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Japan Shogi Federation Shogi Japan Series JT Pro official match held on September 9th (Saturday) 2nd round 2nd round Kumamoto tournament results Sota Fujii JT Cup champion wins a heated battle in front of a large audience

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Shogi Japan Series JT Pro official match held on Saturday, September 9th, 2nd round, 2nd round, Kumamoto tournament results: Sota Fujii, JT Cup champion, wins a heated match in front of a large audience ……
JT Cup champion Sota Fujii defeated Tatsuya Sugai, 8-dan, with 118 moves to advance to the semi-finals. The next match is scheduled to be against Takuya Nagase in the first round of the semi-finals. [Implementation overview]
Title: “Shogi Japan Series JT Pro Official Match” Second Round Second Game Date: Saturday, September 9, 2023
Venue: Grand Messe Kumamoto Exhibition Halls C and D (Address: 1010 Fukutomi, Mashiki-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture) [JT Pro official match results]
Versus: Tatsuya Sugai 8th Dan (first move) vs. Sota Fujii JT Cup Champion (second move)
Result: Fujii JT Cup champion wins with 118 moves
[Today’s highlights of “JT Pro Official Match”]
Fujii JT Cup champion makes good start to consecutive victory The furikoma is played by a person selected by lottery from among the visitors, and with three gold pieces, it is decided that Sugai 8-dan will be the first mover. Sugai 8-dan chose the four-way rook. Seeing the rook set up on the left Mino, the swinging rook turned to Anaguma. The middle stage of the battle between Fujii, the JT Cup champion, trying to contain the first attacker’s attack, and Sugai, the 8th Dan, trying to break through, was worth watching. Fujii, the JT Cup champion, took the lead with a solid turn of events, giving him the victory and a good start towards his consecutive victory in the “JT Pro Official Match.”

Fujii JT Cup Champion: “This is my first time in Kumamoto.I rode the Kyushu Shinkansen, and I was thrilled to meet the real Kumamon earlier (lol).The “JT Pro Official Match” is a short shogi match, so I have to concentrate. This is important, and decisions are required. Sugai, 8-dan, has the image of being a sharp swinging rook, and is also good at rapid-fire moves. I will do my best to make sure everyone who watches the game has fun.”
Sugai 8-dan: “I came to Kumamoto as a shogi instructor at a shogi training camp a few years ago. I was also glad to meet Kumamon this time (lol). It’s been about four months since then and we’ll see how far we’ve improved.Currently, there aren’t many players who use the Furi Rook, but I want more people to know the benefits of the Furi Rook. It’s a feeling.”
[Comment from winning player Fujii JT Cup Champion]
In the early stages, when you have ▲5 six silver, △4 four steps is normal, but the ball position was still 32, so if you have △2 four steps to △2 three balls, you won’t lose money (I think it’s okay), so go left. I chose Mino. Anyway, I was trying to be careful not to get caught by Sugai 8-dan, and I didn’t have much confidence in the middle of the move. The 82nd move, △7 hexagon, allows me to take the rook of the first player, so I think I can use it a little. The △2 second gold that I received in the commentary was the hand I hurriedly pointed at during the countdown (lol). Anyway, it was my first official JT professional match in 10 months, so I pointed while remembering how it felt. I’m relieved that we won our first match. The semi-finals were held in Osaka. I think it’s a big venue, so I’m looking forward to it. Nagase Oza is a strong opponent, but I want it to be a heated battle. [Comment]
Sugai 8-dan, who made the first move with Furikoma, was a four-way rook instead of a three-way rook. In the early stages, ▲5 Rokugin asked for the stance of the second move, and Aianaguma could have played with △4 four steps, but the second move was △2 four steps to △2 three balls, which was accepted by Hidami-no. In the impression match, Sugai 8-dan regretted his mistake in the middle, but after taking the lead, the Fujii JT Cup champion showed a rock-solid performance that did not allow for a reversal, with 82nd move △7 hexagon and 88th move △2 second gold. Use your hand to further extend your lead. Finally, use your own rook to capture Anakuma. I saw off the attack of Sugai 8-dan and won. In contrast to Fujii’s JT Cup champion’s careful moves, Sugai 8-dan is also a master of Karsaba (meaning light handling), so the exchange between the two players in the middle was extremely worth watching. I think it was a very exciting battle.
Toyokawa Takahiro Seven Dandan
JT Pro official match (second round second game) results
[Concession Chart] Tatsuya Sugai 8-dan (first move) vs. Sota Fujii JT Cup champion (second move)
[Image:×368.png ]
[Chess score] Tatsuya Sugai 8th Dan (first move) vs. Sota Fujii JT Cup Champion (second move)
▲76 steps △8 4 steps ▲6 8 flies △3 4 steps ▲6 6 steps △6 2 silver ▲4 8 balls △4 2 balls ▲3 8 balls
△5 four steps ▲2 eight balls △1 four steps ▲16 steps △3 two balls ▲7 eight silver △5 two gold right ▲6 seven silver △5 three silver ▲4 six steps △3 triangle ▲5 six silver △2 four steps ▲4 five silver △2 three balls ▲5 eight gold left △8 five steps ▲7 seven angles △32 silver ▲1 Hakko △5 5 steps ▲5 6 steps △4 4 steps ▲3 6 silver △5 6 steps ▲6 7 gold △5 4 steps
▲5 6 gold △5 5 steps ▲5 7 gold △4 2 squares ▲1 9 balls △4 3 gold ▲2 8 silver △7 4 steps ▲3 9 gold
△3 San Katsura ▲5 eight fly △8 six steps ▲same step △7 five steps ▲same step △same corner
▲8 eight fly △6 five silver ▲8 five steps △7 six silver ▲9 pentagon △9 four steps ▲8 square △6 square ▲7 eight fly
△7 seven steps ▲6 eight steps △5 triangle ▲8 eight steps △5 six steps ▲same gold △6 seven silver failures ▲5 four steps △same gold ▲6 gold △same gold ▲5 four steps △7 pentacles ▲same angle △same gold ▲5 three steps △7 eight steps ▲8 seven steps
△56 silver ▲45 steps △7 hexagonal ▲47 fly △doshingin ▲same silver △5 nine fly ▲42 silver △22 gold
▲4 Ichigin failure △Same silver ▲4 4 steps △4 2 steps ▲4 3 steps △Same step ▲4 4 steps △Same step ▲4 3 steps
△8 Gohi ▲4 Nipo Sei △8 Kuhi Kamisei ▲43 Toyori △3 Kuhi Sei ▲Same Silver △Same Dragon ▲3 Hakkin △Same Dragon ▲Same Silver △4 Hakkin ▲33 and △ Same ball ▲55 fly △42 silver ▲5 triangle △same silver ▲same fly △4 three gold, ▲3 one fly, △2 three gold, 118 moves until the last one wins Contact us
“Shogi Japan Series” General Secretariat TEL/03-5166-0290
Inside I&S BBDO Co., Ltd., Harumi Triton Square Building X, 1-8-10 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6038
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