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Geocode releases “Dictionary of Web Advertisement Types, Introducing Features and Usage” for free

Geocode Co., Ltd. (stock code: 7357)
Geocode releases “Dictionary of Web Advertisement Types, Introducing Features and Usage” for free
Geocode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Haraguchi, TSE Standard: 7357), which develops web marketing and cloud sales tech, has released a white paper titled “Dictionary of Web Advertising Types: Introducing Characteristics and Usage Methods.” It has been released for free.
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▼Download “Dictionary of Web Advertising Types: Introducing Features and Usage” from the URL below.
There are many different types of web advertising. They have different characteristics, such as the media on which advertisements can be displayed and the products that are likely to be effective. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the many different types of advertisements, you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for your company.
For those who want to learn about the types of advertisements available in the web industry and those who do not know which advertisements should be operated by their company, geocode, which has a rich operational experience and has won awards, can be used in various scenes in the web industry. This is a document that summarizes the characteristics and usage of advertisements operated by . We explain the main features of web advertising, recommended products, etc.
●Recommended for these people
・I don’t know if the advertising I’m currently running is really suitable for my company.
・I want to know how to use it according to the advertisement I am running. ・I want to know the characteristics of other advertisements
(advantages, disadvantages, etc.)
・I don’t know what kind of advertisements there are in the web industry in the first place.
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●Material overview (table of contents)
・Listing ads (Google ads, Yahoo! ads)
・Display advertising
・SNS advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
・Native advertising
・Video advertisement
・Pure advertising
・Affiliate advertising
・Geocode Co., Ltd.’s rich experience and award history since 2009 About Geocode’s web advertising operation service
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Geocode is a long-established web marketing company that has been providing web advertising management services for over 14 years. We have a rich track record in web advertising operations with a total of 2,120 accounts and 495 operating accounts, and we have reliable advertising management capabilities recognized by Google and Yahoo!. In the “Premier Partner Awards” sponsored by Google, we have been selected as a domestic finalist for four consecutive terms (*1), and in the Yahoo! partner system, we have been certified as a two-star agency, and at the same time We have also been certified as an advertising operation certified partner of only 35 companies (*2). (*1) 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 (not held in 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection)
(*2) Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Sales Partner Certified Partner (★★) [Service site]
[Managed media “Web Advertising Magazine”] About Geocode Co., Ltd.
Geocode operates a web marketing business that provides services such as “organic marketing” that combines and develops SEO measures and website production, and web advertising operations, and a cloud sales tech business that utilizes cloud sales support tools such as “Next SFA”. Expand.
With web marketing and sales DX, we support everything from attracting customers to receiving orders as a single company, contributing to sales expansion, and providing services that also contribute to DX promotion, supporting customers’ management from both offensive and defensive aspects. .
[Image 4:×103.png] Company name: Geocode Co., Ltd. (TSE Standard: 7357)
Representative: Representative Director Daisuke Haraguchi
Location: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 10F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: February 14, 2005
Capital: 358.57 million yen (as of the end of February 2023) Business: Web marketing business, cloud sales tech business
■ Contact information
-About web advertising service-
Geocode Co., Ltd.
Web advertising department
Phone: 03-6274-8081
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