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Ibaraki Robots Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd. Ibaraki Robots 2023-24 season team goals, captain, and vice captain decisions announced

Ibaraki Robots Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Ibaraki Robots 2023-24 season team goals, captain, vice captain announcement ……
Thank you for your continued support of Ibaraki Robots.
Ibaraki Robots would like to inform you that the captain, vice captain, and team goals for the 2023-24 season have been decided. The “captain” will be #25 Mitsutsugu Hirao (4 consecutive seasons), the vice captains will be #13 Kohei Nakamura, #21 Eric Jacobsen (2 consecutive seasons), and #29 Keita Tsurumaki.
2023-24 season team goals
This season, based on the ideas of SVHC James Andrisevic, the players discussed the following and set the following team goals.
1.35 wins
This number is just a minimum, and we decided on this number after discussions among the players, not with the idea that “if you win 35 wins, you can participate in the CS”, but with the idea that “you can’t participate in the CS unless you get at least 35 wins.” . 2. Rank in the top 15 in the league in defensive rating
The Ibaraki Robots’ defensive rating last season was 19th in the league. The Hiroshima Dragonflies, who participated in the CS as a wild card, had a defense rating of 15th in the league, so we decided on this ranking with the idea that they must be at least within the top 15 in order to participate in the CS.
*Defense rating
Points allowed to the opposing team per 100 possessions in basketball 3. Positive body language
Throughout the season, there will always be ups and downs as a team. There will come a time when you will be worried about situations that make you feel depressed, such as “I can’t get enough shots,” or “I was hit by a player I shouldn’t have taken and ended up taking a shot.”
However, even in such a situation, you can “change your behavior and feelings at that moment to be positive”, “look forward instead of lowering your head”, “switch to the next one”, and “be harmful to other players.” The goal of “positive body language” includes the meaning of “to stop such behavior.”
One thing to say during practice. One thing to say during a game. If there are players who are feeling down, one thing to do is to help them. There are many examples, but we set this goal based on our desire to support each other in a positive manner throughout the long season.
2023-24 Season Captain #25 Mitsutsugu Hirao
[Image 1:×1964.jpg] ■Unit number: 25
■Position: PG
■Height/Weight: 178cm/74kg
■Date of birth: April 4, 1989
■Birthplace: Tokushima Prefecture
■Alma mater: Meitoku Gijuku High School → Tenri University
2012-13 Panasonic Trians
2013-14 Toshiba Brave Thunders Kanagawa
2014-16 Hiroshima Dragonflies
2016-17 Bambicious Nara
2017- Ibaraki Robots *2022-23 season B1 best FT success rate award winner [Comment from Hirao]
In the 2022-23 season, we were able to exceed the winning percentage of the previous season and grow as a team, but the results were far from CS. And since I have been appointed captain this season, instead of having a vague goal of “I’m going to win” or “I’m going to participate in the CS,” I’m thinking “What do I need to do to achieve that?” The players discussed this and decided on their goals for the 2023-24 season. It’s natural to fight the match in front of you with all your might. He can stand on the court as a professional player because he can do things that are obvious. Although we are a relatively young team, I think the individual potential is very high. Each player steps onto the court with determination and responsibility in order to achieve the goals set by the team.
2023-24 Season Vice Captain #13 Kohei Nakamura
[Image 2:×1964.jpg ]
■Unit number: 13
■Position: PG/SG
■Height/Weight: 181cm/76kg
■Date of birth: September 16, 1996
■Birthplace: Prefecture
■Alma mater: Toyoura High School → Chuo University
2018-20 Shiga Lakestars *Contracted as a specially designated player for the 2018-19 season
2020- Ibaraki Robots
[Comment from Kouhei Nakamura]
This season, I will be serving as vice captain.
I am aware of my role as a vice captain and will do my best to support the entire team, starting with Mr. Hirao.
We look forward to your continued support this season.
2023-24 Season Vice Captain #21 Eric Jacobsen
[Image 3:×1964.jpg] ■Unit number: 21
■Position: PF/C
■Height/Weight: 208cm/116kg
■Date of birth: June 2, 1994
■Birthplace: United States
■Alma mater: Arizona State University
2016 Adelaide 36ers (Australian NBL)
2017-19 Rising Zephyr Fukuoka
2020.01-21 Sendai 89ERS
2021- Ibaraki Robots
[Jacobsen player comment]
Thankful to the team and staff for trusting me to be the vice captain for the second year in a row. I look forward to the team having a successful season. I will do my best to support the team in every way possible. GO GO Robots !
I am deeply grateful to my teammates for choosing me as vice captain for the second year in a row. I’m looking forward to seeing the team continue to grow this season. I will also do my best and do my best to contribute to victory! GO GO Robots!
2023-24 Season Vice Captain #29 Keita Tsurumaki
[Image 4:×1964.jpg] ■Unit number: 29
■Position: SG/SF
■Height/Weight: 190cm/90kg
■Date of birth: April 24, 1996
■Birthplace: Ibaraki Prefecture
■Alma mater: Makuhari Sogo High School → Chuo University
■Career: 2019- Ibaraki Robots *Contracted as a specially designated player for the 2018-19 season
[Tsurumaki player comment]
I will be serving as vice captain this season. I will do my best to contribute to the team’s goals with a greater sense of responsibility than ever before. thank you.
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