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“Grand Green Osaka” advance opening date has been decided for September 2024!

Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd.
“Grand Green Osaka” advance opening date has been decided for September 2024! ~Planning events to enhance the appeal of the town and establishing the MIDORI partner system, centered around Umekita Park~
The nine Grand Green Osaka development JV companies*1 (hereinafter referred to as the “Business JVs”), whose representative company is Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., aim to create a “base of fusion of greenery*2 and innovation”*3. In collaboration with Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and the Urban Renaissance Agency, we will work together with Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and the Urban Renaissance Agency to set up a preliminary opening in 2024, approximately one year later, for “GRAND GREEN OSAKA” (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”). We would like to inform you that we have decided on the scope of advance town openings as well as the decision to be made in September. We would also like to inform you that we have decided on the logo for UMEKITA PARK (hereinafter referred to as the “Park”), which is scheduled to be opened under this project.
This park is an approximately 4.5ha park that will be created in front of JR Osaka Station, and is one of the largest urban parks in the world that is directly connected to a large terminal station. On June 1st of this year, the business JV established Umekita MMO, an organization that will integrally manage the park management of this park and the area management of the entire town.
Going forward, we will begin full-scale planning and inviting attractive event content centered around the park’s large roof event space and lawn plaza. In addition, based on the values ​​of this project such as sustainability/SDGs and co-creation, we will establish the “MIDORI Partner System”, a system that will grow both the attractiveness of the town and corporate value, and will actively recruit participating companies.
[Image 1:×358.jpg] Advance town opening period/range
In September 2024, Umekita Park (all of South Park and part of North Park) and the rental building in the North Block will open in advance of the entire Grand Green Osaka area. The South Block rental building is scheduled to open around spring 2025, and the Umekita Park rear construction area (part of North Park) is scheduled to open around spring 2027.
[Image 2:×286.jpg]
[Image 3:×232.jpg] UMEKITA PARK logo mark
Combining organic lines and sharp letters, it expresses the lush healing nature of UMEKITA PARK and its function as a public space in the city center that fosters innovation. The two lines represent the initial letters U and P in the various green colors that symbolize this park. We envisioned a “path of inspiration” that connects the north and south, and the “gentle undulations” seen in the landscape and large roof facilities, and “we want this park to be loved by many people as a place where diverse people can gather and connect.” ” I made this wish.
[Image 4:×180.jpg] Direction of creating hustle and bustle at Umekita Park
■Large scale event
・At this park, we are considering inviting and holding seasonal events that will allow visitors to enjoy extraordinary experiences in each season, centering on South Park’s “Big Roof Event Space” and “Lawn Square.”
・This time, the business JV has decided that the city’s worldview through activities in this park is “A place where good things continue to be born for you and the world,” and for visitors to the city, “A page of life.” We have established 12 elements that we want to focus on at events so that we can provide a moving experience that will leave a lasting impression on the event.
・We will continue to plan and attract attractive content that matches these elements.
[Image 5:×364.jpg] ■Creation of daily hustle and bustle
・We are planning the following projects as everyday placemaking*7 that contributes to the “well-being”*6 of citizens, workers, visitors, etc. ●Equipment rental: Rental of furniture, play equipment, etc. that can be used casually after work or during a break from shopping to enrich daily life in the city center.
●Participatory programs: Taking advantage of the unique environment and space of a park located in the city center, we invite and hold content on a daily basis that allows people to casually experience culture and art, as well as encounter new learning.
[Image 6:×354.jpg] MIDORI partner system (sponsorship system)
・The business JV will develop approximately 8 hectares of “green” space for the entire project, centered around this park, through public-private collaboration, and aim to obtain certification under multiple environmental certification systems*8, aiming to achieve “sustainability/SDGs.” We are proceeding with a careful plan. In addition, after the preliminary town opening, Umekita MMO, a park management and area management organization formed by business JVs, will collaborate with various partners to create high-quality public spaces suitable for public spaces in front of stations in major cities around the world. Over the long term, we plan to carry out ongoing maintenance and management, as well as various programs and events that contribute to improving the city’s international competitiveness. ・Toward the sustainable development of these activities and the realization of “the formation of a hub for the fusion of greenery and innovation,” we are looking for companies and organizations that sympathize with the sustainable values ​​and plans of this project and the philosophy of “co-creation.” We will establish a targeted sponsorship system called the “MIDORI Partner System.”
