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Herman International Co., Ltd. New release of wireless over-ear headphones “JBL TOUR ONE M2”

Harman International Co., Ltd.
New release of wireless over-ear headphones “JBL TOUR ONE M2” Introducing the top model of the headphone series that provides a comfortable listening experience and deep silence with a personalized function that provides sound that suits you and an advanced noise canceling function!
Harman International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuma Kuwabara) is one of the world’s largest audio brands that originated in California, USA, and has been the number one selling wireless speaker in Japan for five consecutive years. “JBL” will release the flagship model of wireless over-ear headphones “JBL TOUR ONE M2” from Friday, September 22, 2023.
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From the “TOUR” series developed by JBL, the completely wireless earphones “TOUR PRO 2” were released in March of this year. With its perfect fit, new level of absolute sound quality, and innovative technology, it has attracted a lot of attention as a flagship model that sets new standards in the completely wireless earphone market, and has been listed as the best hit product of the first half of each magazine. I won an award.
“TOUR ONE M2”, which is newly released from the same series, is the successor to “TOUR ONE” released in 2021, and will be added to the lineup as a flagship model of over-ear headphones. In addition to being equipped with a wide range of functions that allow you to personalize your own headphones to suit you, they are generously equipped with a variety of unique sound technologies that JBL has cultivated over its 77-year history, creating an optimal environment for high-quality professional sound. You can enjoy it. The main unit has a lightweight design of approximately 272g, and is designed to not put any strain on your ears, both acoustically and physically, so you can use it in any situation, such as long meetings or while traveling without getting tired. This is the highest quality model that can be used in
Following the completely wireless earphone flagship model “TOUR PRO 2,” the over-ear headphones “TOUR ONE M2” are now available, further expanding the range of listening styles. Enjoy the advanced
personalization features and JBL sound.
Product points
・Advanced personalization function that allows you to create a sound experience that suits you
・Achieve absolute sound quality with high-performance sound technology that supports high resolution
・Noise canceling function with real-time correction that creates high-quality silence
・Scheduled to support Bluetooth version 5.3 LE Audio
・Equipped with extensive functions that meet all needs from private to business
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[Image 3:×3900.jpg]
[Image 4:×3900.jpg] Product details
■Advanced personalization function that allows you to create a sound experience that suits you
Compatible with all new menus of the dedicated app “JBL Headphones”, and has even more personalized functions that can be customized to your liking. The newly introduced “Personi-Fi 2.0” performs more precise sound correction by measuring measurement points in each of 10 bands according to the individual’s hearing characteristics such as age, gender, hearing experience level, etc., making it perfect for the user. provides the sound of It also supports a “personal sound amplification function” that amplifies surrounding environmental sounds by 15 to 20 dB. By reinforcing the surrounding conversational sounds and adjusting the left-right balance, it also plays the role of an electronic hearing aid that supports hearing. In addition, “Silent Now” allows you to turn on noise canceling without connecting to Bluetooth, which preserves battery life and helps you sleep while on the move or when you need “silence” to concentrate on work. This is a function that comes in handy sometimes. In addition, the app is packed with features that enrich your daily life, providing you with a personalized audio experience that suits you.
[Image 5:×495.png ]
■Achieve absolute sound quality with high-performance sound technology that supports high-resolution
This model has obtained Hi-Res Audio certification (when connected by wire). High-resolution sound sources have a much larger amount of information than conventional CD sound sources, and can reproduce every detail of the sound in high definition, allowing you to easily enjoy higher-resolution, more realistic sound.
In addition, it is equipped with a 40mm diameter driver that uses PU (polyurethane) and LCP (liquid crystal polymer) diaphragms, which are lightweight yet highly rigid materials. In addition to LCP material, PU material is also used to achieve JBL’s professional sound, which is clearer especially in the mid and high frequencies. The high-strength and high-hardness LCP material reduces unnecessary sound distortion, so you can experience good overall balance and high resolution from mid-high to high frequencies.
Furthermore, it is packed with JBL’s signature sound technologies, including the proprietary “JBL Spatial Sound” technology and high-fidelity equalization that covers both low and high frequencies even at low volumes that won’t put strain on your ears. You can experience a new level of absolute sound quality not only for music but also for watching videos and other usage scenarios.
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] ■Noise canceling function with real-time correction that creates high-quality silence
Equipped with a “real-time correction” function that automatically detects sound leakage from the main unit caused by external physical factors such as head movements and glasses, and corrects the noise canceling level in real time. By constantly monitoring surrounding noise components and adjusting the frequency band and degree of noise canceling, you can immerse yourself in music and videos in
high-quality silence in any situation. When the real-time correction function is off, you can adjust the noise canceling effect in 7 levels from the “JBL Headphones” app depending on the surrounding situation and your preferences. Compared to the previous model “TOUR ONE”, the noise canceling level has been improved by about 3 times in the mid-range sound range, which humans are most sensitive to hearing, such as the sound of cars running and people talking in restaurants. This allows you to immerse yourself in your own space in any everyday scene, giving you deeper concentration.
