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“Illustrated Introduction to Organizational Development”, which summarizes the overall picture of “organiz ational development” by the HR Award 2020 winning author, is available on Kindle today only for 499 yen!

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“Illustrated Introduction to Organizational Development”, which summarizes the overall picture of “organizational development” by the HR Award 2020 winning author, is available on Kindle today only for 499 yen!
The e-book “Illustrated Introduction to Organizational Development” (authored by Kunio Tsubotani) published by Discover Twenty-One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mamoru Ito) will be available on Kindle today, September 10, 2023. We are currently having a limited sale for 499 yen.
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[Save over 2000 yen! Kindle daily sale] “Theory and Practice” for those who want to learn the basics of organization building from scratch.
What is “organizational development”? People often talk about “building a good organization” and “creating a strong
organization,” but what exactly is necessary to “build an
organization”? Answering this question correctly can be difficult even for people in the human resources department. In addition, in organizational theory, there are many difficult concepts that we hear about but do not understand, such as learning organizations, teal organizations, visionary companies, systems thinking, Theory U, psychological management, social constructivism, and pragmatism. It is difficult to grasp the big picture. This book systematically summarizes and explains the complex and difficult “organizational development” with illustrations.
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100 pressure point structures that you can snack on
As the title says, “100 Pressure Points,” this book explains 100 pressure points (points) in organizational development. Each acupuncture point is a two-page spread, so you can quickly flip through it and pick up only the acupuncture points that interest you.
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As shown in the diagram above, 1. Q&A at the top, 2. Explanation on the left page, 3. Diagrams on the right page, and 4. Hints for understanding and practicing pressure points on the bottom right. There is something to be learned from just one pressure point, and by reading through 100 pressure points, you can get a complete picture of organizational development. This book explains “methods and approaches to organizational development” and “organizational models” in 10 chapters. One chapter is made up of 10 acupuncture points. The book is designed so that you can understand it no matter which chapter you start with, so please start reading from the part that interests you. -Customer Feedback- *Excerpts from customer feedback received by our company◆I don’t think there is any other book on organizational development that has been compiled in such a thorough and easy-to-understand way. I have been involved in the human resources field for over 10 years, but I am grateful that I was able to find what I wanted to do again. (Female in her 30s) ◆It was a very rewarding read as it comprehensively summarized the current academic fields, management methods, and paradigms. (Male in his 20s) ◆I immediately purchased this following the introduction to human resource management. It is best if the flow of organizational development can be seen at a glance and is easy to understand systematically. It seems to be useful when conveying the basic flow of organizational development to subordinates. I would also appreciate it if you could introduce me to books. I’ve already read quite a few of them, but I’d appreciate it if you could use them as a reference to expand your horizons in the future. (Male in his 60s)
HR Award 2020 book category winning author speaks in an
easy-to-understand manner!
The first book in the series by Kunio Tsubotani, the author of this book, “Illustrated Introduction to Human Resource Management,” is the book of the “Japan’s Human Resources Department HR Awards 2020,” an award system that recognizes innovators in fields such as human resources, human resources development, and labor management. It won an award in this category and was recognized as a must-read for human resources managers.
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Mr. Tsubotani is highly regarded by HR professionals across the country for summarizing the complex field of human resources management in an easy-to-understand manner.In this book, he provides an easy-to-understand and systematic explanation of “organizational development,” which is difficult to grasp the overall picture, with illustrations. I’ll go.
Book overview
[Table of Contents] Chapter 1. Organizational Development Chapter 2. Change Agent Chapter 3. Survey Feedback Chapter 4. Interactive Organizational Development Chapter 5. Learning Organization Chapter 6. Teal Organization Chapter 7. Visionary Company Chapter 8. Delivering Happiness Chapter 9. Psychological Management Chapter 10. Wise Company [Author Information]
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Kunio Tsubotani Representative Director of Tsubochuten Co., Ltd. / Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Human Resources Management Partner / Will Seed Co., Ltd. Human Resources Advisor / Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. Human Resources Advisor / Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant / Certified Scrum Master Certified Scrum Master 1999 After graduating from Ritsumeikan University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2010, he worked as an engineer at an IT company (Sler). In 2001, he transferred to the human resources department in order to manage the exhausted workplace, gaining experience as a human resources representative and human resources manager. In 2008, he became a human resources consultant at Recruit, building human resources systems for over 50 companies and supporting organizational development. In 2016, he launched the Human Resources Planning Office at the rapidly growing Akatsuki Company. In 2020, Tsubochuten was established with the purpose of “giving shape to the will of human resources.” Utilizing his 20 years of practical experience in the human resources field, he supports corporate human resource management by providing personnel system design, organizational development support, human resources advisory services, and human resource management courses. His major works include “Human Resource Management ARCHITECTURE” (2018), “Human Resource Management DEVELOPMENT” (2018), and “Illustrated Introduction to Human Resource Management” (Discover, 2020). [Book information]
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Title: “Illustrated Introduction to Organization Development: 100 Key Points of Theory and Practice for those who want to learn the basics of organization development from scratch” Release date: February 18, 2022 Publication: Discover Twenty-One Specifications: B5 size variant / 280 pages ISBN: 978-4-7993-2824-8 List price: 2,860 yen (tax included) [Kindle daily sale! 】

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