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Kodansha Co., Ltd. “FRaU S-TRIP MOOK Kanagawa” packed with the charms of Kanagawa will be released on Frid ay, September 15th! The cover girl is Yu Hirukawa!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“FRaU S-TRIP MOOK Kanagawa” packed with the charm of Kanagawa will be released on Friday, September 15th! The cover girl is Yu Hirukawa! ……
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] The theme of the FRaU S-TRIP series is to “visit” sustainable people and things in various regions and areas, and “experience” nature and initiatives. 4th book in “Encounter with Kanagawa”. Once again, it was very informative!
▼Yu Hirukawa, a model from Yokohama, appears on the cover and cover story. It was also her first time walking along Asainakirido-dori, a “unexplored area” in Kamakura, and taking a local bus to visit Junisho Shrine. At the end, they talked about recommended spots in Kanagawa and memories related to the area while eating the famous soba noodles.
[Image 2:×1333.jpg] ▼The special feature at the beginning of the book is titled “Unknown Kanagawa” and features 26 pages of “Visiting life by the sea” and “Mountain hiking for adults.” The former takes us to the small seaside towns of Manazuru and Ninomiya, visiting local publishers, dried food stores, household goods stores, bakeries, and more, and getting a feel for the daily lives of the people who work there. The latter is set in the Tanzawa Mountains, which account for about 60% of Kanagawa Prefecture’s total area, and Mt. Genji in Kamakura, and will introduce you to the wonderful world of mountain walking that anyone can do, rather than just mountain climbing.
[Image 3:×842.jpg] Manazuru Port
▼Did you know that in Kanagawa, in addition to Kanagawa Prefecture, six other cities and towns have been selected by the government as “SDGs Future Cities”? This MOOK features 16 pages of sustainable projects, specialty products, and people involved in SDGs future cities such as Kawasaki City, Yokohama City, Sagamihara City, Kamakura City, Odawara City, and Matsuda Town.
[Image 4:×512.jpg] “SDGs Future City”
▼In “Kanagawa is a migrant paradise!”, Maki Ohashi, a former announcer who moved to Hayama Town, and a couple who opened an unusual bookstore in Manazuru appear and talk about the appeal of Kanagawa as a place to live. I did.
In addition, there is a “Soul Food Journal” that collects unique gourmet and sweets loved by Kanagawa residents, “Kanagawa’s Hot Spring Village Closest to Tokyo” and “I Tried a Workation”, which are useful and practical right away. There are also lots of special features!
[Image 5:×512.jpg] Kanagawa’s soul food gathers together!
[Image 6:×1754.jpg] Special feature on hot spring inns near Tokyo
“FRaU S-TRIP MOOK: Encounter a sustainable “Kanagawa” that you have never seen before” will be released on Friday, September 15th. Whether you live in Kanagawa Prefecture or not, please take a look!
Book information
【table of contents】
・Time trip on the ancient path of “Kamakura-dono”
・[Unknown Kanagawa] Mountain walking for adults/Visiting life by the sea ・Hot spring resorts in Kanagawa closest to Tokyo: Atsugi, Hakone Town, Yugawara Town
・The person from Kanagawa will guide you! My hometown. Memories spot ・Magical “Manhole” Tour
・One Day Trip to 6 “SDGs Future Cities”!! Kawasaki, Yokohama, Kamakura, Sagamihara, Odawara, Matsuda Town
・Kanagawa is a migration paradise! Hayama Town, Manazuru Town, Chigasaki ……Such
Release date: Friday, September 15th Cover: Yu Hirugawa Price: 1,000 yen (tax included) Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd. [Amazon]
[Rakuten Books] *If the online bookstore is out of stock, please reserve and purchase at your local bookstore.
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