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King Records Co., Ltd. Sumire Uesaka’s 14th single “Happy End Princess” single coupling song that will decorate the memorial year has been released!

King Records Co., Ltd.
Sumire Uesaka’s 14th single “Happy End Princess” single coupling song that will decorate the memorial year has been released!
All song information for voice actress/artist Sumire Uesaka’s 14th single “Happy End Princess” to be released on October 18th (Wednesday) has been released. The single includes the title song “Happy End Princess,” which is the opening theme for the TV anime “Tear Moon Teikoku Monogatari ~Starting from the guillotine, a reversal of the princess’s reincarnation story~,” which will be broadcast from October, as well as two coupling songs and off vocals. Contains 6 songs including ver.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Image: List of songs included in Sumire Uesaka’s 14th single “Happy End Princess”
Of the two newly announced songs, “polar night” was performed by an up-and-coming musician who is also known for “Tokyo Shandy Rendev,” the ending theme for the 2022 TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” in which he played the role of Ram. – Provided by Tsumiki, and features a moist sound like gently falling rain. It overlaps with the whispering vocals, making it a sad yet gentle song that is different from Uesaka’s previous songs. The other song, “RENGAKU: Portable Humanoid,” is a techno-pop song that has provided Uesaka with many songs, including “Cubic Futurismo” and “Riverside Lovers.” Music provided by the unit TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND. This song is one of Sumire Uesaka’s favorite music genres, which allows you to fully enjoy the memorable techno pop. As a single released on the 10th anniversary year of her artist debut, it includes songs that color the memorial year of Sumire Uesaka, who has challenged various music genres so far. From now on, the song will be released on her YouTube program “Sumire Uesaka’s Omega Neruma” which will be released every Saturday from 10pm, so please look forward to it. Furthermore, the Blu-ray included with the first limited edition includes the music video and MAKING of “Happy End Princess” as well as the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival Leather Bros. It has also been decided that a director’s cut version of the interlude footage from “Kitta Final!!~” will be recorded. It is a must-see to see Uesaka wearing a Lolita outfit and seriously working on her bowling while looking back on her memories of Nakano, which is also the place where Sumire Uesaka is associated. The title of the release event to be held on 12/16 (Sat) and 12/17 (Sun) has been decided as “Goddess’ Tea Party 2023 I am the supreme authority!” Inspired by the lyrics of “Happy End Princess,” it is sure to be a Uesaka-like event that values ​​interaction with comrades (a collective term for Sumire Uesaka fans). It has been decided that “Happy End Princess” will be distributed in advance and the music video will be released from 0:00 on Sunday, September 24th next week, leaving about a month until the single’s release. I look forward to the latest information!
────────────────────────────────────────■14th SINGLE “Happy End Princess” release date :Click here for reservations on Wednesday, October 18th▷ [First limited edition] CD+Blu-ray Product number: KICM-92140 ¥2,200 (tax excluded price ¥2,000)
[Image 2:×2000.jpg] [Limited time anime edition] CD ONLY
Product number: KICM-92141 List price: ¥1,430 (tax excluded price ¥1,300) Jacket specification drawn by character designer Mai Otsuka
[Image 3:×1647.jpg] [Regular edition] CD ONLY product number: KICM-2140 List price: ¥1,430 (tax excluded price ¥1,300)
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] – Contents included – [Common to all 3 CD formats] 01. Happy End Princess Lyrics and composition: Masayoshi Oishi Arrangement: Masayoshi Oishi, Kentaro Sonoda ★TV anime “Tia Moon Empire Story – A princess’s reincarnation reversal story starting from the guillotine” Opening theme 02. polar night Lyrics, composition and arrangement: Tsumiki 03. RENGAKU: Portable Humanoid Lyrics, composition and arrangement: TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND 04-06. Each off vocal ver. included [Blu-ray] “Happy End Princess” MUSIC VIDEO, “Happy End Princess” MAKING, Lolita Bowling Bingo Director’s Cut Version, Review Meeting at Maid Cafe Director’s Cut Version *Contents are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding. [Original benefits for corporations] Bromide with duplicate signature and comments
[Image 5:×2126.jpg] – Original benefits by corporation – Animate Gamers Toranoana (excluding some stores) Kinkurido Gyokukodo, Banda Records, Liondo, Ikeya Music Sofmap, Animega Seven Net Shopping Rakuten Books NeowingTOWER RECORDS (excluding some stores) ) HMVTSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some stores) + TSUTAYA Online Shopping *We also plan to offer high-sale benefits (bromides with duplicate autographs and comments) at cooperating stores. *Details of cooperating stores will be announced at a later date. *Pictures vary depending on the corporation. The pattern will be released at a later date. *Special items will end as soon as they run out. Please check with each store in advance. *Bonus items are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding. [TO Books Online Store limited purchaser benefit] Limited time anime edition cover photo sticker *The design will be released at a later date. *Special items will end as soon as they run out. *Bonus items are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
────────────────────────────────────── [Release event information] “Goddess’ Tea Party 2023 I am the person with the highest authority!” – How to apply / How to participate – *One event application serial will be given to you for each eligible product purchased. Please follow the instructions and apply for your desired event. Please check the details of each shop for how to apply and notification of winners. – Application period – October 17th (Tuesday) to October 22nd (Sunday) 23:59 *Customers using the online shop, please check the separate notice on the mail order site. *Winners will be contacted by mid-November. – Target products – Sumire Uesaka’s 14th single “Happy End Princess” – First limited edition ¥2,200 (tax excluded price ¥2,000) – Limited time anime edition ¥1,430 (tax excluded price ¥1,300) – Regular edition ¥1,430 (tax excluded price ¥ 1,300) – Date – December 16th (Saturday) @ Aichi Prefecture & Osaka Prefecture – December 17th (Sunday) @ Tokyo – Stores eligible for serial
distribution for event application – – December 17th (Sunday) @ Tokyo : All Animate stores (including mail order), all Gamers stores (including online shop) ・December 16th (Sat) @ Aichi Prefecture: All Gamers stores (including online shop) ・December 16th (Sat) @ Osaka Prefecture: All Animate stores (mail order) *Event application serials will not be reissued for any reason. *Transfer or resale of event application serials is strictly prohibited. *The application method and application deadline differ depending on the store where you purchased. Please check with each store for details.
