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Issho Tax Accountant Corporation Issho Tax Accountant Corporation We have launched a service that allows you to establish a company for virtually 0 yen! Eliminate startup barriers with new services

Issho Tax Accountant Corporation
[Issho Tax Accountant Corporation] Starts a service that allows you to establish a company for virtually 0 yen! Eliminate startup barriers with new services
Isshoni Tax Accountant Corporation (Representative: Tomoo Ueda, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will start “Establishing a company for you” ( on September 1, 2023. Did. ……
The first step in starting a business is establishing a company. However, many people tend to consider this process to be
time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, the experts affiliated with our corporation will tackle this issue with a new service,
“Establishing a company for you.”
With the professional support we provide, you can significantly reduce the time and cost of setting up your company. This will help alleviate the anxiety faced by entrepreneurs trying to start a new business. We have worked alongside many business owners and have experienced both success and failure along the way. In particular, failures in a company’s organizational design can lead to poor relationships with business partners and unnecessary costs. Based on this experience, we also provide concrete measures to prevent business failure.
This series of support gives entrepreneurs who are taking on new business challenges the courage and peace of mind to ensure their path to success.
[Image:×717.jpg] Why is it free?
We want to create an environment where founders can focus on their business. If you can focus on the essence of your business and not worry about legal formalities and costs, you will be much closer to success. Various services are required at startup. There is a system in which you can earn cash back by using the services introduced by our corporation (HP, internet connection, copy machine, accounting software, etc.). By using this cashback, you can waive the cost of setting up your business.
How do I use it?
Please contact us and we will conduct an interview. For example, your desired business size, business field, available funds, experience, etc. In line with this, we will assign the necessary experts and suggest the supplies you will need in the future.
Safety and security
It’s free, but we provide solid support. If you have any questions or troubles, our expert consultants will assist you online. Furthermore, we protect your personal information with advanced security measures. What can you do without spending money?
・Establishment of corporation
・Document creation
・Consulting by experts
To date, many founders have used our service and were able to get to the starting line of their business. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
A successful business starts from the right start. Establish a company for free and take a step towards the future!
■Isshoni Tax Accountant Corporation [Address] Kyodo Building 4F, 1-8-6 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Representative name] Representative employee Tomoo Ueda [Founded] February 2009 [Business description] Tax accounting outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises [Homepage URL] 】
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