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Kodansha Co., Ltd. Keiko Kitagawa, who celebrated her 20th anniversary since her debut, and Shoya Kimata and K eigo Sato, also known as JO1’s “Aichizu,” appear on the cover of the Special Edition for the first time! VOCE November issue September 21s

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Keiko Kitagawa’s “Aura no Reason” and JO1’s “Aichizu”, Shoya Kimata and Keigo Sato, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary since their debut, appear for the first time on the cover of the Special Edition! VOCE November issue September 21st
Keiko Kitagawa, celebrating her 20th anniversary since her debut, appears with self-produced hair, make-up and costumes.
Actor Keiko Kitagawa, who will celebrate her 20th anniversary since her debut in October, will grace the cover of the regular and special edition of VOCE’s November issue.
Although this is her first appearance in about a year, the scene on the day of the photo shoot was filled with excitement as Ms. Kitagawa showed off her mature, relaxed brilliance! Mr. Kitagawa personally produces the costumes, hair and makeup for each appearance on VOCE. This time as well, I was very impressed by the way she seriously thought about things like, “What kind of makeup should I use as a reference for readers?” and “Which costume would I like?” right up until the very last minute before filming. In this interview, we asked Mr. Kitagawa about the beliefs he has maintained since his debut, as well as his future aspirations. Please see the magazine for details. looking forward to!
[Image 1:×2018.jpg ]
JO1 Shoya Kimata and Keigo Sato appear on the Special Edition cover for the first time!
This time, the special edition cover features Shoya Kimizen and Keigo Sato from the global boy group JO1. The two are cheerful and bright, and have the ability to make those around them happy, and are affectionately known by their fans as the “Aichis”, both of whom are from Nagoya. Surprisingly, VOCE is the first to appear on the cover of Aichi’s! Even though he was busy during the tour, he showed no sign of being tired at all and attended the photo shoot. The cover is clean and fresh with a pink and orange setup. The other cut is an
autumn-like knit and glasses style that brings out the individuality of both of them to the fullest in a VOCE style. During their free time during the shoot, they danced along to the latest K-POP music being played in the studio, and you could see how close they were to each other as they played around with their legs intertwined. Once filming resumes, she instantly turns on and captivates the scene with her various facial expressions! Please take a look at the charismatic duo! In the interview, the two of them talked about how they approach their work to make their dreams come true, and in fact, this is the side of themselves! We discovered their real faces and unknown commonalities. Furthermore, they talked about their enthusiasm for the upcoming Asian tour and dome performance, and I am convinced that the Aichis and JO1 will continue to shine and run as a group. Don’t miss out on all 5 pages full of charm!
[Image 2:×1847.jpg] Interview with TBS new drama star Fumiya Takahashi
“SUPER PEOPLE”, which publishes exclusive interviews with
up-and-coming young actors and artists, features Fumiya Takahashi, the actor who is currently attracting the most attention, this month! Mr. Takahashi actually obtained his chef’s license when he was in high school. Gaku Kitada, who plays the lead role in the TBS Friday drama “Fermat’s Cooking,” is a character who uses mathematical thinking to solve the difficult problem of “cooking.” It was a role that he was able to play based on his own life, and his sincere approach to the work and careful words he spoke were very impressive.
This work stars Jun Shison and W. On this day, Shison was filming in the studio next door, and in between shots he looked like a cute little brother with a big smile and waving at him…! When I was with Shison-san, there was a kind of brotherly atmosphere, and the atmosphere instantly became calm. I’m looking forward to co-starring in the drama. Please look forward to the VOCE magazine where he talks in life-sized words!
[Image 3:×2249.jpg] Kei Tanaka drips with sweat during his first kickboxing experience Kei Tanaka’s popular series “Adult Holiday” has us trying out kickboxing this month!
In this series, we have had you try a number of exercises, such as golf and bouldering, but this time’s kickboxing may have been the hardest. The photo of Kei dripping with sweat shows just how hard it is. However, he showed outstanding athleticism and his form was so good that it was hard to believe it was his first time, and his coach even praised him! This magazine will give you plenty of information about how he is immersing himself in kickboxing with all his might, so please look forward to it!
