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“Horseman Meeting” is held to utilize contact with horses in education and welfare fields (participation is free of charge)

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“Horseman Meeting” is held to utilize contact with horses in education and welfare fields (participation is free of charge)
You will stay overnight in a tent in an old folk house, and at night you can interact with players in other fields who are active in the area.
The NPO Soma Rescue Team (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture) will hold a two-day social gathering for people who want to get involved with horses and a study session on the use of horses for two days from Saturday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 24th in Minamisoma City.・The event will be held in Okuma Town.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we welcomed Mr. Yutaka Ajihara of Sanriku Komasha (Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture), who is also working on horse therapy using horses in the Tohoku coast, to experience using real horses and understand the use of horses. Deepen it. In the evening, we stayed at an old folk house in Okuma Town, and had the opportunity to interact with players from other fields who are active in the area (Ookuma Kiwi Revitalization Club/Okuma Town, Futaba District, Ichido Co., Ltd./Tomioka Town, Futaba District). We provide a place for people who love horses and those who want to get involved with horses through work or volunteering to gather and make friends, including players from other fields.
▼Participation application form
Contact us Soma Relief Team
TEL: 0244-26-8801
[Image 1:×2925.jpg] What is horse therapy?
Horse therapy is a type of “animal therapy” that heals the soul through contact with animals, and one that utilizes horses. Horseback riding and caring for horses can soothe the mind, provide
rehabilitation to improve motor function, and provide a place for interaction through horses.
The NPO Soma Rescue Team visits group homes, schools, and
kindergartens in Okuma Town, and provides opportunities for
interaction through horses and horseback riding experiences for the elderly and children.
Overview of “Horseman Meeting”
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] ■Contents■
Activities using horses, interactions with horses, workshops, etc. ■Target■
Those who like horses, those who want to do something with horses, those who want to use horses for work, those who are interested in using horses in the fields of education and welfare, those who want to be involved in horse activities as volunteers, For those interested in the coastal area of ​​Fukushima prefecture after the disaster. ■Participation fee■
Free (includes horse experience/study session, lodging in an old folk house, and meal (lunch on the first day))
*Self-pay: Transportation expenses to the site, 500 yen for dinner on the first day, and purchase on the morning of the second day. *Accommodation will be in a tent in an old folk house. If you would like to stay overnight at a hotel, please use the nearest
accommodation facility “Hotto Okuma” (in that case, please make your own arrangements and pay your own expenses).
■What to bring■
Change of clothes, toiletries, towels
Because I have experience with horses, I wear clothes that are easy to move in and don’t mind getting dirty. Sandals are not allowed on your feet.
Approximately 10 people/application required
Guest: Yutaka Kibihara, Sanriku Komasha General Incorporated Association
[Image 3:×2048.jpg] Navigator: NPO Soma Rescue Team Yoko Nakazawa
[Image 4:×365.jpg] Schedule [1st day]
[9/23 (Sat) 1st day]
11:20 Gather in front of Soma Rescue Squad stables, Minamisoma City Horse Park (4-1 Katakura Kakuhara, Haramachi Ward, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture) *For those coming by train, there is a pick-up service from the station. Meet at 10:50 “JR Haranomachi Station”
11:30 Start (Minamisoma City Bajikoen)
Explanation of purpose, introduction of the region, connection between the region and horses, introduction of organizations, etc.
12:30 Lunch
*Lunch boxed lunch will be provided here.
13:30 Hear about the activities
Lecturer: Yutaka Ojihara, Sanriku Komasha General Incorporated Association 14:30 Time with horses
Interaction with horses, horseback riding, etc.
[Image 5:×2925.jpg] 16:00 Workshop
Looking back, about the use of horses, etc.
Ends at 17:00 Move to Okuma Town old folk house
*We will pick you up if you come by train.
Arrive around 17:45
18:00 Dinner and social gathering start (Okuma Town old folk house) While interacting with people active in the local community, such as the Okuma Kiwi Restoration Club, which is working to regenerate kiwifruit, which was one of the local products before the earthquake, and Ichido Co., Ltd., which creates new value from flowers. enjoy the meal
22:00 Bedtime
Schedule [2nd day]
[9/24 (Sunday) 2nd day]
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Old house cleaning and workshops, etc.
12:00 End
Access ※For those traveling by train, there is a shuttle service between the station and the venue.
◎For those by car → 11:20 Meet at Minamisoma City Bajikoen
◎Train → 10:50 We will meet at Haranomachi Station on the JR Joban Line and take you to the venue.
(Joban Line Hitachi No. 1 departs from Tokyo Station at 6:53 (departs from Ueno at 7:00) → arrives at Iwaki at 9:18 (transfer) departs from Iwaki at 9:22 → arrives at Haranomachi Station at 10:44)
(Tohoku Shinkansen Hayabusa 5 departs from Tokyo Station at 7:32 → departs from Sendai at 9:04 (transfer) departs from Sendai at 9:34 → arrives at Haranomachi Station at 10:50)
◎For those arriving by car → 12:00 Disband at Okuma Town
◎By train → 12:00 After disbanding at Okuma Town, we will pick you up at Ono Station on the JR Joban Line.
(Depart from Joban Line Ono Station 12:27 → Arrive at Iwaki 13:16 (transfer) Depart from Iwaki 13:23 → Arrive Ueno 15:35 → Arrive Tokyo 15:42)
(Departing from Joban Line Ono Station 12:27 → Arriving at Iwaki 13:16 (transfer & lunch) Departing Iwaki 14:18 → Arriving at Ueno 16:35 → Tokyo 16:42)
Application and inquiries
▼Please apply using this participation application form.
Soma Relief Team, a specified non-profit organization
TEL: 0244-26-8801
[Image 6:×130.png ]
■About the sponsoring organization [NPO Soma Relief Team]
Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, we began collecting and distributing relief supplies. Established as a corporation in July.
Yukitane Soma, the 34th head of the former Soma Domain, serves as its representative, and its activities center around the entire territory of the former Soma Domain (2 cities, 3 towns, and 2 villages). Initially, our activities were based in Soma City, providing daily life support to people affected by the disaster, rescuing and protecting animals (mainly horses), and liaising and coordinating with the government, other support organizations, and individuals. Since 2018, this project has focused on horses, which are the historical and cultural symbol and greatest resource of the Soma Futaba region, and has been promoting an equestrian culture and community project that provides opportunities for experience and learning using horses. We are working on regional revitalization projects such as construction.
[Inquiries regarding release]
Baton Co., Ltd.
TEL 050-6861-7510 (Weekdays 10am to 4pm)
■About Baton Co., Ltd.

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