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JeSU Notice regarding Tokyo Game Show 2023

Notice regarding Tokyo Game Show 2023
Announcing the outline of the “Japan Esports Awards” at the conference Highlights of the “National Esports Championship” will be introduced on the official program
The Japan Esports Union (Chairman: Hideki Hayakawa, hereinafter referred to as JeSU) would like to inform you about the contents of Tokyo Game Show 2023 (hereinafter referred to as TGS2023), which will be held from September 21st (Thursday).
TGS2023 is one of Asia’s largest game exhibitions, held in a hybrid of real venues, virtual venues, and online. JeSU will hold an “esports conference” at the business seminar “TGS Forum” and will also deliver the appeal of esports on official programs. At the “eSports
Conference” on Friday, September 22nd, in addition to the host session by JeSU, two sponsorship sessions will be held. In the session hosted by JeSU, we will give an overview of the “eSports Awards” announced last year, including the purpose of the event, the judging committee, and the fan voting method. In addition, the sponsorship session was sponsored by Nippon Television Broadcasting Networks, Inc. and the Nippon Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, respectively. We will hold a session on “Possibilities”. In addition, as an official TGS program, a special program will be live from 15:00 on Sunday, September 24th that will deliver the highlights of the “National Interprefectural Esports Championship 2023 KAGOSHIMA”, in which JeSU is also participating as an executive committee. Scheduled to be distributed. JeSU will continue to aim to improve the
competitive ability of the people and spread the sports spirit through the promotion of e-sports in Japan, and will continue to work with the aim of contributing to the health of the people as well as social and economic development. . TGS2023 “eSports Conference” Date: September 22nd (Friday) Venue: Makuhari Messe International Conference Center 302 Overview page: Page: Attendance: Those who have purchased business day admission passes for TGS2023 and those who have pre-registered with invitation tickets from exhibitors can apply for each seminar in advance and attend the seminars at the venue. On the day of the event, your Business Day visitor badge will be checked at the venue entrance, so please complete registration before participating. Viewing: The seminar will be streamed live and as an archive. Those who have purchased Business Day admission passes and those who have pre-registered to attend with an invitation ticket from an exhibitor will be able to view the event on a special page provided by the TGS Secretariat.
1. Organizer session “Announcement of the Japan e-Sports Awards” Time: 10:30-12:00 Contents: Announcement of the purpose and outline of the “Japan e-Sports Awards” (announcement of award title categories, judging method, judging committee) (Introduction of the association, fan voting method, future outlook) Panel discussion commemorating the opening of the “Japan eSports Awards” Speakers: Hideki Hayakawa (JeSU President), Hiroshi Tobe (JeSU Public Relations), OooDa (eSports Caster), Shingo Otomo ( CyberZ Inc. Executive Officer RAGE General Producer), Taiga Kishi (Game Caster), Yuya Tanida (Representative Director of Wellplayed Riseest Inc.), Fuyu Toyoda (Representative Director of TOPANGA Inc.), Hameko. (e-sports caster), Kosuke Hiraiwa (e-sports caster), Junichi Matsumoto (JCG Co., Ltd. CEO/JeSU International Committee Chair), and others
2. Sponsored Session / Co-sponsored by The Nippon Foundation and JeSU “New Possibilities Brought by E-Sports” Time: 13:00-14:00 Content: People with severe disabilities can improve their digital utilization skills and society by playing e-sports There are many examples of people participating in e-sports and expanding their possibilities through e-sports. What is necessary for esports to become something that anyone can participate in and enjoy for a lifetime? We will exchange a wide range of opinions on the diversity and social effects of esports. Speakers: Eiichi Tanaka (Representative Director, Universal Esports Network, Occupational Therapist, National Hospital Organization Hokkaido Medical Center), Ryo Morishita (Brand Manager, Publishing Department, Riot Games LLC), Kenji Ono (Game Education Journalist) / Lecturer at Tokyo International Polytechnic University), Kentaro Yoshinari (eSports player with a disability / Universal eSports Network General Incorporated Association)
3. Sponsored Session / Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. “Nippon Television’s thoughts on the front lines and future vision of the e-sports business” Time: 15:00-16:00 Content: Since 2018, Nippon Television has been broadcasting the e-sports support program “eGG” We have developed a multifaceted e-sports business, including broadcasting “AXIZ”, operating the professional e-sports team “AXIZ”, and hosting national high school tournaments.In September, we added JCG, a long-established e-sports tournament operator, to our umbrella. We will introduce the forefront of the esports content business with a wealth of case studies, and introduce strategies for the future that Nippon Television envisions. Speakers: Daisuke Kobayashi (Nippon Television Network Corporation President’s Office New Business Department/President and CEO of Ax Entertainment Co., Ltd.), Junichi Matsumoto (Representative Director and CEO of JCG Co., Ltd./Chairman of JeSU International Committee) and others TGS2023 official program “Nationwide Prefectures Competitive e-sports championship 2023 special program – Who will win this year? Date and time: September 24th (Sunday) 15:00-15:50 Content: About the “National Prefectural Competitive e-sports Championship 2023 KAGOSHIMA”, which will be held for the 5th time this year, We will introduce important points for the tournament to be held on November 25th (Saturday) and 26th (Sunday), including the results of each prefecture and notable players of this tournament. Cast: Ai Tamaya (MBC announcer), Yuta Takenouchi (MBC talent) ◆About the Japan E-Sports Union (JeSU) The Japan e-Sports Union, a general incorporated association, aims to spread and develop e-sports in Japan, and promote e-sports. The aim is to improve the competitive ability of the nation, especially young people, and to spread the spirit of sports. Aiming to raise awareness of e-sports and further expand opportunities for e-sports athletes, we are officially recognizing competition titles, issuing professional licenses to athletes, and sending athletes to international e-sports tournaments such as the Asian Games. We are conducting various initiatives such as: In addition, with the support of the following sponsor companies and organizations, we are working to develop the domestic e-sports industry. JeSU official sponsors: ZONe Energy Lawson Co., Ltd. Mouse Computer Co., Ltd. Kowa Co., Ltd. Activity grants: Kozuki Foundation Mizuno Sports Foundation Cooperation: Computer Entertainment Association (CESA) Japan Online Game Association (JOGA) Sponsored by: Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA) Digital Media Association (AMD)

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