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“Herbaria”, a long-established German organic spice specialty store, has developed a collaboration menu with a popular cafe in Tokyo!

Paninklet Japan Co., Ltd.
“Herbaria”, a long-established German organic spice specialty store, has developed a collaboration menu with a popular cafe in Tokyo! Heal your tired body with organic dishes full of spices.

Herbaria Japan, which develops the German organic spice brand “Herbarrier” in Japan, has developed an original collaboration menu with 3 popular organic cafes and restaurants in Tokyo using
Herbarrier’s spice seasoning * (spice seasoning). It will be offered for a limited period of 3 weeks from Friday, October 15th to Thursday, October 5th. *Because it will be held at 3 stores at the same time, you can enjoy the original collaboration menu of each store at both stores during the period.
[Image 1:×1240.png] * Spice seasoning is a premixed type of seasoning that contains salt, pepper, multiple herbs and spices in a single item, eliminating the need to prepare various seasonings. charm! ! By choosing your favorite items according to the cooking theme and ingredients, you can find hints to enjoy your daily cooking.
[Image 2:×500.png] AIN SOPH.GINZA, a hideaway vegan restaurant and patisserie for adults in the Ginza area
[Image 3:×1080.png] [Provided menu] Ginza store The popular dinner course “Kisjoten Course” (7,200 yen) uses [Fish Ahoy / Colorful Spice of Seafood] for 9 kinds of deli [Grilled Chinese yam]. It is a product that you can enjoy the aftertaste of herbs. ● Seasonal Vegetable Salad x Special Dressing Ain Soff Use [Vilde Hilde / Temptation of Salad] as a dressing for the special vegetable salad. You can enjoy fresh vegetables with a refreshing dressing. *Provided as a dressing for all vegetable salads served at lunch and dinner.
◼️AIN SOPH.GINZA Address: Toriyama Building, 4-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Restaurant: 2nd-4th floor) Lunch: 11:30-14:30 (LO 14:30) Dinner: 17:30-21:00 (LO 20:00)
*Only open for lunch from Sunday to Tuesday (*Closed for dinner) *Only the course menu is available for dinner. Period: September 15th (Friday) to October 5th (Thursday)
Minami Aoyama, a cafe and grocery shop with the theme of intestinal activity “L for You AOYAMA (R)”
[Image 4:×1080.png] [Provided menu] ● L4U’s popular lunch plate Weekday (1,430 yen) Weekend (1,760 yen) Used for salads with a thick dressing that is often entwined. [Vilde Hilde / Salad Temptation] The scent of various herbs spreads throughout your mouth. A popular deli, cabbage rapee with the refreshing scent of [Sense of Maki/Corsican gift] for a summery flavor.
[Image 5:×2412.jpg] ●Truffle gluten-free cookie (590 yen) *A cookie with the rich aroma of [Truffle Rack/Lucky Truffle Spice] sold at stores! Cookies with a slightly salty and truffle scent are not just snacks, they also go well with alcohol, so you can enjoy pairing with wine or whiskey. ◼️ Bichokatsu CAFE & GROCERY(R) L for You AOYAMA(R) Address: 3-9-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Ikegami Building 1F Weekdays and Saturdays: 11:00-19:30
Sunday: 11:00-17:00
(*Lunch time: 11:00-15:00)
Period: September 15th (Friday) to October 5th (Thursday)
“CHAYA Macrobiotics Shiodome” with an expansive macrobiotic-based space
[Image 6:×1080.png] [Provided menu] ● Lunch plate (1,250 yen ~) Deli for a limited time with soy meat tailored to escabeche. Freshly finished with [Fish Ahoy / Colorful Spice of Seafood] with the scent of lemon and dill. Deep-fried soybean meat & potato fries Special herb seasoning (880 yen) Fried soybean meat with homemade dipping sauce and [Sense of Maki / Corsican gift] and [Truffle rack / Lucky truffle spice] sprinkled French fries with truffle flavor. Come along with sake.
◼️CHAYA Macrobiotic Shiodome Address: 1-6-3 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Tokyo Shiodome 1F Lunch & Dinner Time: 11:00-21:00 (LO 20:30) *Weekday Lunch Time 11: 00-14:00 Period: September 15th (Friday) to October 5th (Thursday)
* All notations include tax.
About Herbaria
Herbaria is a trusted spice and herb specialty store with a history of 100 years in Germany. Spice seasoning (premixed spice seasoning), which is manufactured with a focus on the herbs and spices that are the raw materials, is characterized by a “refined taste and aroma” that attracts people who eat it. All items have cleared the EU organic certification “Euroleaf” as well as the German organic certification “BIO” standards, and even after 100 years, it is still loved by people in Germany, an organic powerhouse. brand.
[Image 7:×600.png] Herbaria Japan official website [Group overview / brand description] Herbaria Japan has signed an exclusive sales contract with German Herbaria for the first time in Japan, and has decided to handle spices and herbs from German Herbaria. launched for the purpose. Founded 100 years ago as a medical herb manufacturing company, Herbaria continues to create safe, secure, and
environmentally friendly products as a pioneer in spreading organic herbs to the world. Inheriting Herbaria’s desire to “cherish the harmony between people and nature through food”, we will deliver Herbaria’s special spices and herbs to everyone in Japan.
Herbaria Japan HP: Instagram:
【Company Profile】
Company name: Panninklet Japan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Nankohoku, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
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