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Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. First appearance in Umeda! Ramen from Ide Shoten, the company that s tarted Wakayama ramen, will also be available. “Wander around Wakayama”

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
First appearance in Umeda! Ramen from Ide Shoten, the company that started Wakayama ramen, will also be available. “Wander around Wakayama”
Hanshin limited! Banana cream puffs created from students’ ideas are also available! Lots of gourmet food and culture recommended by Wakayama University students.
■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1st floor Food Festival Terrace “Wakayama University Student Recommended Gourmet & Culture Stroll Around Wakayama”
■September 20th (Wednesday) – 28th (Thursday)
■Official URL: ■Food Festival Terrace Official Instagram:
A future in Wakayama Prefecture, surrounded by rich nature and local love! Ippai’s highlights include products made with local ingredients, beloved specialties, and menus created through collaboration between students and companies. Continuing from last year, with the
cooperation of everyone from “Wakayama University Kii-Plus”, we will spread the word about the charms of Wakayama!
[Image 1: &s3=14431-1580-314414E25F0369F1D9EE761CB 916b-422X413.jpg]
■What is Wakayama University Kii-Plus?
Kii-Plus (Kii Peninsula Value Co-Creation Core) aims to revitalize the Kii Peninsula, including Wakayama Prefecture, and is a regional collaboration of Wakayama University that tackles regional issues through “co-creation” with local governments, companies, local organizations, etc. It’s a department. This year as well, we will be collaborating with Hanshin Department Store to deliver content that is currently attracting attention.
New arrivals and popular deliciousness! Wakayama gourmet treasure chest There are many popular flavors, including flavors from famous shops that are making their first appearance in Umeda, and sweets made with rare bananas grown within the prefecture! We also have a collaboration menu created by students and companies sharing ideas. Please enjoy a variety of old and new gourmet foods unique to Wakayama.
[Image 2: &s3=14431-1580-3027E684C62BC62BC5FBC5FDB896 ED6C-414X378.jpg] “Kokubo Farm” Honey Moon Banana Shoes (1 piece) 701 yen [Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store] *80 planned sales each day
               Mixed juice (1 cup) 877 yen Honey Moon Banana from “Kokubo Farm” was born from the desire to “grow a crop that is rare in Japan.” Because no pesticides are used during the cultivation period, these high-quality bananas are delicious and can be eaten with their skins, and are known for their high sugar content and rich aroma. A project started in May to create new sweets using these bananas. With the help of pastry chef Hiroyo Yamano, who founded “KiiKa,” a company that delivers fruit producers’ ideas into sweets, banana cream puffs were created based on the students’ ideas. Adding chopped banana to the cream gives it just the right amount of sweetness and aroma that spreads in your mouth. The farm’s wish of letting as many people know the taste of Honey Moon Banana was fulfilled. We also have mixed juices made with plenty of fruits from Wakayama Prefecture (Honey Moon bananas, oranges, and peaches).
[Image 3:×356.jpg] Honey Moon Banana Beer (330ml) 1,201 yen
We also have a rare banana beer available at the venue! Blend banana pulp and alcohol fermentation. The moment you take a sip, the scent of honey moon banana spreads. Recommended for people and women who don’t like beer.
[Image 4:×357.jpg] “Bread Studio Kawa”
From the right) Fresh cream sandwich (1 piece) 200 yen, Square food (1 loaf) 331 yen, BIG melon bread (1 piece) 250 yen
[Image 5:×354.jpg] “Bread Kobo Kawa” Arita mandarin orange fresh cream sandwich (1 piece) 301 yen “I never make anything I don’t think is delicious.” Celebrating 41 years since its founding, “Bread Studio Kawa” is dedicated to the development of Japan’s bread eating culture, including serving as the chairman of the Japanese national representative selection committee for the World Bread Convention to be held in France. At all 18 stores, we always strive to provide freshly baked bread, and our dough, which goes beyond the boundaries of bread-making ingredients and
incorporates Western confectionery ingredients with flexible ideas, captures the hearts of our customers. This is our second store opening following last year, and we are sharing ideas with students and developing collaborative products♪
They are very enthusiastic as they say, “Deliciousness that will please even customers who don’t know about “Bread Kobo Kawa”! “Fresh cream sandwich”, which is synonymous with sales of over 15 million units, is also available.Please look forward to it!
[Image 6:×346.jpg] “Ide Shoten” Chinese soba (1 serving) 880 yen Large serving Chinese soba (1 serving) 990 yen
      Seasoned boiled egg (1 piece) 131 yen Sushi (1 piece) 171 yen Take-out Ramen (3 meals included) 1,188 yen It has been 70 years since our predecessor started the food stall. “Ide Shoten”, which has fans all over the country for its rich pork bone soy sauce flavor with a refreshing aftertaste, is making its first appearance in Umeda! It’s no exaggeration to say that this famous restaurant laid the foundation for Wakayama ramen, but the second-generation owner, Norio Ide, speaks humbly. “We’ve had a lot of customers, both locals and people from outside the prefecture. We hope people in Osaka will take this opportunity to enjoy Wakayama ramen.” A classic bowl of soup made with pork bones simmered for a long time, carefully selected noodles, and meaty char siu. We also offer sushi (pressed mackerel sushi), which is essential to Wakayama’s ramen culture. On the day of the event, students will also be supporting the store as staff. Please enjoy the taste.
