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iHerb, LLC. iHerb welcomes model Emi Suzuki and releases the popular series “OPEN THE BOX” introducing iHe rb purchased products on official YouTube “iHerb Japan”

iHerb, LLC.
iHerb welcomes model Emi Suzuki and releases the popular series “OPEN THE BOX” introducing iHerb purchased products on official YouTube “iHerb Japan”
“iHerb 27th Anniversary Sale” with 27% off sitewide* from September 22nd (Friday) to September 26th (Monday)
iHerb (Headquarters: California, USA, CEO: Iman Zabihi, iHerb) is a global leader in health and wellness. We will be celebrating our 27th anniversary in September 2023, and to commemorate this, we are holding the “iHerb 27th Anniversary Sale” until October 3rd (Tuesday), where eligible products will be 27% off every day.
Emi Suzuki, a model who loves iHerb in her personal life, will appear in the fourth installment of the popular series “OPEN THE BOX” on iHerb Japan’s official YouTube channel “iHerb Japan”, which will be released on Friday, September 22nd at 20:00. .
Emi Suzuki, who is active as a model, will introduce a wide range of items on iHerb, from recommended daily necessities to healthy snacks, supplements and beauty items to maintain your beauty.
[Image 1:×675.jpg] From today until 01:59 on Tuesday, September 26th, we are holding the biggest 27% OFF special sale of the year for the entire iHerb site. 《iHerb 27th Anniversary Sale in progress ~ Sitewide *27% OFF》 Event period: Today – September 26th (Tuesday) 01:59
Target products: Entire site*27% OFF
Coupon code: 27IHERB2
Number of uses: 1 time only
*Eligible purchase amounts may vary depending on the current exchange rate. Please note
*Excluding some products
*This sale will end at 01:59 September 26, 2023 Japan time (9:59 September 25, 2023 Pacific time)
◆Emi Suzuki’s recommended products
[Image 2:×972.png ]
Therapy Clean
Cleaner and polish containing essential oils for wooden furniture, 473ml, 1,267 yen “This is a cleaner for wooden furniture that is kind to both pets and the environment. When you use it, the wood feels happy. I recommend it because it removes dirt and protects the surface.”
[Image 3:×964.png ]
California Gold Nutrition Liposomal Vitamin C, 1,000mg, 30 bags 6,632 yen “The best thing about Lipo-C is that it tastes good and is easy to drink. This type, which is gel-like rather than liquid, is the easiest for me to drink.”
◆“iHerb 27th Anniversary” congratulatory message
I didn’t know that iHerb, which I always use and love, had such a long history! Congratulations on your 27th anniversary!
◆Tips for finding products you want/are interested in
Search by category and register the products you are interested in to your My List. You can also exchange information with friends. [Emi Suzuki Profile]
[Image 4:×818.jpg] Born September 13, 1985. After debuting in the magazine “SEVENTEEN”, she became a charismatic and popular fashion model. She still appears in many fashion magazines and advertisements. While working on the front lines as a model, she also works as a designer for her own brand, “Lautashi”. He is also involved in producing in various genres.
■About iHerb
iHerb is trusted by 10 million customers annually in more than 180 countries to help them improve their health, happiness, and
well-being. As a multi-billion dollar e-commerce platform, our mission is to provide our customers with the best selection of health and wellness products on the planet, at the best value, and with the most convenient experience. We believe that health and wellness should not be a privilege, but a universal right made possible through compassion and our collective action. And no matter who you are or where you are, you should have easy access to products that help you live your healthiest, best life.
*Product prices include tax as of September 22, 2023. Prices vary in line with promotions and US dollar rates.
*Please note that the product may be out of stock at the time of posting. In addition, if an item is out of stock, you can set up a notification to notify you of the availability.
■iHerb official online shop
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