[Image 4:×2250.jpg] Special supplement – Regular edition – Guerlain’s super masterpiece beauty serum, new brand FAS lotion and cream – Special issue – Obagi’s “serious hari care” set – Special Edition – VOCE x Loft Shiny skin & shiny hair experience box
[Image 5:×750.jpg] VOCE November issue
●Normal version
-Guerlain Abbeille Royal Advanced Watery Oil 5ml (approximately 10 doses) The biggest reason why this serum is so popular is its “immediate effect that makes you feel moisturized and firm.” As soon as you apply it, your skin becomes plump and has a smooth and soft texture. Just add one bottle to your daily care routine to achieve anti-aging care. Be sure to try our best-selling skin care packed with nature’s blessings!
-FAS-The Black Essence 10ml (approx. 4 doses)
The much-talked-about fermented aging care brand “FAS” will debut this fall. This serum lotion contains 90% fermented black rice liquid, which contains 738 kinds of ingredients, and instantly absorbs into your skin, plumping it up and moisturizing it. Enjoy it as soon as possible with the VOCE supplement before its release!
The Black Cream (2 packets)
In order to combat signs of aging such as dryness, loss of firmness, wrinkles, and dullness, it contains fermented black rice liquid, black bean peptide, rice ceramide, etc. A rich and satisfying cream that wraps your skin without feeling sticky.
Paste appendix
-Addiction-The Foundation Lift Glow (1 packet)
Introducing a new foundation that has received overwhelming support from hair and makeup enthusiasts. A new type of foundation that gives your skin a glow and three-dimensional feel.
-Ipsa-Bounce Intense Cream (4 sachets)
For those in their 20s and 30s who have hidden skin that lacks firmness. A light cream that addresses initial lack of firmness. -d Program-Essence In Cleansing Foam (2 sachets)
The frictionless cushion foam thoroughly cleans dirt and unnecessary stratum corneum while protecting moisture.
Concentrated serum (2 packages)
The dense texture penetrates deep into the stratum corneum and keeps you moisturized for a long time.
Moist Care Lotion MB (1 pack)
The highly moisturizing and mellow texture blends comfortably into dry skin. Moist Care Emulsion MB (1 packet)
The emulsion fills the deep layers of the stratum corneum with moisture and improves texture with a moist and mellow texture. ●Special issue
-Obagi-Obagi X Frame Lift Lotion 18ml (approximately 20 doses) Speaking of Hari, it’s Obagi X. The daily care of the series that has established this image has been enhanced. This lotion contains approximately 1 trillion nanocapsules containing Frame Lift Complex, filling every corner of the stratum corneum with moisture, leading to thicker skin.
Obagi X Frame Lift Emulsion (2 packets)
The new lift-up emulsion, which loosens the skin and increases firmness, has a rich yet light feel without stickiness. It melts into your skin, leaving it soft, firm and glowing.
Obagi X Derma Advanced Drift (2 packets)
Introducing a famous hari cream that stays taut and won’t loosen. A cream that gives you an overwhelming sense of hold as if you were wearing thin stockings on your face.
●Special Edition
VOCE × LOFT Shiny skin & shiny hair experience box
This is a very popular item at the loft! A special box packed with. We deliver a set that includes skin care, body care, hair care, base makeup, and a “whole body polish.”
-Bioderma-Sansibio H2O Eye (1 pack) -Rafura-Oil Serum Cleansing (1 pack) -Chant A Charm-Cleansing Milk (1 packet)
-Necco Lotion (1 packet)
-La Roche Posay-UV Idea XL Protection Tone Up Rose (1 packet) -Etvos-Mineral Inner Treatment Base (1 packet each)
-YOLU-Deep Night Repair Shampoo/Treatment (1 pack each)
-Kirage-Rich Moist Shampoo/Hair Treatment (1 package each)
-meshimase-Gommage Sugar/Body Milk (1 packet each)
Product information
[Image 6:×842.jpg] VOCE November issue (regular edition)
[Image 7:×842.jpg] VOCE November issue (extra edition)
[Image 8:×842.jpg] VOCE November issue (Special Edition)
Monthly issue: VOCE November 2023 issue Price (tax included): Regular edition 930 yen / Special edition 870 yen / Special edition 800 yen Cover: Keiko Kitagawa (regular edition / special edition), JO1 Shoya Kimata, Keigo Sato (Special Edition) ) Release date: September 21, 2023 *Metropolitan area standard Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd. ■VOCE website ■ Official Instagram account vocemagazine
( ■ Official Twitter account @iVoCE ( ■ YouTube “VOCE channel ”
■TikTok official account
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