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Ibaraki Flower Park “Moonlight Rose Garden” will be held for 90 days to illuminate flowers and nature with gentle lights! Enjoy a “heart-warming time” with a fantastic light production

Ibaraki Prefecture Flower Park Designated Management Joint Venture [Ibaraki Flower Park] “Moonlight Rose Garden” will be held for 90 days to illuminate flowers and nature with gentle lights! Enjoy a “heart-warming time” with a fantastic light production
The first “Flower Illuminate” illumination of autumn roses and 20,000 marigolds will start on Sunday, October 1st.
Ibaraki Flower Park ( was renovated in April 2021 as an experiential facility that lets you “feel it by seeing it.”
Moonlight Rose Garden, an illumination event to enjoy the rose garden at night that was first held last year and was well received, will be held again this year with an expanded period and area. The rose terrace, where fragrant autumn roses and 20,000 marigolds co-exist, is gently illuminated with a fantastic light production.
With the theme of “heart-warming time,” we offer a variety of activities using flowers and nature, as well as bonfire gourmet meals that will satisfy both your stomach and soul, in a magical rose garden at night illuminated by moonlight. Please spend a relaxing moment in the high-quality gentle light.
[Image 1:×622.jpg] “Moonlight Rose Garden” will be held as an illumination event for the third year after the reopening.
This year, it will be held from October 1, 2023 (Sunday) to January 14, 2024 (Sunday), and during the 90-day event period, there will be 3 illuminations, including “Flower Illuminate,” “Christmas Illuminate,” and “New Year Illuminate.” It will be expanded in season.
The Flower Illuminate event, held from October 1st to late November, features autumn roses and 20,000 marigolds in full bloom on the rose terrace.
Autumn roses grow slowly in cooler temperatures, so they are characterized by their deep colors and rich fragrance. The co-starring marigolds are bright orange and sparkle like lights, filling the terrace with beautiful flowers and light.
Enjoy activities such as making glowing lanterns made from dried flowers in the park, fashionable glowing items that you can wear, and more.At the Deck Connecting with Light, you can see beautiful ripples of light on the rose terrace by holding up a QR code. The appeal of “Moonlight Rose Garden” is that you can enjoy more than just “watching” and participating in the wide-ranging production. Bonfire gourmet food such as homemade bacon made with local brand-name pork and Kiritanpo are also available, and you can spend a relaxing time while watching the gently lit lights in the midst of nature.
[Image 2:×228.jpg] “Moonlight Rose Garden” event overview
■Name: Moonlight Rose Garden ~A heartwarming time~
■Period: October 1, 2023 (Sunday) to January 14, 2024 (Sunday) ■Closed days: Tuesdays, New Year’s and end of the year (12/31-1/1) *Open on 1/2 ■Place: Ibaraki Flower Park
■Opening hours: 9:00-20:30 (Lighting time: 17:00) *Entry until 30 minutes before closing
*Opening hours: 12:00 on weekdays from December onwards
■Contents: Number of lights: 3,800 lights (light-up area: 10,000 square meters) It is possible to participate in the 3,000 light display on the rose terrace (6,000 square meters).
■Fee: Adults 1,200 yen to 1,500 yen, Children 400 yen to 500 yen (elementary and junior high school students), Pets 200 yen, Preschool children free
*Depends on flowering status
■Official website: Spread over 3 seasons during the 90-day event period
[Image 3:×453.jpg] ■October 1st (Sunday) – Mid-November “Flower Illuminate”
The marigolds in full bloom on the rose terrace are illuminated and the rose garden at night illuminated by the moonlight is magical. ■Late November to late December “Christmas Illuminate”
A Christmas tree that blooms everyone’s wishes and thoughts
■January 2nd (Tuesday) – January 14th (Sunday) “New Year Illuminate” Celebrate the start of a new year by pointing straight towards the sky. Light-up highlights
★Corridor of light
A 60m long rose tunnel welcomes you as a corridor of light.
[Image 4:×1148.jpg] ★Rose Terrace
The beauty of roses floating in the moonlight and the 20,000 marigolds that shine like a river of flowers co-exist.
[Image 5:×857.jpg] ★Deck connected to light
When you scan the QR code on the deck, beautiful ripples of light appear on the 6,000 square meter rose terrace. There are three different types of productions: “Wind”, “Butterflies”, and
“Sprouting”, and you can participate by participating in glowing activities or purchasing glowing items.
[Image 6:×1333.jpg] ★Starry sky swing
A fantastic swing on the hill of light that brings you closer to the starry sky
[Image 7:×1312.jpg] ★Stardust Arch
Your own photo spot where you can enjoy a 60-second light show
[Image 8:×618.jpg] Recommended content for light up
Activities to create your own shining items
An information center that holds more than 100 types of activities each year using flowers and nature within the park. There are 100 different ways to make your own glowing items, such as “Light! Make a Bottle Lantern” (1,300 yen) and “Light! Make Drawing Ornaments” (600 yen), which are perfect for children. We offer hands-on activities.
[Image 9:×1920.jpg]
[Image 10:×2400.jpg]

