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Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. HTB “Ichimoni!” and “Ichioshi!!” have undergone a major ren ewal! Both are new MCs, with a new set and content!

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
HTB “Ichimoni!” and “Ichioshi!!” have undergone a major renewal! Both are new MCs, with a new set and content!
HTB Hokkaido Television’s two major belt programs, “Ichimoni!” and “Ichioshi!!”, can be said to be their signature programs.
“Ichimoni!” is in its 13th year, and “Ichioshi!!” is in its 21st year as a program that delivers daily life information to everyone in Hokkaido. Both programs will be taking on new challenges with new MCs this fall! We have increased the number of news slots and created a new unique corner. This will be a program where the new MC’s personality shines through.
[Image 1:×822.jpg] HTB “Ichimoni!” and “Ichioshi!!” have undergone a major renewal! (C)HTB At the reorganization briefing held within HTB on the 11th, each MC spoke with the staff about their enthusiasm, creating a friendly atmosphere while poking fun at each other. Particularly recommended!! is a skit-like story in which an alien appears, explaining the new corner, and deciding on the important parts of the program corner together with the reporter who came to cover the story, making it an exciting and exciting story just like the theme of the program. I did. Please look forward to Shin’s “Ichimoni!” and Shin’s “Ichioshi!!” starting October 2nd.
[Image 2:×1199.jpg] Ichimoni!
[Image 3:×152.png ]
“Ichimoni!” is the “only” company in Hokkaido that broadcasts live broadcasts for 2 hours starting at 6:00 a.m. on weekdays that are produced in-house locally in Hokkaido.
Since the broadcast began on March 28, 2011, we have received the support of many Hokkaido residents and are now in our 13th year. This fall, Ichimoni! changes greatly. Mari Tsuchiya (in charge of Mondays to Wednesdays) and Yuri Fukunaga (in charge of Thursdays to Saturdays) have been appointed as MCs. New Ichimoni! Its slogan is “Morning Power!” Ichimoni! will be “powered up” by two fresh MCs who have been with the company for 7 years, and aim to be a program that allows Hokkaido residents to “charge up their power” during the busy morning hours before going to school or work.
Even easier to read with the new corner “News 6’clock”!
A new corner “News 6’clock” will start at 6am on weekdays. We will provide you with the latest information you want to know in a simple order at 6am, without being restricted by genres such as news, sports, and entertainment. In addition, “Mari Search” (in charge of Tsuchiya) and “Yuri Search” (in charge of Fukunaga) have been newly established, where two new MCs dig deep into current topics and give presentations. There will also be more news corners at 7 o’clock, such as “Asa Ichiban,” “Plus α,” and “Another One.”
Learn more than anywhere else with our new caster! “Sports” (Weekdays & Saturdays)
The new stadium “Escon Field HOKKAIDO” has opened, and the Fighters continue to play spectacular matches with the dynamic performance of young players. Announcer Yusuke Isohata, who has been dedicated to reporting, has joined as the sports representative and will provide even more in-depth information.
In addition, on Saturday, we will continue to hold programs that allow you to rediscover the charm of Hokkaido while cherishing the atmosphere of the weekend, as well as live broadcasts to support struggling local businesses.
We will continue to aim to create programs where everyone’s day starts with “Ichimoni!”
■Program name Ichimoni!
■Broadcast date and time: Every Monday to Friday 6:00 to 8:00, every Saturday 6:30 to 8:00 & 9:30 to 10:40
■Performance (MC) Monday-Wednesday Mari Tsuchiya, Thursday-Saturday Yuri Fukunaga
Weather in charge/Hinami Fukuchi, Marimo Takahashi, Luna
News: Tatsuya Fujisawa, Ayaka Taguchi
Sports staff: Yusuke Isohata, Saiori Omata
      Entertainment person/Shinya Kono, Hitoshi Fujio (Oklahoma) ■Ichimoni! Official homepage
-Mari Tsuchiya- (Monday-Wednesday MC)
[Image 4:×1199.jpg] Mari Tsuchiya Announcer (C) HTB
At Ichioshi!!, I was in charge of the “Happiness Walk”, ate lots of delicious food, responded to Mr. Kono’s outrageous behavior from Oklahoma, and learned a lot about Hokkaido. The experience was also great! I hope to be able to demonstrate my skills. At the age of 30, I was able to feel the excitement of taking on new challenges for the first time in a while. It’s a program that requires teamwork, so I want to create a cheerful program that not only conveys information, but also provides some energy during the busy morning hours. -Yuri Fukunaga- (Thu-Sat MC)
[Image 5:×1199.jpg] Yuri Fukunaga Announcer (C) HTB
I would like to carry on the lively and energetic morning atmosphere that my predecessors have created. Up until now, I had been able to work freely because my seniors were reliable and I had the peace of mind that someone would follow up if something happened. From now on, I feel a sense of responsibility to be that kind of person to my juniors. Since we have a two-person MC system, I would like to join forces with Announcer Tsuchiya and borrow the power of the new members to deliver even more morning power than ever before.
