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GORIX Co., Ltd. New product Roll it up for efficient storage!! Newly released saddle bag (GURURIN) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”!!

GORIX Co., Ltd.
[New product] [Roll it up for efficient storage!!] Newly released saddle bag (GURURIN) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”!!
Unlike saddle bags, you can roll it up to eliminate wasted space and store it efficiently. The storage space inside is also divided, so you can quickly determine what is where. It can also be attached to a frame.
GORIX Co., Ltd. (location: 3-9-29 Zuiko, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, CEO: Akira Nagano), which develops, manufactures, and sells bicycle parts, has released a new product, the saddle bag (GURURIN), from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”. )” has been released.
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[Image 9:×800.jpg] Unlike a saddle bag, it can be rolled up,
Eliminate wasted space and achieve efficient storage. The storage space inside is also divided, so you can quickly determine what is where.
This size allows you to store puncture repairs, tubes, etc. The fabric is strong, flexible, durable, and waterproof, making it an
easy-to-handle material for outdoor use.
It is easy to install and can be used as a saddle bag or attached to the frame. Ideal for various bicycles such as road bikes, cross bikes, MTB, minivelo, gravel, etc.
Product features
[Compact size] This saddle bag has plenty of capacity but is very compact by folding it up. Portable pumps and puncture repair items necessary for cycle riding can be stored securely. The exterior looks light and smart, and contrary to its appearance, it has a large capacity.
[Image 10:×800.jpg] [Material] Made of stretchy fabric suitable for outdoor use and has waterproof and water repellent properties. The saddle roll body is also lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle. Made of PU material, it is strong, resistant to abrasion and tearing, and has excellent durability. (The zipper is not waterproof, so it is not completely waterproof.)
[Image 11:×1253.jpg] [Multi-storage] 3 main pockets for tools, puncture repair tools, tubes, air pumps, etc.
You can store various items such as work gloves and energy foods depending on your ideas. Also, the small mesh pocket is suitable for storing patches, etc., and the zip pocket is suitable for storing coins, etc.
It’s very easy to use as it can be easily expanded and stored and taken out. Since it is secured with a strap after folding, the contents of the saddle roll will not fall out.
[Image 12:×1423.jpg] [Easy to install] Simply wrap the strap around the saddle rail or frame and secure with Velcro. Since it can be removed in a short time, putting it on and taking it off is not troublesome and can be done smoothly.
It can be attached not only to a saddle bag but also to a frame, so it can also function as a frame bag. Tightening it tightly provides stability and prevents rolling.
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[Image 14:×800.jpg] Product details
Product Name: GORIX Saddle Bag (GURURIN) Sales Location: ●GORIX Official Store (Rakuten) → ●GORIX Official Store (Yahoo Shopping) → https://store
●GORIX Official Store (Amazon) → Sales price: 2,499 yen (tax included, shipping 799 yen) *Sales price is subject to change.
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