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Interview request A regional “cross-border learning” matching fair will be held in Tokyo! Recruiting part icipants on October 30th

Specified non-profit organization G-net
A regional “cross-border learning” matching fair will be held in Tokyo! [Recruiting participants on October 30th]
-Bonus-Invite corporate representatives interested in reskilling to a regional monitoring tour
The NPO G-net (Location: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Representative: Shuji Minamida), which operates the regional side job matching platform “Furusato Kaedo”, provides practical training based on cross-border learning for human resources of major companies. We provide the human resource development program “Share Pro” in collaboration with local organizations in each region. To implement the program, we will be holding a matching fair in Ota Ward, Tokyo on October 30th, where people from areas where the cross-border training program is offered can meet people in charge of human resources and those working at companies who are interested in cross-border learning.
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Purpose and overview of the event
Recently, “reskilling” and “cross-border learning” have been attracting increasing attention as efforts to develop human resources who can create new value in companies. To date, the NPO G-net has provided programs to 230 people from eight major companies in the region.
Professor Tsuneki Ishiyama of Hosei University Graduate School, who is the author of “Introduction to Cross-Border Learning” and has been researching cross-border learning for business people for many years, focused on the theme of “Possibilities of cross-border learning experiences using local areas as a field.” We will have a talk session with our guest, Ms. Nami Moriyama of Miharigawa Co., Ltd., which has accepted cross-border human resources mainly from Noto. In addition, we will have a booth corner that will match companies with representatives from eight regions across the country that offer cross-border learning programs, making it an event where you can also consult with companies about human resource development programs. Interested companies will also be invited to a monitor tour at a later date where they can experience first-hand local issues.
*As this is a monitor tour, there is no training fee required, and you can participate only by paying the actual cost. Please note that if there are a large number of applicants, the secretariat may select applicants.
[Event overview]
■Event name:
Cross-border learning meetup in the region “Cross-border learning matching fair MEET × MAKE × MATCH”
■Date and time: October 30, 2023 (Monday) 13:00-16:00
■Location: PiOPARK
144-0041 HICity zone K, 1-1-4 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
■Program contents:
・Talk session “Possibilities and future of cross-border learning co-created with local communities”
・Pitches from representatives from 8 regions offering cross-border learning programs
・Exchange booth/Introducing the issues and characteristics of each region and the contents of the monitor tour
・Ideathon booth/Program opinion exchange between company personnel personnel and local representatives
*Program is subject to change
■Participation fee: Free
■Sponsor: NPO G-net
■Cooperation: NPO ETIC. A regional organization that provides cross-border learning programs across the country.
・For human resources personnel and human resource development personnel who are interested in cross-border learning
・Those who are looking for a training destination for reskilling human resources development
・Those in charge of planning regional revitalization and co-creation programs focusing on the region
・Those who want to know and experience the potential of the region as a cross-border study
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[Talk session introduction]
[Image 2:×1200.png ]
・Hosei University Graduate School of Policy Planning Professor Tsuneki Ishiyama ・Nami Moriyama, President and Representative Director, Miharigawa Co., Ltd. ・NPO G-net Shuji Minamida Representative Director
In addition, cross-border training program providers from eight regions across the country will gather to introduce regional issues and examples of monitor tours.
What is the hometown side job cross-border training program “Share Pro”? The hometown and part-time cross-border training program “Share Pro” is a practical human resource development program based on
cross-border learning that allows participants to work on business promotion and management innovation projects for small and
medium-sized enterprises and organizations for a limited time to solve regional and social issues. By teaming up with employees from major companies, going across borders to the field of regional
revitalization, and working to create new innovations, we can achieve both human resource growth and solving regional issues. As of last year, NPO G-net has provided programs to 230 people from eight major companies, mainly in the Tokai region, and has built up a track record of human resource development through cross-border learning programs in the region.
[Image 3:×912.jpg] The value of “cross-border learning” in the local community
In recent years, “reskilling” has been attracting even more attention in order to develop human resources who can create new value in companies. While there are various methods of reskilling, we believe that practical human resource development outside the company in the local community has the following three main values.
◎Close to the field of social issues
There are many social issues that have become apparent in the region, including the declining birthrate, aging population, and population decline. By actually stepping into local businesses and organizations, you can feel closer to the issues and gain the experience of working to solve them with a sense of ownership.
◎Co-creation experience with local human resources who are challenging adversity Even in adversity with issues such as a declining birthrate and aging population and natural disasters, you can meet managers and people who work in regional revitalization, business development and
revitalization, and gain independence through the experience of taking on new challenges together. We will foster sexuality and creativity. ◎Field that accepts people regardless of past experience or skills Local small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations that accept human resources in cross-border learning programs consider the enthusiasm of the human resources and empathy for the business more important than the level of skill, and select businesses with a co-creative mindset. Therefore, we can provide growth opportunities to any human resources, regardless of their past occupations or skills at the sending company.
Another feature is that through cross-border learning at local companies and organizations, students can experience “management perspective,” “diversity management,” and “speedy
If you are interested in cross-border learning and practical human resource development programs set in the local area, please come and join us at this event.
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■What is the side job platform “Furusato Side Job”? Human resources who are active in major companies or urban areas and want to be involved in the region they love and businesses they sympathize with can help local small and medium-sized enterprises manage management innovation. It is a matching platform for side jobs and pro bono work that allows you to commit to promoting your own business on a project-by-project basis. We operate in collaboration with companies and organizations working on regional revitalization and small and medium-sized business support in 28 regions across the country. In addition to project matching support, the system is characterized by a system in which a dedicated coordinator provides total support from project design to escorting, and in 2021, it won an award in the professional category at the “HR Award 2021”. ■What is NPO G-net? Based in Gifu Prefecture, G-net is an NPO that works on regional revitalization through management innovation of local small and medium-sized enterprises and human resource development of young people who will play a leading role. Starting with the practical internship “Honki-kei Intern” in 2004, “Migiude”, a job recruitment support business specializing in local right-hand people, “Furusato Kaede”, a multi-job/concurrent job matching platform, and the U24 generation youth from all over Japan. We are promoting the creation of systems that connect diverse human resources and local communities, such as the online campus “Tsunagu Campus” where working adults can gather. Hometown side job cross-border training program “Share Pro”
Cross-border learning matching fair management office NPO G-net Person in charge: Kakegawa, Yamada, Hosomi
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