-Yusuke Isohata- (Sports)
[Image 6:×1199.jpg] Yusuke Isohata Announcer (C) HTB
First time in 10 years! I will be in charge of this, but since I will be the oldest person on the program, I would like to present myself with the calmness and energy of the oldest person. My daughter was born in July and I became a father, so I will keep that perspective in mind in the program, liven up the program with “Papa Power,” and do my best to contribute to Hokkaido.
-Tatsuya Fujisawa- (News)
[Image 7:×1199.jpg] Tatsuya Fujisawa Announcer (C) HTB
Last year, I changed jobs from a broadcasting station in to HTB. I’m from Sapporo, so it’s humbling to be in charge of the news on HTB’s morning program, which I’ve been watching since I was little. Of course, I want to be cheerful, fun, and full of energy, but I also want to deal with everyone in an easy-to-understand and polite manner. I’m looking forward to creating a program with fresh members, and I can’t wait for October.
-Ayaka Taguchi- (News)
[Image 8:×1199.jpg] Ayaka Taguchi Announcer (C)HTB
I was able to work with unique, bright and fun staff and co-stars, and the lively atmosphere was great! I love it, so I’m glad I can continue to be in charge of it. Since it’s morning, I think many people are listening to the news with their ears. Even in the midst of
everything, I hope to deliver the news in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can hear and visualize what we want to convey.
-Hinami Fukuchi- (Weather)
[Image 18:×1199.jpg] Kinami Fukuchi Announcer (C) HTB
I’m not from Hokkaido (I’m from Tochigi Prefecture), so when I debuted in the weather corner in May, I felt a discrepancy between my own temperature and the temperature that people in Hokkaido felt, so I had trouble expressing myself, but now it’s all about communicating the weather. I feel joy in it. I started looking up at the sky and observing changes in the clouds on a daily basis. I haven’t
experienced the cold winter in Hokkaido yet, so I want to encourage people to leave their homes by adding some fresh impressions and saying, “I hope you’re doing well today,” without giving in to the cold.
[Image 10:×1199.jpg] Recommendation!!
[Image 11:×75.png ]
On April 7, 2023, “Ichioshi!!” celebrated its 20th anniversary. What can we do right now to make Hokkaido more energetic?
It’s “Just looking at it makes me smile.” And it will give you the energy to live tomorrow.” My goal was to create television that was full of curiosity.
Highly recommended, serious for 21 years. This autumn, we will undergo a major renewal to become a highly recommended item that is full of excitement and excitement!
The three people who have brought energy to the mornings of Hokkaido, Satomi Murooka, Megumi Ohno, and Taro Fukuda, have been appointed as the new MCs.
The MCs themselves will be out on the streets doing live broadcasts and participating in planned interviews, which is a great way to expand the family circle.
The studio set has also been completely renewed! I created it based on the HTB color “yellow” and the balloons, soap bubbles, and bubbles that everyone was excited about when they were children. The bold set is sure to thrill you.
Highly recommended!! 20 years of famous projects and new projects come together! New corners are coming one after another!
[Image 12:×371.jpg] ★NEW! [Twice as much compared to our company! Be the first to receive the latest news]
At the beginning of the program, we will deliver the latest news happening around Hokkaido from the “News Studio” directly connected to the HTB News Center. The area has been expanded to approximately 15 minutes, which is twice as large as before. We will also actively disseminate breaking news not only on terrestrial TV, but also on the internet and SNS.
★NEW! [Broadcast every day from Monday to Friday “Business trip! Camera anywhere”]
Performers will leave the studio and deliver live broadcasts every day. I visit schools and local festivals, and there are days when I go for a drive. Maybe a live “on-chan car” will come to your
★NEW! [Monday/New project “Monday Pinpo ON♪ Help Team”]
Our favorite performers visit people’s homes using intercoms. Our friendly helpers will make your wishes come true on the spot. For example, announcer Murooka, who loves cooking, and a chef will make a delicious dinner using only what’s in the fridge, and announcer Ohno and a professional organization and storage advisor will help you organize and clean. We are also planning to collect “help requests” on the on-chan app.
★NEW! [Tuesday/New project “Hajime-chan”]
There is a first time for everyone and everything. This is a new corner that focuses on all the first anniversaries in your life, such as the moment you rode a bicycle for the first time, or the first time you took a shortcut to transform your life.
★NEW! [Tuesday/New project “Hokkaido Gourmet Bingo”]
There’s sure to be some delicious gourmet photos (information) hidden in your smartphone! Therefore, the performers predicted the menu in advance on nine 3×3 squares. If your guess is correct, the performer will call out to people passing by, and if your prediction is incorrect, the staff will give you the menu. Will you be able to achieve bingo? ?