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] ■Planned to support Bluetooth version 5.3 LE Audio
In place of the traditional Bluetooth audio standard (Classic Audio) that has been in use for a long time, we plan to support the next generation LE Audio, which has been redefined by Bluetooth SIG. LE Audio’s new codec LC3 is a high-performance, low-power audio codec that delivers high-quality audio even at low bit rates. In addition, the LC3+ codec implements a function that enables high-resolution audio transmission, so you can expect stable calls and high-quality sound, and it is prepared to be compatible with future software updates as soon as possible.
*High-Res wireless compatibility for this product is undecided. ■ Equipped with a full range of functions that meet all needs from private to business
This model is equipped with many functions that make it easy to use not only in private situations but also in business situations. Equipped with a new “multipoint” feature that was not present in the previous model, it is now possible to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch smoothly. While connecting to a smartphone or other device playing music via Bluetooth, you can also pair it with one other device such as a desktop or tablet, so you can use it with confidence even when you receive a call or have an online meeting. It is also equipped with a “smart talk function” that uses an advanced built-in voice recognition algorithm to respond to the user’s voice and automatically activate talk-through. Music and noise canceling automatically resume when the conversation ends, so this model supports you even when someone suddenly speaks to you or when your hands are occupied and you can’t operate the device.
[Image 8:×3900.jpg] Main Specifications
Product name: JBL TOUR ONE M2
Type: Hybrid noise canceling wireless over-ear headphones with real-time correction function
Color: black
Supported profiles: A2DP 1.3.2, AVRCP 1.6.2, HFP 1.7.2
Unit: High resolution compatible 40mm diameter driver
Frequency characteristics: Passive: 10Hz – 40kHz, Active: 10Hz – 22kHz Compatible codecs: SBC, AAC, (LC3/LC3+ will be supported)
Weight: approx. 272g
Continuous use time *2: Up to about 50 hours when ANC is off         Up to about 30 hours when ANC is on
                                                         You can play for about 5 hours with 10 minutes of charging.)
Accessories: USB Type-C cable for charging, audio cable, carrying case, flight adapter
Release date: Friday, September 22, 2023
Standard price: Open price *JBL online store sales price 39,600 yen (tax included)
*Specifications and prices are subject to change.
Release commemorative campaign
To commemorate the release of this product, we are running a campaign where you can win a tote bag with the JBL logo when you reserve this product at any JBL official store. Please take this opportunity to purchase.
・Implementation period: September 14, 2023 (Thursday) to September 21, 2023 (Thursday) for pre-order purchases
・Implementation details: Those who reserve or purchase TOUR ONE M2 during the period will receive a tote bag with the JBL logo as a pre-order bonus.
Prizes will be shipped separately within two weeks of product purchase. ・Campaign stores: Purchase this product at the following site 1. JBL Online Store:
2. JBL Official Rakuten Market Store:
3. JBL official Yahoo! store: *Purchases at Amazon JBL official store and JBL Store (Yokohama) are not eligible.
*1 “BCN AWARD 2023” awards companies with the highest cumulative sales volume for one year in each category based on actual sales data “BCN Ranking” collected from home electronics retailers, computer specialty stores, online shops, etc. nationwide. Won the first place in the wireless speaker category for five consecutive years.
*2 Charging/playback time varies depending on the usage environment. -About JBL-
Established with the aim of developing home speakers that have both a beautiful appearance and professional sound. Since then, it is one of the world’s largest audio manufacturers and has continued to be trusted and used by both professionals and amateurs in all
music-related scenes.
We offer products ranging from ultra-high-end speakers for home use to earphones, headphones, and home theaters. In addition, we are introducing consumer equipment such as Toyota’s genuine in-car audio and multimedia equipment, as well as professional equipment for movie theaters, stadiums, concert halls, broadcast stations, and recording studios around the world. . JBL is used as the sound system in stadiums around the world and is also used at various global sporting events.
-About Harman International Industries, Incorporated-
HARMAN International designs, manufactures and markets premium audio, visual and connected cars and integrated solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. Our leading brands, including AKG(R), Harman Kardon(R), Infinity(R), JBL(R), Lexicon(R), Mark Levinson(R), and Revel(R), are used by audio enthusiasts, artists, It is often used at events/concert venues and has received praise. And today, more than 50 million cars around the world are equipped with our audio and infotainment systems, and our software services reach billions of vehicles across every platform, from office and home to car and mobile. We support secure connectivity and integration of mobile devices and systems. Harman International has approximately 30,000 employees worldwide.
Customer contact information
Harman International Co., Ltd.
JBL Online Store
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・Yahoo! store:
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