────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ■TV anime “Teamun Empire Story ~ Decapitation A princess’s
reincarnation reversal story that begins at the table~”
[Image 6:×1500.jpg] [Broadcast information] Broadcast starts every Saturday from 25:00 on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS11 from Saturday, October 7, 2023 [Cast] Mia Luna Tier Moon: Sumire Uesaka Anne Litstein: Tomori Kusunoki Ludwig・Hewitt: Yuichiro Umehara Abel Lemno: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Shion Saul Sanklund: Shun Horie [TV anime web information] Official website: Official Twitter: https://twitter. com/tearmoon_pr [Theme song information] Opening theme: Sumire Uesaka “Happy End Princess” Ending theme: Kanoelana “Queen of the Night” [Introduction] “I have a neck!? I’m getting younger!?” Great power, Tearmoon Empire The 20-year-old princess Mia, who was despised as a “selfish princess”, was executed on the guillotine as a result of a popular revolution. It was supposed to be, but when I woke up, I had time leaped back to when I was 12 years old! Apparently, this is a world that is about to start all over again – what was placed by her bedside was the bloodstained diary she had written before she was executed. Mia, who has begun her second life, decides to rebuild the empire. For the future of the empire? To save the people from famine? Because of the many soldiers who lost their lives in the civil war? not! All to avoid the fate of the guillotine! ! “It’ll be easy if this is all I need!” The timid, self-protective and selfish Princess Ponkotsu fights hard for herself. An alternate history fantasy begins in which the actions of a selfish princess bring about an unexpected miracle.
────────────────────────────────────────■ Sumire Uesaka
[Image 7:×1333.jpg] ★Birth: December 19, 1991 (31 years old)★Home: Kanagawa
Prefecture★Blood: Blood type O★Hobby: Hong Kong movies, Lolita clothes, techno songs, strolling around Nakano Broadway★Ability: Illustration★Graduated from Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies
Debuted as a voice actor in 2011. As an artist, she made her debut with the theme song “Kimi no Umi from the Seven Seas,” which was the theme song for the TV anime “Namiuchi no Muromi-san,” which aired in 2013. A one-of-a-kind voice actor who celebrates his 10th anniversary as an artist this year, with knowledge of Showa songs, metal rock, Lolita, professional wrestling, beards, etc. At LIVE, you can’t take your eyes off the staging, such as throwing things into the audience and moshing stuffed animals. In December 2016, he had a successful solo live performance at Ryogoku Kokugikan, his largest capacity. The 11th single “EASY LOVE” released in April 2021 has become a smash hit not only in Japan but also around the world, mainly in the United States and South America. [Main appearances] “Tear Moon Empire Story – A princess’s reversal of reincarnation story starting from the guillotine~” Mia Luna Tier Moon role “Urusei Yatsura” Ram role “Don’t mess with me, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack” Nagatoro Kagura Baldwin in “Temple”, Tia in “Spy Classroom”, etc. [Regular] YouTube “Sumire Uesaka’s Until You Can Call” ABEMA “Voice Actor and Night Play 2023″ Wednesday Main Personality [Serial] Shufu no Tomo Infos ” “Voice Actor Grand Prix” – Sumire Uesaka’s message to her comrades – KADOKAWA “Monthly New Type” – Sumire Uesaka’s Esuefu Club – [Narration] TV Asahi “Music Station” [Official HP] /uesakasumire/ [Official Twitter] [Official YouTube Channel] More details about this release:

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