★Resurrection! [Wednesday/“Only one taste in the world 2023”] The former famous corner “Only one taste in the world” is back as a Reiwa version!
★Resurrection! [Thursday/New project “What’s your name?”]
“Call me by name”, which was once broadcast on Ichishi!!, is back with a new look!
★NEW! [Thursday/”Happy Walk”]
The popular corner “Happy Walk” started in April 2018 and is now in its 6th year. With announcer Tsuchiya’s graduation from the program, Oklahoma Kono’s partner will be new announcer Kinami Fukuchi. The broadcast time will also be moved from Mondays at 4pm to Thursdays at 6pm. Please look forward to the collection of wishes by the new walking duo!
★NEW! [News department production/series planning]
While the world is rapidly returning to normal life, there are still people suffering from the aftereffects of the coronavirus and those who are unable to recover from the economic blow. We will be broadcasting a special program focusing on such “after corona” once a month.
The series project “Chasing” that was popular in the past is back! Various problems and suspicions occurring in Hokkaido
HTB’s news department will do its best to pursue the story in depth. And, this fall, we will continue to introduce the series “Ichiban”, which introduces all the “best” things in Hokkaido!
■Program name Recommended!!
■Broadcast date and time: Every Monday to Friday from 3:45 to 7:00 *On Fridays until 6:50
■Performance: Satomi Murooka, Taro Fukuda, Megumi Ohno
Shinya Kono, Hitoshi Fujio (Oklahoma), Moka Tada, Hinami Fukuchi      《News》Hidemasa Yoda, Yuina Mori
     《Weather》Shoichi Kanda, Biyori Uno, on-chan
■Recommended!!Official homepage

-Satomi Murooka- (New MC)
[Image 13:×1199.jpg] Satomi Murooka announcer (C) HTB
In my first or second year at the company, I was in charge of sports at Ichigo!!, and since then I’ve been doing it for nine and a half years! I was able to come back to this highly recommended place! It was a completely different program than the highly recommended program I had previously appeared on, so I feel refreshed to be able to participate in a new program. We believe that this is a program where we can share the same feelings as everyone living in Hokkaido, both the joys and pains, so we look forward to your continued support. -Megumi Ohno-(New MC)
[Image 14:×1199.jpg] Megumi Ohno announcer (C) HTB
I explained various corners at the briefing session, but I think this program is an experimental evening information program. Breaking common sense, Ishibashi is crossed by jumping instead of hitting it. I hope that the staff and performers will work together to deliver such a challenging and exciting experience.
-Taro Fukuda-(New MC)
[Image 15:×1199.jpg] Taro Fukuda announcer (C) HTB
Last year, I took time off from work to visit Major League Baseball stadiums and learn about the world’s best sports entertainment. Under such circumstances, I felt that a wonderful space can only be created if there are three parties: the team’s staff who set the stage, the players who are active there, and the fans who enjoy it. This highly recommended program has staff who love Hokkaido and the program, energetic performers, and viewers who are excited to join us, so we hope to spend each and every day with you. Masu. Thank you for your new recommendation!
-Hidemasa Yoda- (News)
[Image 16:×1199.jpg] Hidemasa Yoda Announcer (C) HTB
This fall, the news department will put all its efforts into powering up the news. We will deliver plenty of news in a space twice as large as our company’s, but we would like to pay special attention to freshness and speed. The new news studio is about a five-step walk from the news floor, and because it will be closer to reporters and their desks, I think we will be able to report breaking news more quickly.
If the market is a program called “Ichioshi!!”, you can sell it face-to-face, but you can also sell it over the Internet. Regardless of how it is sold, I would like to be able to convey good food quickly, quickly, with an emphasis on freshness, and without missing the season. I think sometimes news is published on the internet before it is broadcast on terrestrial TV. If we don’t do that, I don’t think we’ll be able to be number one in the news.
-Yina Mori- (News)
[Image 17:×1199.jpg] Yuina Mori Announcer (C) HTB
I’ve been doing live broadcasts of Ichishi!! for two years, so I want to put my experience to good use. When I feel that reading the news is not enough to convey the message, I go to the scene and connect the relay. Although I don’t have much experience in reading the news, I hope to become a member of the team who will do anything and go anywhere to spread the word to the people of Hokkaido, relying on my seniors as role models.
-Hinami Fukuchi- (Newly in charge of “Happiness Walk”)
[Image 18:×1199.jpg] Kinami Fukuchi Announcer (C) HTB
Ichimoni! In addition to “Ichishi!!”, I am grateful to be able to appear on “Ichishi!!”.
Ichimoni! I would like to do my best and do my best so that as many people as possible can go out and see my favorites, then come back and see my favorites.
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