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Kodansha Co., Ltd. The back cover of the much talked about “with BOYFRIEND” is actor Koji Mizukami! JO1, D aisei Kido, Kentaro Maeda & Yu Kashiwagi’s cuts are released in advance!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
The back cover of the much talked about “with BOYFRIEND” is actor Koji Mizukami! JO1, Daisei Kido, Kentaro Maeda & Yu Kashiwagi’s cuts are released in advance!
From the photo book quality visual interview magazine “with”, we will be launching a special issue and new MOOK series “with BOYFRIEND” on September 27th.
This issue is a hot topic because Fumiya Takahashi is on the cover, and actor Koji Mizukami is on the back cover! We will be releasing a special cut by Kotori Kawashima, a photographer who photographed Mizukami when she debuted with “with” five years ago.
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] In addition, we will be releasing advance cuts of the gorgeous performers ahead of the release!
Koji Mizukami’s 10 pages look at what has changed and what hasn’t changed.
[Image 2:×2427.jpg] Ms. Mizukami is extremely busy, performing well in a monthly drama on September 9, playing the heroine’s partner in the morning drama “Boogie Woogie,” and having a movie in which she plays the lead role scheduled for release soon.
We took time out of our busy schedules to shoot at a Korean restaurant with almost the same staff as when Mr. Mizukami appeared on “With” five years ago. “I like Korean food, but I don’t like spicy food! I don’t drink much alcohol, either,” said Minakami, who while holding a coke, tried grilling samgyeopsal himself, talked to the lady at the shop, and tasted the deliciousness of the meat. Close your eyes… Please enjoy Mr. Mizukami, who looks like a young boy, as photographed by Mr. Kawashima.
In addition to the 10-page magazine volume, the long interview with Mr. Mizukami, who has revealed his first and second skin, is also a must-see. He spoke in detail about his time away from acting, and about himself when he debuted, saying, “I was really a shitty kid.” Please pay attention to the inner side of Mr. Mizukami, who has become a 24-year-old adult and is a little different from his previous image. During the shoot, Mizukami was happily talking with the staff from the time about the shoot five years ago. “Have I grown up since then?” he asked the staff, and his slightly sinister smile left an
JO1 Ren Kawajiri and Shoya Kimata appear in all 12 pages! “Chemistry” unique to these two
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Ren Kawajiri and Shoya Kimata appear from JO1, which continues to exude a variety of charms as the top runners of global boy groups! Pair the jacket with a frilled shirt (Mr. Kawajiri) and a bow-tie shirt (Mr. Kimata) for a mature yet cute look. Despite their busy schedules as they are in the middle of an arena tour, they seem to be having fun from beginning to end, dancing to the studio BGM when the cameras aren’t rolling. When the shooting started, he instantly decided on a cool expression and was able to switch the switch quickly!
Mr. Kawajiri, the rational representative of JO1, and Mr. Kimata, the representative of sensibility, are two people who seem to be polar opposites but also have something in common. Looking back, Mr. Kimata said, “At the audition, Ren-kun seemed unapproachable,” but as we continued our activities, we became much closer to each other, and now we can’t help but say the same thing! In an interview, Kawajiri talked about their similarities, saying, “I love that Shoya remains a child for the rest of his life, and I think he’s cute,” and “He works harder than anyone else, and the more I get to know him, the more I respect him.” “There’s nothing we can do about it” (Mr. Kimata), and they talked a lot about what they like about each other.
We also talked about what he felt during the current arena tour, where the ban on vocal vocals has been lifted, and about JO1’s “strengths as a group,” which is something we really want to hear about now, with the Asian tour and first dome performance coming up in November. . In addition, there are also stories about “LOVE” such as “A song from 3RD ALBUM “EQUINOX” that I would like to play on a date”, “What if I found someone I’m interested in?”, “My favorite time of the day” ……. All 12 pages, please enjoy the “chemistry” unique to these two!
Kentaro Maeda and Yu Kashiwagi (Super Express) create a “soft atmosphere”
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] The drama stream “I Can’t Reach You” depicts the frustrating love between two high school boys who are childhood friends who are polar opposites. Kentaro Maeda and Yu Kashiwagi (Cho Tokkyuu) will be starring in “ (TBS). The theme of the shoot was “a holiday for two,” and we captured the soft atmosphere that flows between the two. The photo was taken outside under the strong sunlight, but even when the camera wasn’t rolling, the two were smiling and getting along well! While waiting, they fanned each other with handheld fans and gave each other prop drinks. The staff members were also comforted by the sight of these two…! A making-of video will be released on the “with” official SNS, so please check it out as well as the magazine! This is the first starring role for Kashiwagi, a member of “Cho Tokkyu”. In the interview, Mr. Maeda talked a lot about what he felt when he saw Mr. Kashiwagi, how they were influenced by each other, and what he is careful about when communicating.
The two of them are like real childhood friends. Please enjoy the harmonious conversation.
Daisei Kido runs through the night with his “blonde style” that overturns the image of his “first love”
[Image 5:×2331.jpg] Actor Daisei Kido will appear for the first time in the April 2023 issue of “with”. This time, she is preparing for a role in the drama “Yuria Sensei no Akai Ito” and appears with a blonde style that betrays the simplicity of “First Love” in a good way. In order to take full advantage of the limited-time limited-time hairstyles, we conducted a photoshoot for “with BOYFRIEND” with the themes of “naughty” and “mode.” Go into the night town with two styles based on white and black. Contrary to Mr. Kido’s natural and soft smile, which is one of his charms, in this issue he stares into the lens with a strong and cool gaze. Of course, among the sharp and sharp expressions, there are also expressions that suddenly appear that are pure and full of “character.” Please take a look at his precious blonde style in this project that shows his wide range as an actor. In the interview, he talked about how he has reconsidered his role as an actor since “First Love,” and what he envisions for the future. In addition, we conducted a question-and-answer interview related to “night” titled “Taisei Kido in NIGHT” to mimic the image of the photo shoot. Please enjoy these 16 questions that explore how Mr. Kido spends his nights, such as “What do you always do before going to bed?” “What is your favorite night view?” “What kind of dreams do you have?”
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Cover: Fumiya Takahashi
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
Release date: Released on Wednesday, September 27th *Metropolitan area standards Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
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Actors who will play a central role in the entertainment scene in the future. Featuring in-depth interviews and new photos of talents, artists, etc. An archival magazine with photobook quality.
Launched from visual interview magazine “with”
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