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IG Securities Co., Ltd. Takumi Saito and Elaiza Ikeda, who have transcended turbulent times, will co-star “r emotely”! IG Securities new commercial “Give the power of the world to your investments.” Released on Monday, Sept ember 11, 2023

IG Securities Co., Ltd.
Takumi Saito and Elaiza Ikeda, who have overcome turbulent times, co-star “remotely”! IG Securities new commercial “Give the power of the world to your investments.” Released on Monday, September 11, 2023 Takumi Saito: “(Mr. Ikeda) and I are like a relative’s uncle” and “I’m looking forward to the chemistry” of co-starring.
IG Securities (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tomomoto Furuichi) will release a new commercial in 2023 titled “Give the power of the world to your investments.” starring image character Takumi Saito and new Elaiza Ikeda. It will be broadcast nationwide from September 11th (Monday). In the main part of the commercial, the two talk about the key to unraveling the issues we must face in these turbulent times.
Mr. Saito and Mr. Ikeda co-star in this commercial. In fact, the filming took place on different days, so during the interview, they answered a variety of questions, including comments about each other.
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■IG Securities “Investing with the power of the world” (30 seconds)
[Video 2:] Takumi Saito and Eliza Ikeda co-starring “remotely”? Fly around the world with the latest technology
In this commercial, “Investing with the Power of the World,” Mr. Saito and Mr. Ikeda, set against the backdrop of various parts of the world, address the various challenges that are currently prevalent in modern times, asking, “Are we okay with continuing as we are?” I ask. And while we are surrounded by blue light, emitting blue light from stock prices and transactions, we will send out the message of “Investing with the power of the world” as the key to surviving these turbulent times.
A commercial for Knockout Option starring Mr. Saito and a commercial for CFD starring Mr. Ikeda will also be released at the same time, both appearing from “inside a smartphone” where all sorts of information is flowing around.
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In the making, pay attention to the creation of each person’s serious expressions.
The two perfectly expressed the worldview of the commercial with their gaze, facial expressions, and the way they spoke their lines. When filming solo cuts using projection mapping, staff members were impressed by the serious facial expressions of each person, including anger and sadness. In one scene, Mr. Ikeda smiles and says, “On the contrary, it makes me feel anxious” when the staff cheers for his perfect facial expressions.
The making-of movie contains footage of the two of them making full use of video technology and performing brilliantly during the shooting process, where various instructions were sent to them.
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New CM overview
Title: IG Securities “Give the power of the world to your
investments.” 30 seconds
Release date: Monday, September 11, 2023
Cast: Takumi Saito/Elaiza Ikeda
CM cut sheet
■“IG Securities “Give the power of the world to your investments.” 30 seconds
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[Image 6:×703.png ]
Interview with Takumi Saito
Q1: Please tell us your honest thoughts after filming the commercial and which scenes were most memorable.
A: IG Securities’ commercials have always had a modern, futuristic feel, but this time they are even more focused on the turbulent times of today.
I think it was an essential commercial that forced me to figure out how to survive.
Q2: Please give a message to Elaiza Ikeda, who was photographed on a different day.
A: Since we are really close to each other, we are like close relatives, so her strength as an artist is…
Since they are able to express themselves in any genre, the two of them will be able to support IG Securities in terms of advertising. I am very happy to have him as a partner who inspires me and a strong and wonderful companion.
Q3: Mr. Saito, are you currently making any “investments” in yourself? A: I am realizing more and more every day that my body, physicality, and creativity are directly connected.
I believe that being in good physical condition improves your mental health, which is connected to both your work and private life. I continue to invest in my physical health, keeping it in good condition, including my intestinal health.
Q4: Please give a message to everyone who watches this commercial. A: I think we are currently living in a turbulent era where various challenges are occurring and things are constantly changing. Of course I feel anxious, but I also find myself having the courage to look at myself and take a step forward in these times.
    I will never forget this commercial.I performed this commercial in hopes that we can be positive in these times.
I would be happy if this was an opportunity for you.
Interview with Eliza Ikeda
Q1: Please tell us your honest thoughts after filming the commercial and which scenes were most memorable.
A: There were many things that surprised me about the technical aspects, but I was surprised by the values ​​that IG Securities has and what they wanted to raise.
 It was like nothing I had ever felt before, as the reality was expressed through the projection and our lines.
I was doing it while feeling a lot of pressure and nervousness. Q2: Mr. Saito and I shot on different days this time, but please give us a word to Takumi Saito.
A: I was also looking forward to the chemical reaction with Mr. Saito’s unique tempo and atmosphere.
