX Services provides a wide range of support from consulting to operation.
[Image 3:×230.jpg] For inquiries about KamihayaCMS distribution or Genero DX services, please send them to the following.
[About Genero Co., Ltd.]
Genero is a digital agency that supports companies’ digital
transformation using open source. We support companies to in-house DX by leveraging open source knowledge, centering on Drupal, a CMS (content management system) that has a proven track record in large companies and government agencies. In each area of ​​DX business development, design construction, and operation, we will realize the ambitious digital marketing and digital experiences that our customers are aiming for.
Established: April 2003
Address: 3F-6 Sanno Bridge, 2-5-6 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo (Head Office) Representative: Representative Director Taishi Takeuchi
Capital: 45 million yen
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Company name: Genero Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kazumi Iwata
TEL: 03-6423-6910
More details about this release:

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