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Kotobuki Promotion Co., Ltd. Over 50 companies have done business with “KOTO PRO,” an X (formerly Twitter) operation agency service specializing in product sales and recruitment!

Kotobuki promotion Co., Ltd.
X (formerly Twitter) operation agency service “KOTO PRO”, which specializes in product sales and recruitment, has exceeded 50 companies!
Kotobuki Promotion Co., Ltd. (head office location: Representative Director: Kenta Sakaki), which handles the operation agency service of X (formerly Twitter), has a number of clients with KOTO PRO, an agency service specializing in product sales and recruitment on X. has exceeded 50 companies.This service solves the problems of companies, consultants, and school operators who are unable to sell their products even after releasing it on X, or who want to spend
advertising money to recruit but do not see results.
Details of KOTO PRO
[Image:×553.png ]
About Kotobuki promotion Co., Ltd.’s KOTO PRO service content KOTO PRO, an X management agency service provided by Kotobuki Promotion Co., Ltd., specializes in attracting customers and recruiting. We consistently carry out “persona setting, branding, marketing, and campaign measures” necessary to grow X accounts. We have achieved numerous results, including helping companies reduce hiring costs by 800,000 yen and increasing intangible product ROAS by over 300%.
Possibility of X that 90% of companies don’t know about
KOTO PRO is a service that solves corporate issues such as recruitment and customer attraction. Without relying on other customer acquisition media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, advertising), etc., it is fully possible to expand the customer acquisition window with X and use leverage.
DRM, which is “attracting customers, educating, and selling”, can all be completed with just X, so it is a medium that is attracting attention at the moment. KOTO PRO will support you to accelerate your business.
3 features of KOTO PRO
KOTO PRO has the following strengths and benefits.
1. Capable of providing management services for various industries 2. A group of excellent marketers with over 10,000 followers 3. It is possible to reduce advertising costs for attracting customers and recruiting.
As a top ranker of X, we focus on supporting companies that are struggling to attract customers and recruit.
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