I feel a little lonely, but when I use this modern technology to create a picture of the two of them together, it’s all over again. I think there will be a chemical reaction, so I’m looking forward to it. Q3: In line with the line in this commercial, “In order to survive in unprecedented times,” Mr. Ikeda, who continues to be active, is there anything you are careful about or are continuing to do in order to “survive” the industry?
A: Regarding how to deal with prejudice, of course it is important not to be prejudiced, but there are
I think it’s important to learn about the types of prejudices that exist. What is the fixed outline?
By learning that other people are thinking about you and paying attention to what you think,
I think we can have a sense of balance, so we can see what kind of values ​​are accumulated in these turbulent times.
I think this way of thinking is good in a world where we don’t know anything. I think it’s important to just do what we’re doing now and not be afraid to try new ways.
Q4: There was also a message about “the power of the world,” but is there a country or place in the world that you would like to visit? A: I want to go to the ruins anyway. It doesn’t matter which country, but Japan also has wonderful architecture and culture.
Just as there are religions and cultures, there are also cultures and beliefs that countries have built around the world, and by learning about them, I wonder if we can communicate with people on a deeper level and be more sincerely considerate. I don’t think so.
In particular, I want to overcome altitude sickness and go to Machu Picchu. I looked at unexplained things and tried to clarify them using my own values.
stomach. Dreams are big.
Q5: Mr. Ikeda, are you currently making any “investments” in yourself? A: Is it time? When I was a student, I would just stay home on my days off and read books.
However, the busier I get, the more I value my free time. After all, work is all about output.
I feel like I’ll feel empty without input, so I try to stay active even on my days off.
I keep myself busy by going to see things, making things, and experiencing things.
Q6: Please give a message to everyone who watches this commercial. A: There are various problems happening in Japan and around the world right now. What you can do to survive in this situation,
I think this commercial gives people an opportunity to think about what they want to do, what they want to be involved in, and so on. Please take a look.
■Takumi Saito
actor. Film director.
Last year, he starred in “Shin Ultraman,” which was released in theaters, and this year he continues to be active, appearing in popular movies such as “Ichikei no Karasu,” “Shin Kamen Rider,” and “Reiraku.” In addition to his acting career, he also works as a film director, and his first feature film, “Blank 13,” won eight awards at home and abroad, including the Best New Director Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival. In 2020, he became the first Japanese to win the Best Director Award at the Asian Academy Creative Award 2020 for his work HBO Asia FOODLORE’s “Life in a Box.” The director’s latest feature film “Sweet My Home” (starring Masataka Kubota) will be released nationwide on September 1st. The reading “Midnight Express On the Road” is broadcast every Monday to Friday from 23:30 to 23:55 on TBS Radio. He is active in a wide range of fields, including running the mobile movie theater project “Cinema Bird,” which brings movies to children in disaster-stricken areas and developing countries, and working as a black-and-white photographer. ■Elaiza Ikeda
Actress, singer, model, director.
In 2003, she won the Grand Prix at the 13th Nikola Model Audition of the fashion magazine “Nicola”.
After that, she worked as a model and actress.
His main appearances include Netflix’s “FOLLOWERS”, the movie “Trempe l’oeil Fang”, “Midnight Maiden War”, “How”, and WOWOW’s original drama “DORONJO”.
In 2020, he served as a film director for “Summer, All Around”, and in 2022, he is also the director of “MIRRORLIAR FILMS Season 4” and “Good night PHOENIX.”
Since 2021, she has been active as a singer under the name ELAIZA. In recent years, the movie “Confess Your Sins” is scheduled to be released on October 20, 2023.
About IG Securities
■About IG Securities
IG Group, the parent company of IG Securities, is a leading online financial services company headquartered in London, the world’s financial center, with offices in 19 locations around the world, including Japan. Through our network with global financial
institutions and exchanges, we offer individual investors and traders the ability to trade over 17,000 different types of stocks, from foreign exchange to stocks, gold and crude oil, using financial products such as FX and CFDs. This is an online securities company that is currently attracting attention.
Company website:
■About CFD (Cash for Difference)
IG Group, the parent company of IG Securities, is the world’s No. 1* leading CFD company based on revenue. The popular FX is also a type of CFD trading, and with the same mechanism as FX, you can leverage a wide range of asset classes such as world stock indexes, foreign stocks, Japanese stocks, gold and crude oil.
*Comparison of financial data published by major global CFD companies based on IG Group financial information (as of October 2022, based on revenue)
■About the knockout option
An innovative financial product that allows you to control the increase or decrease of option fees (funds required for trading) according to your loss risk tolerance. You can trade with about 100 types of currency pairs, world stock indexes, and products such as gold and crude oil with limited risk. Knockout option is an innovative financial product that IG Securities introduced for the first time in Japan*.
*As a domestic securities company that provides knockout options in over-the-counter transactions to general individual customers. More details about this release:

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