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HEROZ Joins Supporting Partner of Microsoft’s “Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture”

HEROZ Co., Ltd.
HEROZ Joins Supporting Partner of Microsoft’s “Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture”

HEROZ Co., Ltd. (hereafter, HEROZ) has joined as a supporting partner of the document Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture, which summarizes examples of usage scenarios for the developer service “Azure OpenAI Service” provided by Microsoft Corporation (hereafter, Microsoft). I was.
[Image:×640.png] ■Background of Participation of Supporting Partners  In recent years, the progress of generative AI technology such as “ChatGPT” has been remarkable, and discussions on research and business applications of LLM (Note 1) are becoming more active day by day. GPT (General Purpose Technology) is expected to be applied in business scenes in all industries, and may have a significant impact on the labor market. While the use of generative AI is expected, there are technical and security hurdles to large-scale introduction for enterprise use, and there are many customers who have not made progress in actual business utilization. At HEROZ, many customers have consulted us on the introduction, verification, and construction of generative AI models. ■ What is the Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture? This is a summary of examples of usage scenarios and their architectures for the Azure OpenAI Service recommended by Microsoft. Enterprise companies using Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform can use it as a reference when incorporating large-scale generative AI models into their business. For details, please see [Notice of public announcement of Azure OpenAI Service reference architecture | Microsoft
Base]( ■ Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture Supporting Partners This is a new partner program that certifies partners that support the Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture published by Microsoft. By collaborating with supporting partners and Microsoft, we will share examples of Azure OpenAI Service utilization scenarios and
architectures in various businesses and industries, regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C. For more information [Azure OpenAI Service Reference Architecture Supporting Partner Program Information – Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Japan Official
Blog]( See endorsement-partner-program-information/).
■Future Prospects In collaboration with Microsoft and supporting partner companies, we will support customers in utilizing large-scale generative AI to achieve business results.
Note 1: LLM = Large Language Model * Microsoft and Microsoft Azure are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. *The company name HEROZ and the HEROZ logo are registered trademarks of our company. *All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
[About HEROZ Co., Ltd.] HEROZ will continue to research and develop machine learning such as deep learning and apply it practically to business, centering on its own AI, creating the AI ​​revolution and creating the future. .
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