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Kyogoku Co., Ltd. Kyogoku Co., Ltd. Representative Ryukyu Kyogoku agreed to participate in the project hosted by Hikaru.

Kyogoku Co., Ltd.
[Kyogoku Co., Ltd.] Representative Ryu Kyogoku agreed to and participated in the project hosted by Hikaru.
Sponsored by popular YouTuber “Hikaru” [A total of 40 million yen…As a result of drastically changing girls’ appearance and lives by paying all the plastic surgery costs…] Ryu Kyogoku, who holds the title of the world’s best hairdresser. participated!
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I was impressed by Hikaru’s passion and decided to help Ryu Kyogoku realize his own goal of “making as many people beautiful and happy as possible.”
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In 2018, we won the Grand Prix in the cut and color category at the International Visionary Awards held in London.
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A person’s impression can change greatly depending on their hairstyle, and even just the type of hair can change the sense of cleanliness that you give to those around you.
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[KYOGOKU Keratin Boost + Treatment (Hair Quality Improvement Powder)]
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We believe that when you look beautiful and gain confidence, your facial expressions will change and shine even more.
In fact, all of the people who participated in Hikaru’s project and were transformed into beautiful people were shining from within. Kyogoku Co., Ltd. [KYOGOKU PROFESSIONAL] will continue to work hard to lead as many people as possible to beauty and happiness through hair care and skin care products.
[A total of 40 million yen…The result of paying all the plastic surgery costs and drastically changing the girls’ appearances and lives…]
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