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Hinata Design Co., Ltd. Size information site “” is now open!

Hinata Design Co., Ltd.
Size information site “” is now open!
When shopping online, the product was too large to install. Have you ever had a different image than you expected?
“” posts information specializing in various sizes. Visualize products placed in your room with a life-sized AR app.
Try out which one fits your room using the actual size product image data. This will fit! This fits! And shopping will be fun!
“” supports “choosing products that won’t fail”! !
Hinata Design Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshihiro Otani, hereinafter referred to as “Hinata Design”) has opened “”, an information site specializing in product size information, from September 14, 2023.
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With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the lifestyles of consumers have changed significantly. As working from home has become the norm, people are spending more time at home, and at the same time demand for online shopping has increased significantly. Additionally, with the increasing use of online shopping, the number of product problems is also increasing, and among these problems, we see many cases where purchased products cannot be worn, installed, or transported because the size of the product does not fit.
Many online shoppers prioritize price and design when choosing a product, but no matter how much you like the design, the product is of no use if the size doesn’t fit.
When shopping online, where you cannot physically hold the product in your hands, the most important information is the size. “” is an information site specializing in product sizes. Based on the concept of “choosing a product without making mistakes,” we provide services such as searching for products based on size and checking the size using life-size AR, allowing you to easily understand the size and make a purchase.
[Features of]
1. Search for products by size
“” not only allows you to search for products by keyword, category, manufacturer, etc., but also by “product size,” so you can search by entering the product size that fits your room or space. You can find “products you should buy”.
This function allows you to prevent product problems related to size. Once you find a product that matches your criteria, you can move to Amazon, Rakuten, or Yahoo Shopping to purchase the product.
2. Detailed size information posts detailed size information for each product. The publication of size information that emphasizes usability in the living environment is unparalleled.
■Product size: height, width, depth ■Installation size: including the space (clearance) required around the product ■Installation size when the door is fully open: including the length and width when the door is open Total length of the product ■Others: Cord length and grill plate size for each product 3. Size experience using AR
It works in conjunction with the smartphone app “Scale Post Viewer AR” ( provided by Hinata Design, which allows you to easily display AR (Augmented Reality) on your
smartphone. The actual size of the product will be displayed in AR, allowing you to get a feel for the size of the product.
You can intuitively check important points when choosing a product, such as how much space the product will take up in the kitchen, whether it will fit on a shelf, and whether the design fits the room. aims to reach 1 million monthly visitors next spring, and plans to improve its media value by increasing the number of products featured, columns, and advertisements.
★★★PR video for “”★★★
[Video 2:] ■“scale post viewer AR”
This is an app that displays specific images (product images, etc.) in real size on real landscape footage projected on a smartphone.By placing products such as furniture and home appliances in their own room at real size through the smartphone screen, You can check the fit with your living space (product size, design, etc.).
■Hinata Design Co., Ltd. Location: 6th floor, LH Bancho Square, 6-4 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Yoshihiro Otani Established: April 17, 2009 Capital: 48.45 million yen Business Contents: Sales, planning and manufacturing of universal design related products, planning, proposal and production of graphics, packaging and web design, planning, proposal and development of smartphone apps and web design URL: More details about this release:

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