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Helicopter evacuation training AirX conducts helicopter disaster prevention training in Nishiizu Town, Shizuoka, assuming a large-scale disaster

AirX Co., Ltd.
AirX conducts disaster prevention training by helicopter in Nishiizu Town, Shizuoka, assuming a large-scale disaster
In case of landslides, it is now possible to transport relief supplies and personnel by helicopter.
AirX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Satoru Tezuka, hereinafter referred to as “AirX”), which builds the infrastructure that will be the source of next-generation air mobility such as helicopters, private jets, and flying cars, is located in Shizuoka Prefecture. We would like to inform you that in collaboration with Nishiizu Town, Kamo District (Mayor: Junsu Hoshino), we conducted a “disaster prevention training (helicopter transport training)” on Friday, September 1, 2023, assuming a large-scale disaster.
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Training overview
Since April 2022, our company has not only been playing a role in the regional revitalization of Nishiizu Town, but also using helicopters as a means of transportation for town residents, and working to improve access to the metropolitan area and the area around Mt. Fuji. In addition to providing services such as helicopter tours and transportation, we are also working on the construction of a helipad, and we have recently conducted a disaster prevention drill in collaboration with Nishiizu Town.
■About training
On September 1st (Disaster Prevention Day), helicopters were used not only for sightseeing but also in emergencies, with the aim of contributing to quick support for disaster victims. We conducted training to use helicopters to smoothly transport doctors and other personnel and relief supplies in the event of a disaster.
Since there is a possibility of isolation in the area due to landslides, etc., we will be able to respond quickly by securing various means of transportation such as not only land transportation but also air transportation.
■Future outlook
In the future, we will continue to secure a variety of transportation methods tailored to the characteristics of the region, including not only helicopter excursion projects aimed at promoting tourism during normal times, but also the use of helicopters to transport and support personnel and supplies from the air in emergencies. We will continue to contribute to
Training details
■Training content
Fuel stockpiling and on-site refueling using the helipad as a disaster prevention base
Reconnaissance from the air for quick damage visualization
Transportation of relief supplies and personnel by flying between two helipads located in Nishiizu Town, assuming roads are cut off due to landslides, etc.
■Implementation date
Friday, September 1, 2023
■Place of implementation
Osawa-ri district, Nishiizu-machi, Shizuoka prefecture
■Takeoff and landing place
Takeoff location: Former Yoran Center
Landing location: Miyagahara heliport
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Service URL: [AIROS][object 2] Recruitment related page: Official Twitter: https://twitter. Air A company that builds the infrastructure that will be the source of air mobility. We currently boast the largest number of helicopter flights in Japan by providing helicopter charters for sightseeing, travel, business trips, etc. at affordable prices. In addition to providing services, we also develop systems for reservation management, inventory management, and flight management.
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