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Kansai area only Renewal release of Kansai Shiumai of “Kiyoken” at Hanshin Umeda Main Store

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Kansai area only] Renewal release of Kansai Shiumai of “Kiyoken” at Hanshin Umeda Main Store
“Kiyoken” and “Maneki Shokuhin” will hold a joint event! Finally, Kansai limited soy sauce container Hyo-chan is here!

Hanshin Umeda Main Store B1F food event “Maneki Shokuhin x Kiyoken Joint Event” ■ September 13, 2023 (Wednesday) → September 19 (Tuesday)
■ “Kiyoken” Kansai Shiumai 15 pieces (with Kansai-limited Hyo-chan): 250 boxes planned to be sold each day
*There is no sales of “Shiumai Bento” at Hanshin Umeda Main Store.
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At the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, the “Maneki Foods x Kiyoken Joint Event” will be held from September 13, 2023 (Wednesday). Therefore, as the highlight of this event, we will be selling Kiyoken’s renewed “Kansai Shiumai 15 pieces” (640 yen including tax).
“Maneki Foods x Kiyoken Kansai Shiumai Bento” (1,080 yen including tax), which began sales on November 26, 2021 as a collaboration project between Kiyoken Co., Ltd. and Maneki Foods Co., Ltd., is gaining popularity as a new specialty.
“Maneki Foods x Kiyoken Kansai Shiumai Bento” has Maneki Foods in charge of the side dishes and rice, and Kiyoken in charge of the shumai, and is symmetrical with Kiyoken’s “Shumai Bento” in every detail, including the Kansai-style seasoning, container, and arrangement of side dishes. I built it up. Kiyoken has developed a new version of Kansai shumai, maintaining the bite-sized appearance of the “old-fashioned shumai” created in 1920, but combining it with Kansai’s dashi culture, such as kelp and bonito flakes, to create a completely new flavor. Ta. In addition, from May 4, 2022, “Kansai Shumai 15 pieces”, which is a box of only Kansai Shumai, will be sold only in the Kansai area.
And this time, the long-awaited “Kansai limited soy sauce container Hyo-chan” with designs of famous places in Kansai will be released. Six types of Kansai shumai with designs of Himeji Castle (Hyogo Prefecture), Kobe Port Tower (Hyogo Prefecture), Shirahige Shrine (Shiga Prefecture), panda (Wakayama Prefecture), five-storied pagoda (Kyoto Prefecture), and Great Buddha (Nara Prefecture) are now available in 15 pieces of Kansai Shiumai. Randomly packed.
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It goes without saying that in Japanese food culture, there are differences in taste between Kanto-style and Kansai-style shumai, and what kind of new food culture was born when shumai became
Kansai-style? I would like you to enjoy “Hyo-chan with Kansai Limited Soy Sauce” as well as comparing the tastes. It will appear at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store for a limited time from September 13th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday), 2023. Please interview us. Details about this release:

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