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In August 2023, the total number of shared seats exceeded 427,543 and the number of next seats exceeded 23,481! Aizokuya August 2023 Performance Report by Numbers

Section Eight Co., Ltd.
In August 2023, the total number of shared seats exceeded 427,543 and the number of next seats exceeded 23,481! Aizokuya August 2023 Performance Report by Numbers
~Students-only university deviation discount is becoming a hot topic on SNS! ~ ……
Section Eight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Takayuki Yasuda, hereinafter referred to as Section Eight) would like to announce the results for August 2023 of Aizokuya operated by Section Eight.
■Summary of Aizokuya in August 2023 as seen by numbers
[Image 1:×1273.jpg] In August 2023, the total number of shared meals at Aiseki-ya exceeded 427,543, and the total number of groups leaving at the same time exceeded 23,481. (Total number from FY2021 to August 2023)
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] In August 2023, the number of male visitors to Aiseki-ya exceeded 13,393, and the number of female visitors exceeded 12,379. The percentage was 50.9% for men and 49.1% for women. Furthermore, among the number of male visitors, 4,838 men visited the store for the first time, 8,555 men visited the store two or more times, and among the number of female visitors, 4,289 women visited the store for the first time, and 8,090 women visited the store two or more times.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] In August 2023, the average time spent sitting at an Aiseki restaurant was 74.0 minutes for men and 122.1 minutes for women.
■From Aiseki LABO Director Sakamoto
Autumn is the most pleasant season of the year.
There will also be an increasing number of experiential events that allow you to fully enjoy autumn, such as mountain climbing, autumn foliage viewing, hiking, and flavor hunting. The most appealing thing about experiential events is that you can naturally get a glimpse of the other person’s true side. Recently, experiential events have become popular as a casual way to find a match. Advance information? Number of people ratio? Should we ask each other what type we like? There is no such elaborate format. Why not try looking for new encounters at “Aitoku-ya”, a place for men and women to meet that is a little different from a group party?
In addition, in August 2023, AISEKIYA Umeda Hankyu Higashi-dori store offered a university deviation discount exclusively for students, which received a great response on SNS. We will continue to plan interesting campaigns that will spark conversation.
■Director profile
[Image 4:×1079.jpg] Shiori Sakamoto
Born on November 23, 1991. During his university years, he traveled to 20 countries and learned about the vastness of the world. After graduating from university, he joined a travel agency and was in charge of educational trips for students. His love counseling was well received by the students, and the following year he was appointed as an unprecedented tour guide, causing a stir within the company. Currently, she utilizes the connections and matching skills she has developed through her natural footwork to handle public relations, human resources, content production, and organizer of group parties. Because he loves connecting people in both love and work, he is sometimes referred to as a “walking matching app,” and after posting on SNS, he is also involved in the planning and creation of an aizoku restaurant and a certain matching app. The current number of countries visited is 47. He has a track record of creating 5 couples in one month.
■What is Aiseki LABO?
In 2019, “Comprehensive love data bank” “Aiseki-ya LABO” was launched as a pioneer in the industry that established a new genre called “Aiseki-izakaya”. And this time, from “Aiseki LABO” to “Aiseki LABO”, we will conduct research on love, marriage hunting, and encounters through various data related to encounters and love, regular interviews with unmarried men and women, and surveys of various Aiseki businesses. We are doing this. Through comments from the on-site staff at Aiseki-ya, who are experts in encounter production, and Sakamoto, the director of Aiseki LABO, we unravel and disseminate insights that cannot be seen in numbers.
■About Aiseki-ya
“Aizoku-ya” is a popular place to meet friends and lovers, and is a revolution in the restaurant industry, with an unprecedented new type of izakaya where you can “share a table with someone new to you”. Starting with the opening of the Akabane store in March 2014, the company has opened approximately 50 stores nationwide to date. In April 2023, the cumulative number of matches since its opening to date will exceed approximately 10 million matches. The great thing about it is that by sharing a table with strangers, you can make new encounters and discoveries, make friends and lovers, and expand your range of encounters with many people. (*Both men and women are required to display their official identification card when entering the store) [Aidokuya is a registered trademark of Section Eight Co., Ltd. ] Company Profile
Company name: SECTION EIGHT CO., LTD.
Address: 3rd floor, Barbizon22, 5-8-11 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Main business: Restaurant management, planning, consulting, franchise business, event planning and production
Date of establishment: June 20, 2008 Capital: 10 million yen Representative: Takayuki Yasuda, Representative Director and President HP:
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