During the fall rose season, we will also be holding “Autumn Rose Flower Basket Picking” (3,000 yen *daytime only) and “Rose Aroma Mist Making” (550 yen)!
[Image 11:×1001.jpg]
[Image 12:×2600.jpg]

★Bonfire terrace
We have a full bonfire menu that will satisfy both your heart and stomach! Surrounded by bright red roses, you can enjoy a variety of gourmet food around a bonfire while watching the illuminations on the terrace of the restaurant, which is stacked with firewood.
In addition to the standard marshmallows, the bonfire menu has been powered up, including juicy homemade bacon made with Ishioka’s bow pork and Kiritanpo with plenty of local white miso!
In addition, the greenhouse restaurant, which has a fireplace, offers a menu of dishes such as European spice curry and pizza made with natural yeast dough, as well as a menu of hot drinks such as hot chocolate and non-alcoholic mulled wine.
[Image 13:×897.jpg] [menu]
・Bonfire menu
・Original European spice curry
・Non-alcoholic mulled wine, etc.
★Market & Cafe
A collection of stylish Hikaru goods
At the market, where you can enjoy shopping without needing an admission ticket, we sell shiny items that can only be purchased here, such as Hikaru bouquet bags made with dried flowers and stylish Hikaru hair ornaments. You can enjoy shopping and cafes, as well as a wide selection of fragrant original products made from roses grown in the garden, as well as carefully selected items from within Ibaraki Prefecture.
[Image 14:×629.jpg] ★Best time to see autumn roses
[Image 15:×1828.jpg] [Mid-October to early November]
The flower color and scent deepen over time and are attractive. Enjoy the approximately 800 varieties of autumn roses, each of which is beautiful.
Be sure to enjoy the fantastical illumination of the rose garden at night and the difference in beauty during the day.

event information
[Image 16:×2600.jpg] ■Bouquet of Sound Concert
A colorful concert series by artists from Ibaraki. The event will be held at Rose Farm House, a restaurant surrounded by illumination. (Free viewing fee)
Sunday, October 15, 2023
Canto_Oriente (brass quintet)
A bouquet of colorful autumn roses and various genres of music Sunday, December 24, 2023
[Image 17:×1312.jpg] 15:00/19:00
Hatenara CLASSIC (Vocal/Percussion/Piano)
staged concert
■Christmas market
December 9th (Sat) – 10th (Sun)
Various marches held in the park
■Winter Festival
January 6th (Sat) – 8th (Sun)
Holding an event to enjoy local sake and gourmet food in the New Year =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
■Ibaraki Flower Park Facility Overview
Address: 200 Shimoaoyagi, Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Site area: 12ha
Designated manager: Ibaraki Prefecture Flower Park Designated Management Business Joint Venture (from July 2019)
(Park Corporation, Ishioka City Industrial and Cultural Corporation) Homepage:
Official Instagram: Official Facebook: ■Park Corporation Co., Ltd.
We offer a heart-filled lifestyle surrounded by flowers and greenery. In addition to flower shop business, we are developing cafes, space design, schools, and corporate businesses.
Flower shop: Aoyama Flower Market
Spatial design business: parkERs
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