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Honest survey of Gen Z The popular sleep app “Pokemon Sleep” has been used by 26.0% of current university students. 10.5% are still in use.

RECCOO Co., Ltd.
[Honest survey of Gen Z] The popular sleep app “Pokemon Sleep” has been used by 26.0% of current university students. 10.5% are still in use.
One in three people who have used the service said that their awareness of sleep has changed.
“Circle Up”, a quick research service specializing in Generation Z, operated by RECCOO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Deya, hereinafter referred to as the Company), has released a “Sleep App” as its latest Generation Z survey. We will present a research report on the theme. Regarding Pokemon Sleep, which has become a hot topic recently, we investigated the actual usage rate and awareness regarding sleep. Please note that raw data for some of the survey results will be provided to companies that make inquiries.
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■73% of current university students answered, “I don’t think I get enough sleep.”
In this survey, we first investigated the sleep consciousness of current university students. As a result, only 27.5% of respondents answered that they were getting enough sleep. More than 70% of university students seem to recognize that they are not getting enough sleep. When we asked people about their average sleeping time in hourly increments, 5-6 hours was the highest at 39%.
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Perhaps due to this background, Pokemon Sleep has become a hot topic, and the actual user experience rate was 26.0%. Only 10.5% are still using it, which means that 60% of those with experience have stopped using it. When asked why respondents currently using
“Because I like Pokemon.”
“You can be positive about sleep”
“It’s fun collecting Pokemon.”
I saw answers such as:
When we actually interviewed users, one in three people felt that their awareness of sleep had changed after using it.
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On the other hand, the reason why I stopped using it was
“It wasn’t enough to change my sleeping habits.”
“I feel like the battery is draining quickly.”
“It’s become a hassle”
There were opinions such as:
■What is Circle Up? Raw data available upon inquiry.
What did you think? When we show the data to university students, it seems that restaurants that offer all-you-can-drink lemon sour are becoming popular. If you check the data from actual university students, you can get a sense of reality.
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Circle Up is a quick research tool developed by the Dentsu Youth Research Department as its own research tool, and the company sold the business in June 2022. Approximately 20,000 current university students have registered, and the survey is characterized by its speed, with a survey of 100 samples completed in 10 to 30 minutes, and is used by many companies for marketing and recruiting activities. Masu.
Generation Z is currently attracting a lot of attention, but there are many cases where they are perceived superficially, such as “Gen Z is
____”. Therefore, we are using Circle Up and working with a project team of current university students to distribute [Gen Z’s real honest research articles] that convey their real feelings.
We also provide raw data of some of the results of this survey to companies that make inquiries.
For inquiries, please use the form below. [Survey summary]・Survey date: September 14, 2023・Research organization (research subject): RECCOO Co., Ltd.・Survey target: 1 university registered with Circle Up Years to 4th grade ・Number of valid responses (sample size): 200 people ・Survey method: Circle Up for client survey offer
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