Korean information media site “Daon” Korean influencer RENYA appointed as COO

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Korean information media site “Daon” Korean influencer RENYA appointed as COO “Daon” announces content enhancement on SNS in collaboration with RENYA ……
Korean information media site “Daon” operated by UZU Agency Co., Ltd. RENYA, who is active as an influencer, has been appointed as COO. We interviewed him about the background, his enthusiasm, and his future activities.
“Daon” is a media site that provides the latest Korean information. It has been decided that RENYA will be appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and COO.
“Daon” is a media site specializing in Korean information that boasts 800,000 page views for people who love Korea.
Led by Instagram, which has around 80,000 followers,
It ranks high in searches for Korean information sites across the board. It is gaining popularity among young people who love Korea.
Recently, I have also been focusing on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. We are reinforcing the creation of a system that can be viewed from all directions, including collaboration with news sites, to
accommodate the SNS era.
■How did you become COO of Daon?
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/127035/1/resize/d127035-1-1dc8daefc60878af6600-0.jpg&s3=127035-1-fcfc7133fd8e8f66726f73d0a6687134-1052×1568.jpg] RENYA is an influencer and model on Instagram, TikTok, live streaming, etc. In addition to appearing publicly, he also works behind the scenes at advertising agencies and live streaming management, and is active in a wide range of areas.
RENYA, who is also known as a fan of Korea, will start his career as the COO of “Daon”.
“I originally liked BIGBANG, and that’s when I became interested in Korea,” says RENYA.
Before the pandemic, he lived in South Korea for two years for work, and says he has received a lot of inspiration from South Korea. “In Korea, I was involved in various activities such as collaborating with YouTuber Big Marvel and creating content!” In Korea, he went not only to Seoul but also to the countryside and had various experiences. While being influenced by Korean influences such as fashion, cosmetics, and gourmet food, I have been expressing myself in a way that is unique to me, and I have been appointed as the COO of Daon. ■What is RENYA’s favorite Korean spot?
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/127035/1/resize/d127035-1-8e977539f86af9b52a69-1.jpg&s3=127035-1-ff6567309d7a879bf58b698071dd236c-1052×1568.jpg] “When I lived in Korea, I liked Garosu-gil!”
Garosu-gil, with its beautiful cityscape, is RENYA’s favorite spot. “When it comes to stores, I always check out “A LAND”! There are stores in Garosu-gil and Hongdae. Also, since I do makeup, I look at Korean cosmetics at Olive Young. I have been using CLIO’s Kill Cover Cushion and Eyebrow for a long time. ”
A LAND is a select shop that sells clothes and accessories from various brands. She says she always stops by when she goes to Korea because she can check out fashion from all kinds of genres.
Olive Young, a Korean beauty drugstore, is also a must-see.
When asked about recommended gourmet food in Korea,
“When you go to Korea, you should definitely try Dakkanmari at Dongdaemun! There is a street called Dakkanmari Alley.
I also like hormones! There is a rare part of the pig called machan, and it is very delicious. ” he told me.
Korea is a gourmet country! I definitely want to check out Takanmari and Hormones.
■About Daon’s enthusiasm for the appointment as COO and future activities
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/127035/1/resize/d127035-1-9ce41c722eeccb063970-2.jpg&s3=127035-1-4806b2de63d35ab588211dde44163233-1052×1568.jpg] “There were many setbacks before I was able to be active as an influencer… From now on, at Daon, I would like to make use of that experience and share information as a Korean lover!
We are planning to create fun content such as Daon’s Instagram and TikTok, so please check it out. ”
Now that it is possible to travel to Korea again as before, “Daon” will work with RENYA to provide real information about Korea. In addition, UZU Agecy Co., Ltd.
We will focus on influencer marketing and SNS marketing, mainly using Daon’s media.
Please pay attention to the content unique to Korea lover RENYA. ■RENYA Profile
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/127035/1/resize/d127035-1-03b1ef10f9993b3194fe-3.jpg&s3=127035-1-a8c5030164dc299a1158c39d596f1fda-1109×1479.jpg] Born on August 11, 1998 Active on SNS, including approximately 60,000 followers on Instagram and 300,000 followers on TikTok.
My hobbies are drawing and playing darts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renya0811/
Daon official: https://www.instagram.com/daon_mediasite/
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