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Japan Shogi Federation Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match September 16th (Saturday) 2nd Round 3rd Game Shikoku Tournament Results Akira Watanabe 9th Dan advances to the semi-finals with solid fingering

Japan Shogi Federation
Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match September 16th (Saturday) 2nd Round 3rd Game Shikoku Tournament Results Akira Watanabe, 9th Dan, advances to the semi-finals with solid fingering ……
Akira Watanabe 9-dan defeated Akihiko Sato 9-dan with 141 moves to advance to the semi-finals. The next match will be the second round of the semi-finals, where they will face the winner of Masayuki Toyoshima, 9th Dan, and Tetsuro Itoya, 8th Dan.
[Implementation overview]
Title: “Shogi Japan Series JT Pro Official Match” Second Round Third Game Date: Saturday, September 16, 2023
Venue: Sunmesse Kagawa Large Exhibition Hall (Address: 2217-1 Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture)
[JT Pro official match results]
Pairs: Akira Watanabe 9-dan (first move) vs. Amahiko Sato 9-dan (second move) Result: Watanabe 9-dan wins with 141 moves
[Today’s highlights of “JT Pro Official Match”]
Watanabe 9-dan advances to top 4 with dignity
The furikoma is played by a person chosen by lottery from among the visitors, and Ayumu is decided to be the first mover for Watanabe 9-dan with three pieces. Sato 9-dan, who was in the rear, unexpectedly adopted the Sanken Rook. It becomes a battle between two Anaguma, each teaming up with an Anaguma. After the blockade, the first mover showed good handling with ▲4 Gokatsura to ▲5 Kyuhi and took the lead in the situation. Sato 9-dan, who was in the rear, tried to tear away the early players, but Watanabe 9-dan, with his steady hand movements, pushed through and decided to advance to the semi-finals. On November 3rd, he will face the winner of the Tokai tournament between Masayuki Toyoshima, 9th dan and Tetsuro Itoya, 8th dan.

Watanabe 9-dan: “This JT professional official match has a short time and there are blockade moves, so it’s different from normal matches, so I want to concentrate more. There are a lot of players, so I think we know each other, but since it’s my first time playing this shogi match, I hope I can approach it with a fresh mindset.I’ll prepare myself well for tomorrow.”
Kudan Sato: “JT Pro Official Matches” are public matches, so my blood races to the point where I want the people watching to have fun (lol).I’ve been indebted to Kudan Watanabe since I was a teenager. However, his ability to see through his opponent’s quirks is top-notch.So, I would like to shift that perspective and avoid getting sucked into researching my opponent.Tomorrow, I hope you will play some good shogi and have fun.”
[Comment from winning shogi player Watanabe 9-dan]
As expected, the three-way rook was a surprise. It feels like I followed the steps while imitating the popular shapes. I don’t like it when the corner of the back hand is still 3-3, but I guess the move was difficult. He gave me △5 one corner, so I tried ▲5 five steps as “Ei”. ▲4 Gokatsura to ▲5 Kuhi were realized, and it became a pleasant development. If this is the case, I’d like Katsura who jumped to do some work. After gaining the upper hand, I was wary of the move that would devour me (such as the 1000-day move) and made steady moves. This is what I did with ▲8 Hachiginuchi and ▲8 Kutsura. First of all, I’m glad I got through the first match. Next time, I’ll think about it again after I’ve decided on a partner.
Sato 9-dan was an unexpected 3-year rook. Watanabe 9-dan didn’t seem to have expected it, but Sato 9-dan was also unfamiliar with it, so Watanabe took the lead with a nimble move. During the review session, Sato 9-dan said, “The 53rd move, ▲5 gopo, was taken with △ the same silver.” An example is ▲5 Gopo△Dougin▲4 Gokatsura△3 Sankatsura▲5 Rokupo△4 Shigin▲2 Shihi△4 Gokatsura▲2 Ichihiusei△8 Square▲1 Ichiryu. The drawer was like an anaguma and tried to peel off the gold and silver of the mover, but when he drew ▲ 5 Eight Dragons on the 91st move, the mover’s piece benefited. Watanabe, 9-dan, receives the ball first, puts his hands in his own position, and makes solid moves. It must have been a comfortable victory for Watanabe 9-dan. Chin Hatakeyama Hachidandan
JT Pro official match (second round third game) results
[Concession diagram] Akira Watanabe 9-dan (first move) vs. Amihiko Sato 9-dan (second move)
[Image:×368.png ]
[Chess score] Akira Watanabe 9-dan (first move) vs. Amahiko Sato 9-dan (second move)
▲26 steps △34 steps ▲76 steps △44 steps ▲4 8 silver △3 2 fly ▲25 steps △3 triangle ▲6 8 balls
△6 2 balls ▲7 8 balls △4 2 silver ▲5 6 steps △4 3 silver ▲5 8 gold right △5 2 gold left ▲7 7th angle △7 2 balls
▲8 Eight Balls △8 Two Balls ▲5 Seven Silvers △9 Four Steps ▲9 Six Steps △5 Four Silvers ▲6 Six Steps △6 Four Steps ▲6 Seven Gold △9 2 incense ▲9 8 incense △9 1 ball ▲99 ball △8 2 silver ▲8 8 silver △7 1 gold ▲7 8 gold △6 2 gold
▲6 8 silver △7 2 gold yori ▲7 9 silver right △6 2 fly ▲8 hexagon △7 4 steps ▲36 steps △4 5 steps ▲16 steps
△1 four steps ▲3 seven Katsura △6 three steps ▲2 nine steps △5 one corner ▲2 four steps △same steps ▲5 five steps △4 three steps ▲4 gokatsura △5 2 silver ▲6 5 steps △same step ▲6 4 steps △6 2 steps ▲5 9 steps △7 5 steps ▲5 4 steps
△Same step ▲Same fly △4 two squares ▲7 pentagons △6 six steps ▲7 seven gold steps △7 four steps ▲6 hexagons △6 squares
▲1 Ikkaku Sei △1 Kukkaku Sei ▲2 Ikuma △5 Sanpo ▲Do Katsura Sei △Do Gin ▲Do Hi Sei △8 Go Katsura ▲8 ​​Rokkin
△7 Shichika ▲Same Katsura △Same Katsura ▲Same Gold △6 Hachipo ▲6 Goka △6 Kufuse ▲6 Nikause △Dou Kinyori
▲5 Eight Dragons △7 Nine and ▲Same Silver △8 Shika ▲8 Eight Silver Hits △8 Rokko ▲Same Ayumu △7 Three Horses ▲6 Kuko
△6 four steps ▲3 one fly △6 three horses ▲8 nine katsura △3 six horses ▲5 four katsura △6 three gold ▲6 two steps △7 two silver
▲4 Three Horses △5 Seven Horses ▲Same Ryu △3 Five Horses ▲4 Six Horses △6 Two Gold Pull ▲Same Keisei △Same Horse ▲5 Three Horses
△ Same horse ▲ Same dragon △ 8 Shikatsura ▲ 6 2 gold △ Same gold ▲ Same dragon △ 6 Ichikin ▲ Same dragon △ Same silver
▲Hisei △7 Ikkin ▲Dragon △Silver ▲5 Triangle △7 Roku Katsura ▲7 Ikkaku Sei △8 Yakatsura Sei ▲Silver
△82 silver ▲Same horse △Same ball ▲6 3 gold △5 8 fly ▲7 2 gold 141 moves until the first player wins
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