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Ghibly Co., Ltd. Coding test “Track Test” will start working with MyNavi’s recruitment management system “ACCESS ON LINE”, which is the most used company (*1), from October 2023.

Ghibly Co., Ltd.
The coding test “Track Test” will start collaborating with Mynavi’s recruitment management system “ACCESS ON LINE”, which is the most used company (*1), from October 2023.
~ Centrally manage candidate selection information, which tends to be complicated, and smoothly recruit engineers and DX personnel in the job-based selection process ~
Track Test, Japan’s No. 1 (*2) coding test tool developed by Ghibly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takashi Ide, hereinafter referred to as the Company), is developed by Mynavi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takashi Ide, hereinafter referred to as the Company) : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya, We have decided to start linking with the recruitment management system “ACCESS ON LINE” (hereinafter referred to as AOL) provided by Mynavi from October.
By linking AOL, the industry’s largest recruitment management system, with Track Test, which can conduct aptitude tests specialized for hiring IT personnel and engineers, we will smoothly realize job-based selection and IT personnel recruitment for companies.
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*1 2024 Graduation Edition Based on the results of a survey on the share of recruitment management systems in the 200th most popular companies that employ university students (top 100 for liberal arts and science majors) / Survey commissioned by GMO Research, Inc. (May 2023)
*2 In a desk research and interview survey targeting four “Coding Test Services” conducted by Do House Co., Ltd., they were ranked as “No. 1 in total number of companies implementing them,” “No. 1 in total number of test takers,” and “No. 1 in number of questions.” 1” [Survey conducted: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 – Monday, January 23, 2023] ■Background of ATS collaboration with recruitment management system “AOL”
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In order to actively invest in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and promote DX (digital transformation), major user companies in non-IT industries have begun to in-house production and strengthen the recruitment of IT human resources.
In line with this, an increasing number of companies are introducing “job-based selection” in new graduate recruitment as a way to make it easier to hire personnel with high IT expertise.
On the other hand, in order to implement job-based selection, it is necessary to overcome the issue of complicating company candidate management, such as increasing the number of recruitment routes and establishing different selection processes for each job type. Additionally, many user companies that start hiring new employees lack knowledge on how to identify candidates compared to IT companies that have traditionally hired engineers and DX talent. This is a barrier to introducing job-based selection.
The coding test tool “Track Test” provided by our company is an aptitude test service that can be used for recruiting and evaluating human resources in the IT and engineering fields. Utilizing the IT talent recruitment know-how we have cultivated over the past 10 years, we are able to create the optimal candidate experience design (selection process design) for hiring engineers and DX talent. In addition, AOL provided by Mynavi is the number one recruitment management system used by major user companies promoting DX. Track Test, an aptitude test specialized for IT human resources, supports job-based selection by major user companies by collaborating with AOL, which is familiar with the recruitment operations of major companies. ■About the recruitment management system “AOL”
The recruitment management system “ACCESS ON LINE” is a recruitment management system that is easy to use for everyone involved in recruitment and supports all recruitment flows.
With AOL, you can design your own page to match the recruitment flow, adjust interview schedules, and aggregate and analyze data based on accumulated data.
This makes it possible to centrally manage all information related to the entire recruitment process.
Recruitment management system “ACCESS ON LINE”:
■Outline of cooperation with recruitment management system “AOL”
[Image 3:×675.png ]
1. Significantly reduce operational costs for hiring managers, which tend to be complicated.
Previously, when using AOL and Track Test together, it was necessary to download exam data*3 each time and import it into the recruitment management tool. This involved a significant amount of man-hours for human resources personnel. Additionally, on-site engineers who viewed the source code during the selection process had to log in to both AOL and Track Test to view it.
However, by linking AOL and Track Test, you can centrally manage candidate skill information such as Track Test test results. This can significantly reduce the man-hours for human resources personnel and on-site engineers.
Additionally, you will be able to start and strengthen your IT talent recruitment without changing your existing operations for managing candidate information on AOL.
*3 Test data: Track Test examinee status/score/submitted source code (including history)/pass/fail results, etc.
2. Providing candidates with a stress-free selection experience Candidates had to access TrackTest separately from the company’s entry page to take the test.
Through this collaboration, candidates can smoothly transition to the exam page, making it possible to take the exam seamlessly. This creates an even easier and stress-free selection experience for candidates.
■About advance application/inquiries
This collaboration function will be provided from the 25th graduate recruitment screening.
Accordingly, we will begin accepting advance applications.
We will also provide an opportunity to explain in detail about our collaboration with AOL.
If you are interested, please write “I would like detailed explanation about AOL integration” in the free text field of the inquiry form. For inquiries, please contact us from the URL below.
*For any inquiries, please use the form above.

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