HashKey DX joins IOST’s node partner and collaborates in efforts to support corporate Web3 service development

HashKey DX joins IOST’s node partner and collaborates in efforts to support corporate Web3 service development
Expanding Japanese node partners that support the Web3 ecosystem ……
IOST, which contributes to Japan’s Web3 industry, announces that HashKey DX, Inc., which provides comprehensive blockchain corporate support, will join as a partner node supporting the IOST ecosystem. HashKey DX has been increasing its presence in the Japanese market as a member of HashKey Group, Asia’s leading provider of fintech solutions and digital asset management. IOST and HashKey DX will cooperate in efforts to support the development of Web3 services for companies.
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/41312/49/resize/d41312-49-bfb3b45753d989fdc9bd-0.jpg&s3=41312-49-a331afceeb7d31940a2c8542ac2e8be5-900×500.jpg] Node partners in the IOST ecosystem include world-class staking providers such as Binance Staking, Huobi Wallet, and Moonstake. Japanese crypto asset exchanges and nodes run by Japanese teams are also in the top 10 in terms of voting volume (as of September 2023). Not only are node partners incentivized to participate in network validation or block generation, but they also play an important role in the network security required for decentralized networks. HashKey DX’s strength is that it can provide numerous Web3 solutions that utilize the HashKey Group’s global network. When Japanese companies expand their Web3 business, we provide comprehensive support from consulting to development.
Cooperation to support corporate Web3 service development
HashKey DX and IOST will work to promote the development and support of blockchain-based services for companies. Using comprehensive security audit services for smart contracts and blockchain codes provided by CertiK, which HashKey DX has exclusive distribution rights in Japan, we will also cooperate in awareness campaigns on the safety of Web3 services in Japan.
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About HashKey Group
A financial conglomerate that provides end-to-end digital asset management, representing Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have operations in Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo. We support the acquisition of investment opportunities in digital assets for institutional investors, and support the utilization and introduction of blockchain technology for corporations.
About HashKey DX Co., Ltd.
As the Japanese base of the HashKey Group, we provide consulting specialized in blockchain. Aiming to realize new businesses such as NFT, Metaverse, and Web3.0, we provide comprehensive support from planning to design, products, development, and maintenance operations. URL: https://www.hashkey.jp
About IOST Blockchain IOST is an ultra-fast decentralized blockchain network based on the next generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability (PoB)”. It aims to be an underlying architecture for online services that meets the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. JavaScript support, smart contracts and extremely low development costs with post-deployment modification capabilities make it an acceptable enterprise solution. URL: https://iost.io
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