[Image 7:×350.jpg] “Kishu Waka Beef Research Institute” Kishu Waka Beef Steak Bento (1 person) 1,801 yen
Kishu Wakka Beef is a brand of Wagyu beef that was created through the cooperation of producers, wholesalers, and retailers in order to “distribute beef that consumers want to eat.” By producing our own meat, we are able to balance the delicious flavor of Kuroge Wagyu beef with its lightness and ease of eating. We also use eco-feed as feed, realizing environmentally friendly, circular agriculture. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture of Kishu Waka Beef. We also sell Kishu Waka beef lean meat and sirloin.
[Image 8:×337.jpg ]
“Your Fruit”
Ripe Fruit Gelato – Fujitoshi Grape Sorbet, Mascarpone Hassaku Peel, Kishu Nanko Plum Sorbet [Hanshin Umeda Main Store Limited] (Single) 450 yen each (Double, 2 flavors) 501 yen each
“Kimi no Fruit” is a farm that grows citrus, plums, grapes, and persimmons with the desire to “see the smiles on the faces of our loved ones.” Three types of gelato have been created using plenty of fresh, ripe fruit from “Kimi no Fruits” to bring out the flavors of the ingredients. Please enjoy this opportunity.
Kii-Plus Presents Wakayama University Student SHOP
[Image 9: &s3=14431-1580-7B019614BA50A20A209CAB433193C5 7616D-409X354.jpg] “Kanja Sanshoen” Hand-picked and ground pepper powder (8g) 972 yen We only use grape sansho, which is grown with low pesticides on our own farms. Hand-picked sansho peppers are dried to retain their green color and then ground in a stone mill. The color and complementary aroma will completely change the image of powdered sansho.
[Image 10:× g ]
“Kurosawa Farm” Easy Milk (200ml) 324 yen
Milk roll/Jersey chocolate roll (1 each) 1,944 yen each
From Kurosawa Farm, which opened in 1968 and is still visited by many families and tourists. This roll cake takes advantage of the deliciousness of freshly squeezed raw milk and the milk that has been pasteurized to preserve the flavor of raw milk.
[Image 11:×328 .jpg ]
“Fumiko Farm” Fruit Ball Jelly (185g) 735 yen
“Fumiko Farm” uses local products as much as possible and offers carefully made delicious food. A healthy sweet with mannan and plenty of fresh fruit juice.
[Image 12:×353.jpg ]
“Fukubishi” Kishu confectionery Kagerou (10 pieces) 1,201 yen “Kishu Famous Confectionery Kagerou” was born in 1967. A traditional sweet that was presented to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Showa at the Kuroshio National Athletic Meet. This famous
confectionery is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
[Image 13: &s3=14431-1580-b73ED29ECB2926D9359377733333 89c9b9-417×352.jpg] “Wakayama lemon cake specialty store kanowa” Wakayama lemon cake standard (3 pieces) 1,341 yen
From a lemon cake specialty store using lemons from Wakayama. Accented with the crunchy texture of lemon peel from Wakayama Prefecture. Delicious with a gentle sweetness and refreshing lemon flavor.
[Image 14:×342.jpg] “Kihoku Agricultural High School” Jam (persimmon yuzu, persimmon ginger, peach, plum, 150g each) 501 yen each

                          〇 Handmade jams and marmalade made by high school students studying food manufacturing.
A thorough explanation of the “current situation” here “Kinokuni branch office” A special booth will be set up at the Food Festival Terrace venue! Local tourism associations and other organizations will be exhibiting on a rotating basis from the 20th (Wednesday) to the 24th (Sunday), disseminating tourist information and selling specialty products. Please come and visit us.
■September 20th (Wednesday) “Hainan/Seaweed Area Tourism Association”
[Image 15: &s3=14431-1580-3B08AA7D40FFC90BFC90BFFC90BFFC9055A30
※The image is an image.
“Aoki Farm & Deli” Fon Down Water Fruit Mix (7g x 3 bags) 1,188 yen Aoki Farm, which has a history of over 120 years and is particular about greenhouse cultivation to reduce the use of pesticides, delivers tree-ripened figs with excellent taste and quality. Aoki Farm & Deli also offers dried fruit-related products. Von Down Water Fruit Mix does not use sugar, and you can enjoy naturally sweet and fragrant fruit water just by adding it to water.
■September 21st (Thursday) “Hashimoto-Ito Regional Tourism Council” “Koyasanroku Tourism Bureau”
[Image 16:×355.jpg ]
“Horinishi” Outdoor Spice Horinishi Lemon Flavor (100g) 1,281 yen Introducing the much-talked-about “outdoor spices” from the “Koya Sanroku Tourism Bureau,” which conveys the charms of Mt. Koya and its foothills. The new lemon flavor retains the flavor of the classic “horinishi”, but adds the aroma and freshness of lemon.
Tell us about the charm that only those in the know know! special event
[Image 17: &s3=14431-1580-f9b8e637F2782FE0E45D44A 78775-411×350.jpg]
Koyasan Experience Event (Headquarters Kongobuji Temple and Koya Town Tourism Association)
◎September 27th (Wednesday) 11:00 a.m. – Picture-story show “Kukai”, 1:00 p.m. – Statement by the monk
◎Participation fee: Free
We will invite active monks from Kongobu-ji Temple, the head temple founded by Kobo Daishi Kukai in the Heian period, to perform “Shomyo”, a type of Buddhist music.
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