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Geocode starts providing “NEXT SFA_HR” specialized for the human resources industry

Geocode Co., Ltd. (stock code: 7357)
Geocode starts providing “NEXT SFA_HR” specialized for the human resources industry
Geocode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Haraguchi, TSE Standard: 7357), which develops web marketing and cloud sales tech, has announced the launch of the new cloud sales management/MA tool “Next SFA” provided by the company. As a package, we began offering “NEXT SFA_HR” specialized for the human resources industry on September 20th.
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SFA that can be centrally managed
SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a system that automates, improves, and manages traditional sales activities that rely on individual intuition, experience, and guts from a scientific perspective. Most general SFAs can only manage cases centered on companies, but “Next SFA_HR” can manage job seekers, job information management, and selection, which normally cannot be done without using other tools. You can easily manage your situation with one tool.
Background of “NEXT SFA_HR” development
Years have passed since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and as economic activity resumes, job openings at companies are increasing. This is particularly noticeable in the information and communications industry, accommodation industry, restaurant industry, transportation industry, and service industry, where business closures and decreased sales due to labor shortages have become social issues. In addition, while conducting business negotiations and interviews with human resources companies, I learned that there were few tools suitable for managing information on recruitment and job seekers, and that many companies managed it using Excel or Google Spreadsheets. We have developed this package with the hope that it will help solve social issues and promote DX in the human resources industry.
What is “NEXT SFA_HR”?
This is a package that allows you to visualize the selection status of job seekers by creating a “recruitment list” using the custom object function that comes standard with Next SFA and linking company job offers and job seekers.
Items for the human resources industry such as “Selecting” and “Informal Offer” are registered as standard in the management items, making it possible to grasp the status of job seekers in a list, from sales activities such as recruiting to job offers and employment. You can centrally manage follow-up through “Next SFA_HR”. In addition, you can add categories such as experience/inexperience, job type, etc. to product items and set calculation formulas, so you can automatically calculate the amount recorded for your company from the annual income of prospective employees and graph it, which will help your business management. You can understand and manage directly connected data. ■Overview of management in recruitment
1. Manage sales activities for companies up to contract using the approach function
2. After signing a contract and introducing a job seeker to a job that can be introduced, manage the selection phase by linking the job and job seeker in job management.
3. The goal is to get a job offer, acceptance of the job offer, and joining the company.
■Job applicant management
In the job applicant list, by registering a list of job seekers who can be introduced, you can search for job applicant information and view the selection status associated with that job seeker. It is also possible to keep activity history for each job seeker, so you can manage the content of interviews with job seekers and the status of job change activities.
■Selection management (case management)
This screen allows you to manage the selection process by dividing the selection process into phases, such as “participation in information session,” “first interview,” “final interview,” “offer offer,” “acceptance of offer,” and “joining the company.” By linking and registering companies and job seekers when registering for selection, you can see who is applying for which company’s job openings and what the current selection status is.
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Increasing demand for Next SFA and future prospects
[Image 3:×618.jpg] In the first quarter financial results for the fiscal year ending February 2024 announced on July 14, Next SFA’s sales increased by 60.8% compared to the same quarter last year, and both sales and gross profit reached record highs.
This time, “NEXT SFA_HR” is specialized for the human resources industry, but as the demand for Next SFA is expected to increase in the future, we will promote DX, such as package development in other industries and collaboration with other companies’ tools. We plan to develop functions and provide services that will help. We would like to realize our corporate philosophy of “Using web marketing and sales tech to create services that are beneficial to customers and society.”
About cloud sales management/MA tool “NEXT SFA”
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“Next SFA” is a sales management tool that thoroughly pursues “ease of use” and “ease of viewing” to streamline and improve sales activities. It is also equipped with an MA (marketing automation) function, allowing you to manage marketing and sales activities from acquiring and nurturing potential customers to receiving orders with this single tool. It also features a high continuation rate due to comprehensive free support from installation to configuration and operation. Additionally, since it can be linked with the following tools, synergistic effects can be achieved in various business situations.  ● Cloud accounting software freee (freee Co., Ltd.)
● Sansan (Sansan Co., Ltd.)
 ● Money Forward Cloud Billing (Money Forward Co., Ltd.)
● LINE WORKS (Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.)
● Chatwork (Chatwork Co., Ltd.)
 ● Google Ads (Google LLC)
● Yahoo! Advertising (Yahoo Corporation)
● INNOVERA (Prodelight Co., Ltd.)
“Next SFA” service site:
About Geocode Co., Ltd.
Geocode operates a web marketing business that provides services such as “organic marketing” that combines and develops SEO measures and website production, and web advertising operations, and a cloud sales tech business that utilizes cloud sales support tools such as “Next SFA”. Expand.
With web marketing and sales DX, we support everything from attracting customers to receiving orders as a single company, contributing to sales expansion, and providing services that also contribute to DX promotion, supporting customers’ management from both offensive and defensive aspects. .
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Company name: Geocode Co., Ltd. (TSE Standard: 7357)
Representative: Representative Director Daisuke Haraguchi
Location: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 10F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: February 14, 2005
Capital: 351.51 million yen (as of the end of February 2022) Business: Web marketing business, cloud sales tech business
■ Contact information
-About the service-
Geocode Co., Ltd.
Cloud CS Division
Phone: 03-6274-8081
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