JB Honshu Expressway “Setouchi Bike Festa 2023 in Yoshima” will be held!

Honshu-Shikoku Expressway Co., Ltd.
“Setouchi Bike Festa 2023 in Yoshima” will be held!
JB Honshu Expressway will hold “Setouchi Bike Festa 2023 in Yoshima” on October 29th (Sunday) at the 2nd parking lot of the Yoshima Parking Area on the Seto Chuo Expressway, with the main target being motorcycle riders.
The day is filled with events related to motorcycles, such as motorcycle test rides, experiential events such as the Ipponbashi Time Challenge that tests your sense of balance, and motorcycle
The booth event will feature a variety of programs, including a “Tourism PR Booth” to introduce the charms of the Setouchi region, a “Food and Beverage Booth” where you can enjoy the gourmet food and products of the Setouchi region, and a “Corporate PR Booth” featuring domestic and foreign motorcycle manufacturers. doing.
If you love motorcycles or are interested in motorcycles, please come to Yoshima! !
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event flyer
1. Event name
“Setouchi Bike Festa 2023 in Yoshima”
2. Date and time
Sunday, October 29, 2023 9:00-16:00
(The event may be canceled due to stormy weather, etc.)
3. Venue
E30 Seto Chuo Expressway Yoshima Parking Area 2nd Parking Lot ※free entrance. However, transportation fees to and from the Yoshima Parking Area are required separately.
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Yoshima parking area map
4. Content
(1) Stage event
Aya Utaka Tengu Taiko Preservation Society Taiko performance Live performance by high school student guitarist/singer “Miyu Baba” Talk event with influencer “Ruriko” and camper rider model
“Kanaimegu”, photo session, rock-paper-scissors competition
(2)Special/permanent events
1. Motorcycle test ride event BMW, Triumph, etc.
2. Ipponbashi Time Challenge *Challenge with your own bike
1. Motorcycle demonstration run Kagawa Prefectural Police Traffic Riot Police (3) Booth area
◯Tourism PR booth Kagawa Prefecture, Sakaide City, NEXCO West Japan, JB Honshu Expressway
 ◯Food and drink booth    Curry, hamburgers, drinks, etc.

5. Sponsored by
Honshu-Shikoku Expressway Co., Ltd.
6. Co-host
Kagawa Prefecture, Sakaide City (member of Yoshima Revitalization Study Group) 7. Sponsorship
Japan Motorcycle Promotion and Safety Association, Kagawa Motorcycle Business Cooperative, Okayama Prefecture Motorcycle Business Cooperative
8. cooperation
Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Traffic Department Traffic Riot Police, Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Traffic Department Expressway Traffic Police Force, Kagawa Prefectural Expressway Traffic Safety Council, West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Shikoku Branch Kagawa Expressway Office, Okayama Prefecture, Kurashiki City, Sakaide City Tourism Association, Sakaide Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kojima Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), Sakaide Driving School Co., Ltd.
JB Honshu Expressway Group, based on the SA/PA that it manages and operates, collaborates with the local community to develop the “Discover Setouchi Attractions” campaign to create connections within and outside the region by discovering and disseminating the charms of Setouchi. doing.
“Setouchi Bike Festa 2023 in Yoshima” will be held as part of this campaign. More details about this release:

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