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Jointly developed “Buddycom Fit” wireless headset that is lightweight, doesn’t fall off, and doesn’t hurt

Science Arts Co., Ltd.
Jointly developed “Buddycom Fit” wireless headset that is lightweight, doesn’t fall off, and doesn’t hurt
“Buddycom”, a live communication platform that connects deskless workers, provided by Science Arts Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shuichi Hiraoka), is offering a wireless headset “Buddycom Fit” as a new lineup of peripheral devices. We are pleased to announce that we have jointly developed this product with a manufacturer that develops earphone-type wearable devices and will begin selling it this winter.
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■Development background
We are developing and improving various peripheral devices while listening to the voices of deskless workers. Under these
circumstances, we received feedback from customers who are deskless workers who mainly work in customer service and were looking for a wireless and stylish headset. In workplaces such as department stores, apparel stores, and dealerships where the appearance of employees and the impression they make on customers are important, the presence of rugged peripherals and the fit of wired microphones pose challenges. We have been planning a new product to help deskless workers in such workplaces use Buddycom in a stylish and comfortable way, and we have finally developed “Buddycom Fit.”
■Features of Buddycom Fit
1. Light, doesn’t fall off, doesn’t hurt
It was designed to be so light that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it, and so soft that it won’t hurt even if you wear it for a long time. It has a shape that fits Japanese people’s left and right ears, and it has a secure hold that will stay in place even during intense movements. It can also be used stress-free by deskless workers in nursing care and customer service fields who often have to stand or bend over.
In addition, as a feature of the operation function, the PTT button is placed on the boom microphone side instead of the part that touches the ear. As a result, the discomfort caused by pushing the device into your ear is eliminated, and you can speak with a light click. In addition, the volume control and answering functions during calls are integrated into the touch sensor, realizing intuitive and speedy operation even during busy work hours.
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2. AI noise canceling function that removes sounds other than human voices Adopts highly accurate noise and echo canceling technology based on AI learning of over 500 million cases. A major feature is that it not only provides noise cancellation during calls, but also cancels out sudden noises.
Earphones equipped with general noise-cancelling technology are effective against noise on the wearer’s side, but the noise-cancelling on the other party’s side is not sufficient. Equipped with this technology, Buddycom Fit is now able to remove all noises other than the human voice when speaking and deliver them to the other person.
[Image 3:×334.jpg] 3. Magnetic charging port for one-touch connection
Simply bring the charging cable close to the Buddycom Fit and it will connect and start charging. In addition, by creating a structure where the groove on the main body fits into the protrusion on the charging cable side, we have devised a way to prevent poor contact from occurring. It can be used for continuous playback for about 10 hours or more on a single charge, so it can be used for work in the field.
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[Table 2:] What is Buddycom ( )
Buddycom, a live communication platform that connects deskless workers, uses internet communication networks (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi) to connect multiple people like a walkie-talkie or radio by installing an app on a smartphone or tablet. This is a service that enables simultaneous communication. In addition to voice, text chat, video, and location information (IoT), you can communicate with digital assistants using AI.
It has been used as a means of communication in a variety of industries including aviation, railways, construction, welfare facilities, and distribution.
[Image 5:×476.jpg] About Science Arts Co., Ltd.
Science Arts’ mission is to “connect people around the world beautifully,” and we provide “Buddycom,” a live communication platform that connects deskless workers. “Buddycom” is already being used at over 700 customer sites, and by utilizing not only voice but also text, images, videos, location information, AI, etc., it can be used at mission-critical sites in all industries and industries. , a horizontal x SaaS application that enables new team communication. inquiry
[Company name] Science Arts Co., Ltd.
[Location] 5th floor, MFPR Shibuya Building, 2-5 Shibuya 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Representative Director and President] Shuichi Hiraoka
[Capital] 51.64 million yen
[Established] September 2003
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