KONAMI Congratulations on “PowerPro App” exceeding 50 million downloads! Various commemorative campaigns w ill be held starting today!

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Congratulations on “PowerPro App” exceeding 50 million downloads! Various commemorative campaigns will be held starting today! ……
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the mobile game “Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball” (hereinafter referred to as “Power Pro Baseball”).
We are pleased to announce that we have started a campaign to commemorate 50 million downloads.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-a52a19c20a6efcda9c8f-7.png&s3=50711-785-d1d5d7b21cca5e91e3caa2ee3bc0baa6-571×303.png ]
In this campaign, if you log in every day during the campaign period, you will receive up to 65 Power Stones, as well as “50 million downloads”.
We are running various campaigns such as “Commemorative Free 10 Consecutive Gacha”.
In addition, Namiki Annauchi, the familiar navigator of “PowerPro App”, will be making a new appearance as “[Player] Namiki Annauchi”! In the loop gacha that is being held from today, in addition to “[Player] Namiki Annauchi”, there are also returns such as “[Final Weapon] Makoto Nijitani”.
A total of 20 characters including Toki characters will appear. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the “PowerPro App”!
-Hold various commemorative campaigns and events! –
Loop gacha 50 million DL commemorative “[Player] Namiki Annai” debuts! During the period, get “[Player] Namiki Annauchi” and reprint characters with Loop Gacha!
[Player] Namiki Annai
If you are “SR” or higher, you will have the event character bonus of “Increasing the upper limit of meat/increasing the upper limit of defense power”, and will also be able to get the tips for the following super special abilities!
For pitchers: “Gear change”
For fielders: “God of Pinch Hitter and Last Emperor” or “Great Blow”
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-a40bcae30867d707fd13-0.jpg&s3=50711-785-0ce3afd5d505ad8746676a7a021c15f6-600×739.jpg] When you pull the first loop gacha, you will receive a “Thank you 50 million DL/SR gacha ticket x 1” as a bonus!
When you draw the 6th loop gacha, one of the “[Player] Namiki Annauchi / Shota Shikamo / [Ultimate Weapon] Makoto Nijitani” of “PSR” will always appear!
Period: September 19th (Tuesday) 14:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 8:59
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-e46045e0224b9fd6046e-5.jpg&s3=50711-785-65f2c899a16b8c9ed0c79fb5bcc09356-571×316.jpg] *Please check the in-game announcement for details on each event character bonus and super special ability.
Get “Power Stone x50” as a gift!
During the period, you will receive “Power Stone x 50” just by logging into the “Power Pro App”!
Period: September 19th (Tuesday) 14:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 8:59 “50 Million DL Commemoration Free 10 Consecutive Gacha” will be held! During the period, spin the 10 consecutive gachas for free with 1 PSR guaranteed once per person to get event characters!
Let’s develop stronger players with success!
Period: September 19th (Tuesday) 14:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 8:59
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-162411795b2fd885611c-1.jpg&s3=50711-785-bffc0bbc13d113f090dc8372bbcb3bdb-571×315.jpg] During the period, a “genius” player will be confirmed only once with success! Applies to all success scenarios! If you play Success during the period, you will be able to train a “genius” player for one time only! Let’s take this opportunity to develop the strongest original players! Period: September 19th (Tuesday) 14:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 8:59 “Dice Parade” held!
While going around Sugoroku where squares with various effects are lined up, strengthen your dice parade team and win the game! The main reward is “SR” “Tokuko Yabe”!
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-c6faea86678155e4566b-3.png&s3=50711-785-c07d23cef6fe200cf9f73f133b033424-379×298.png ]
Noriko Yabe
If you are “SR” or higher, you can get the following super special ability tips!
For pitchers: “Origin Pitching and Victory Star” or “Camouflage” For fielders: “Passion yell and home run ball” or “Outside corner must hit” Also, “Noriko Yabe” who is level 40 or above has the event character bonus of “meet upper limit up/running power upper limit up”! Period: September 19th (Tuesday) 14:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 8:59
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-38cfd7ef00fde06ee177-6.jpg&s3=50711-785-201ef0ddd3b7c08ba4768f3964ddadbc-600×738.jpg] “50 Million DL Commemoration Norinori Noriko-san Guaranteed Free Gacha” will be held!
During the period, we will be holding a guaranteed free gacha for “Noriko Yabe”, the older sister of Yabe-kun from “PowerPro”, only once every day!
PR or higher/SR or higher/PSR will be guaranteed depending on the number of times you spin the gacha!
Period: September 20th (Wednesday) 14:00 – October 2nd (Monday) 8:59
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-489b95fd623b8e568f68-2.jpg&s3=50711-785-347db3b19d496b04244b2faec8f6a793-571×313.jpg] In addition, we will be holding limited-time campaigns and events! Please check the in-game notice for details.
~What is the mobile game “Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball”~
Cumulative downloads exceed 50 million! The popular player development mode “Success” from the home video game “Powerful Professional Baseball” series is included in a mobile game for the first time, allowing you to easily enjoy “Success” anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, it is also equipped with the popular “Event Deck System” that allows you to freely set the characters that appear in the “Success” scenarios, allowing you to train players with the same worldview as the game software series. Players will create the strongest team with original players developed through “Success” and aim for number one in the rankings while competing against rivals from all over the country.
“Jikkyou Powerful Professional Baseball” official website:
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/50711/785/resize/d50711-785-79e90a25005692ca0530-4.png&s3=50711-785-ec9ece1e23736d552d563ff73d01081a-742×800.png ]

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