・This system has the concept of “becoming a city that co-creates good things for the world,” and aims to go beyond mere profit-making activities to address global social issues (creating a sustainable society, improving the quality of life of visitors). We will work with participating companies and organizations to carry out activities and disseminate information aimed at resolving issues such as:
-The following companies have already been decided to participate as the first group of partner companies. We will be looking for additional partners for the preliminary opening in about a year’s time.
[Image 7:×435.jpg] [Partner companies decided to participate]
[Image 8:×192.jpg] Umekita General Incorporated Association MMO
・As of June 1, 2019, the business JV will be implementing park management*9 for this park and the entire town area based on the designated manager system of the Local Autonomy Act as an initiative for sustainable urban environmental management aimed at urban regeneration. We have established Umekita MMO (General Incorporated Association) (abbreviation for MIDORI Management Organization, hereinafter referred to as “MMO”), an organization that operates management in an integrated manner.
・MMO aims to create the planning concept of this project “Osaka MIDORI LIFE” and improve the value of the entire Umekita area, including Grand Front Osaka, by creating a lively community through events such as those announced in this release and operating a partner system. In addition, we will carry out high-quality maintenance and management befitting the area in front of Osaka Station, create a high-quality landscape, and disseminate information about the town.
■Corporate overview
[Image 9:×450.jpg] (Reference) Overview of this project
■Planning concept
Creation of “Osaka MIDORI LIFE”
~Fusion of “greenery” and “innovation”~
Contributing to the creation of a society that goes beyond the conventional paradigm of urban development and accepts diversity, including nationality, age, gender, and the presence or absence of disabilities, shares wisdom, and allows each person to feel an improvement in their quality of life (QOL). To do. To this end, we will create urban spaces full of vitality that blend with greenery, facilities that serve as starting points for innovation activities, and places and systems where a variety of people, including citizens and companies, can take on new activities. We will disseminate the life model “Osaka MIDORI LIFE” from Umekita to the Kansai region, and then domestically and internationally.
[Image 10:×367.jpg] ■Overview of Umekita Park
-General garden-
[Image 11:×360.jpg] -Park facilities (permitted facilities)-
[Image 12:×262.jpg] ■This project website URL:
■Virtual tour URL:
*You can experience Grand Green Osaka online after the entire town opening. -Press release from related parties-
■Osaka Prefecture URL: ■Osaka City URL: ■UR Urban Organization URL: -Business JV past press releases (reference)-
■Park construction start release (May 16, 2022) URL: ■Project name release (February 7, 2023) URL: *The contents of this release are subject to change due to future considerations and discussions.
*1: Umekita Development Special Purpose Company, one of the nine JV companies, is an SPC invested by Obayashi Corporation.
*2: A lush open space that is easily accessible to everyone. Umekita’s second term “Midori” will enhance the dignity and attractiveness of the city, and serve as an opportunity to make Osaka an international city with world-class urban space.It will attract capital and talented human resources from all over the world, and create creative and We create innovative changes (innovations).
*3: Town development policy formulated by the Urgent Development Council for Urban Renewal in the Areas around Osaka Station, Nakanoshima, and Midosuji.
*4: Details of the advance town opening range may change due to future consideration. Additionally, surrounding roads will be developed and put into service in stages.
*5: Some park facility names may change in the future.
*6: Must be in good physical, mental, and social condition.
*7: Creating a lively and comfortable space by considering not only the design but also the usage method from multiple angles.
*8: In addition to obtaining GOLD certification (planning
certification) under the international environmental performance certification system “LEED-ND”, we are planning to obtain
certification from multiple environmental certification systems. *9: MMO was notified of nomination as a designated management candidate for this park by Osaka City on September 21st of this year, based on the procedures stipulated in the Osaka City Park Ordinance. We will proceed with the necessary procedures in order to receive a resolution to designate us as a designated manager at the Osaka City Council.
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