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HYBE JAPAN Co., Ltd. Announcing interim results of the first mission of “The Debut: Dream Academy”

Announcement of interim results for the first mission of “The Debut: Dream Academy”
1st place Nayeon (Korea), 2nd place Sofia (Philippines)…The rankings are changing by a small margin! Voting for Mission 1 is open until September 10th.

[Image:×716.jpg] The trainees ranked in the top 6 in the interim results of Mission 1 voting. From left: Nayoung (South Korea), Sofia (Philippines), Samara (Brazil), Manon (Switzerland), Yunchae (South Korea), and Lala (USA). HYBE has announced the interim results of fan voting for the first mission of their joint global girl group project “The Debut: Dream Academy” with Geffen Records (as of September 8, 4:00 pm Japan time), and Nayeon (Korea) is in the top six. ), Sofia (Philippines), Samara (Brazil), Manon (Switzerland), Yunchae (South Korea), and Lara (USA) were ranked.
This interim result is notable in that four members of Vocal Team B ranked in the top six. In the performance mission video released on September 7th on ABEMA (Japan), Weverse, and HYBE LABELS+ official YouTube channel (global), vocal team B sang a sweet ballad that was an arrangement of American rock band Paramore’s “Still Into You.” was unveiled.
Sophia, who started Vocal Team B’s performance, gave a high sense of immersion from the beginning with her pure tone, and Samara, who was in charge of the next part, had a stable singing ability that was as high as the dance she showed in the art film video. I showed my skills. Next, Celeste added her dreamy vocals to perfect the harmony, Nayeon boasted a stable singing ability that freely moved between low and high notes, and Lala captivated fans with her charming singing voice.
They have received high praise not only for their individual skills but also for their teamwork, with people saying, “It wouldn’t be strange to debut right now.” Fans said, “It would be great to have Nayeon, Sofia, Samara, Lala, and Celeste on one team.” There were voices saying, “It’s not worth talking about.”
The top 6 trainees based on Weverse voting and the number of likes on each trainee’s “Oshi Camera” video posted on YouTube* will be granted the right to be exempted from being eliminated from Mission 1. If the results of the interim tally remain as they are, the members of Vocal Team B will be in an advantageous position in the first mission. *In Japan, “ABEMA K-POP & Global Artist [Official]” channel
Vocal Team A’s Manon (Switzerland, 4th place) is also in the range of getting a direct ticket to Mission 2. Manon is a trainee who has been expanding her fandom with her gorgeous visuals even before the performance video was released. Vocal Team A consists of Brooklyn (USA), Lexi (Sweden), Carly (USA), and Ilya (Belarus), and they performed “Dancing on My Own” by Swedish singer Robyn and “Happier Than Ever” by American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. ” performed a mashup song.
Dance Team B’s Yunchae (Korea) also made it into the top 6 and has a high chance of securing exemption from elimination. Yunchae gave a cute performance to New Jeans’ “OMG” with Emily (USA), Ezrera (Australia), Marky (Thailand), and May (Japan).
Enthusiasm for voting is spreading throughout the world, centered on the regions that produced the trainees.
To date, fans who have participated in Weverse voting are distributed in 124 regions, with American fans accounting for the highest percentage at 19.2%. In addition to the high percentage of trainees from their own countries, the reason for this analysis is that they have a high level of interest in K-POP.
Following the United States, there are many participants in Asia and Latin America.
A high level of enthusiasm for voting was felt in regions that produced trainees, such as the Philippines (14%), India (6.2%), Brazil (6.1%), Argentina (4.4%), Japan (3.4%), and South Korea (3%). In addition, enough votes were cast in Indonesia (6.5%) and Mexico (2.6%) to significantly influence the results, and interest in “The Debut: Dream Academy” has spread throughout Asia and Latin America. It proves that there is.
Similar participation in fan voting is also seen in European regions such as the UK (2.4%), France (1.8%), Germany (1.6%), Spain (1.4%), and Italy (1.3%).
HYBE said, “Our prediction that fans all over the world would watch the ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’ project as if they were rooting for their country’s athletes participating in the Olympics has come true.” It seems that the expectation that a trainee who represents our identity will be selected as the debut group is leading to enthusiasm for voting.” Regarding the rankings, he also stated, “Overall, it’s a close competition, and the rankings keep changing,” and that “we don’t know what will happen until the very end.” It is also worth noting that the number of Weverse community members for “The Debut: Dream Academy” has increased explosively since the start of voting. The number of subscribers to the community was in the 50,000 range just before voting began, but in two days it more than tripled to over 160,000. Since the voting results in the Weverse community have a decisive influence on whether or not the trainees can pass the mission, it can be interpreted that the fandom is gathering around Weverse.
Fan voting for Mission 1 of “The Debut: Dream Academy” is being accepted on Weverse until September 10th at 3:59 pm Japan time. You must select 6 people in one vote, and multiple votes are not allowed in one vote. During the four days that voting is held, voting rights are reset at midnight every day, and you can continue to vote steadily for the same six trainees, or you can vote for different trainees each time. The list of Mission 2 advancers reflecting the voting results will be released on September 16th.
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