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Jun Co., Ltd. Adam E. Rope will be holding a pop-up with online-only items for 3 days only at Namba CITY!

Jun Co., Ltd.
Adam E. Rope will be holding a pop-up at Namba CITY for 3 days only with online-only items!
A lineup of limited items with Disney, NUGU, and ANGEL BLUE. ……
ADAM ET ROPE’, operated by Jun Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo/Representative: Susumu Sasaki), is a pop-up store that sells online-only items, including various collaboration items, at 9 stores. The event will be held at the event space on the 2nd basement floor of Namba CITY main building for 3 days only, from Saturday 16th to Monday 18th.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] In addition to Adam E. Rope online store limited items, this event will feature limited edition design items celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, custom color knits with Hinamiru, director of the EC mall for Generation Z, “NUGU”, and Heisei Women’s We have special items that can only be seen on this occasion, including collaboration items with the coveted brand ANGEL BLUE. Popup overview
Date: September 16th (Sat) 11:00-21:00
Sunday, September 17th 11:00-21:00
Monday, September 18th 11:00-21:00
Venue: Namba CITY B2F free space
5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Dip Dye gradation ridge knit loose knit / unisex
Product number: GMM23120
Price: ¥11,880 (tax included)
Size: M, L
Color: black/pink
[Image 2:×1800.jpg] This knit is characterized by a dyed cotton body, a faded gradation finish, and a loose design for the arms, giving it a rough impression. FEMME
feather yarn cardigan
Product number: GAK53520
Price: ¥11,550 (tax included)
Size: F
Color: Black / Charcoal / Kinari
[Image 3:×1800.jpg] A V-neck cardigan made of an elegant material that looks like feather yarn and finished with jacquard knitting.
This item has an oversized silhouette, but the long ribbing on the cuffs and hem gives it a feminine look.
Disney100 Collection
An item designed exclusively by Adam E. Rope to celebrate the Walt Disney Company, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary on October 16, 2023.
Two types of sweatshirts and long sleeve T-shirts are available, with special specifications unique to the 100th anniversary celebration year.
[Image 4:×1300.jpg] [Disney100] Special order sweatshirt/unisex
Product number: GMM13310
Price: ¥11,880 (tax included)
Size: M, XL
Color: White/White
A cotton sweatshirt with two designs: Mickey Mouse on the front and Minnie Mouse on the back with a retro graphic print, a blue bird from the movie “Snow White” on the front, and a Snow White graphic on the back. .
[Disney100] Custom long sleeve T-shirt/unisex
Product number: GMM13300
Price: ¥8,910 (tax included)
Size: M, XL
Color: White/White
A long sleeve T-shirt made of cotton material with two different designs: the title of the movie “Pinocchio” on the front and a graphic printed on the back, and the title of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” on the front and a graphic printed on the back. NUGU×ADAM ET ROPE’
In collaboration with NUGU, an e-commerce mall for Generation Z, we have created a NUGU exclusive color of Adam E. Rope’s popular 23AW item in a special order with Hinamiru, a NUGU director who is popular for his unique styling, and will be selling it in-store at this pop-up. to hold.
In addition, offline, in addition to “FOLNUA”, which is currently a hot topic on SNS with its highly designed bags that have not yet arrived in Japan, we also have two brands: “MAINBOOTH”, a unisex casual brand from South Korea. Expand the item.
[Image 5:×1800.jpg] HOMME NUGU custom color items
V neck volume sleeve big silhouette poodle knit
Product number: GMM23240
Price: ¥8,800 (tax included)
Size: M, L
Limited color: light green
FEMME NUGU custom color items
pattern knit cardigan
Product number: GAK53550
Price: ¥11,550 (tax included)
Size: F
Limited color: Saxophone blue
FOLNUA is a Korean designer brand that has become a hot topic on social media, with its name derived from “FOR YOU ALONE.”
Currently, it is only available in Japan at the official online store that opened last year, and this pop-up will be the first opportunity for you to actually get your hands on it.
[Image 6:×1800.jpg] If you participate in the SNS event at the pop-up venue, you will receive novelties such as hair pins and hair claws on a first-come, first-served basis.
*The number is limited. Thank you for your understanding in advance. For details, please check the special event page.
MAINBOOTH is a brand that aims to create daily wear that you can easily enjoy every day.
This pop-up will feature items from the 23AW collection “SENSITIVE & FRAGILE CLUB” (people who have their own secrets beneath their shells that are about to crack), including sweats printed with the original logo of the brand name MAINBOOTH. Expand.
[Image 7:×1800.jpg] Original logo webbing straps will also be available on a first-come, first-served basis as a novelty item when you present the purchase screen.
*The number is limited. Thank you for your understanding in advance. ANGEL BLUE×ADAM ET ROPE
Three types of collaboration items with ANGEL BLUE, a teen brand coveted by Heisei girls that were born in 1989 and became all the rage in 2000, will be specially sold in stores. This pop-up will feature two-color sweatshirts: gray with a vintage finish, white with Nakamura-kun’s charm points of big eyes and mouth embroidered on the chest, and pouches and tote bags finished in Adam E. Rope’s signature monotone. We will expand.
[Image 8:×1800.jpg] [ANGEL BLUE×ADAM ET ROPE]
Nakamura-kun sweatshirt
Product number: GAM53620
Price: ¥12,650 (tax included)
Size: F
Color: gray, white
White: The chest is embroidered with a design of Nakamura-kun’s big eyes and mouth, which are his charm points, and the back is printed with the year of birth of ANGEL BLUE.
Gray: Printed with a distressed texture for a vintage look.
[Image 9:×1800.jpg] [ANGEL BLUE×ADAM ET ROPE]
Nakamura-kun print tote bag
Product number: GAX53500
Price: ¥4,180 (tax included)
Size: F
Color: Saxophone, navy, black
An original print only available at ADAM ET ROPE, selected from Nakamura-kun’s standard poses. It is sized to fit A4 paper.
[Image 10:×1800.jpg] [ANGEL BLUE×ADAM ET ROPE]
Nakamura-kun print pouch
Product number: GAZ53500
Price: ¥3,850 (tax included)
Size: F
Color: Kinari, black
The pouch is printed with Nakamura-kun’s big eyes and mouth, which are his charm points, and is monochrome, adding a modern essence typical of ADAM ET ROPE.
It has a large size that can be used as a bag-in-bag and is extremely practical. [Where to purchase]
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