LaboMe(R) Product & community service “LaboMe(R)” October self-care theme & products and event for members decided!

Product & community service “LaboMe(R)” October self-care theme & products and event for members decided!
In October, we will deliver face wash “Boost Facial Wash” and bath powder “MONTHLY FRIEND”
LaboMe(R), a product and community service for women’s self-care, was born from the new business creation program “A-STARTERS”* of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (President: Taro Fujie; Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo). In line with October’s self-care theme “BeautyMe”, we will be delivering WAVE STYLE Co., Ltd.’s face wash “Boost Facial Wash” and Dreams Co., Ltd.’s bath powder “MONTHLY FRIEND” (1) as self-care products. Furthermore, the self-care theme for October of the project commonly undertaken by “LaboMe(R)” members will be “Try to believe in your own strength,” and an event for members on self-care that brings out their strengths will be held on October 25, 2023. It will be held on Sunday (Wednesday).
*A-STARTERS details: “LaboMe(R)” is created by “LaboMe(R)” researchers (employees of our research institute) from various genres according to the theme set every month, according to the season, changes in women’s physical condition, and fluctuations in their minds. This is a service that delivers carefully selected self-care products to members and helps them develop the habit of continuously practicing self-care by sharing and exchanging various information in the community. In particular, we will share self-care and femme care that take care of your body within the community, providing an opportunity to discover self-care that suits you.
The self-care theme for October is “Beauty Me”, and one of the themes for October is “Believe in your own strength”. Together with the members of “LaboMe(R)”, we aim for a month where you can be positive about your own mind and body.
In addition, as products for October, we will deliver face wash “Boost Facial Wash” by WAVE STYLE Co., Ltd. and bath powder “MONTHLY FRIEND” by Dream Co., Ltd. At the same time, you can use the products on the “LaboMe(R)” member-only app. I will share with the community the strength that I felt through this experience.
In addition, we will hold an event for “LaboMe(R)” members on Wednesday, October 25th (2). At the event, we will welcome guests to learn how to make spiced chai and oil massage, which incorporates Japanese Ayurveda, in self-care and workshops that bring out strength. This event is open to non-members as well. Details will be announced on Peatix ( and the “LaboMe(R)” page (
“LaboMe(R)” will help more women find a way to take care of their mind and body that suits them, and help them live a better daily life by connecting and interacting with their friends.
-What you can do with “LaboMe(R)”-
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-What is “LaboMe(R)”-
“LaboMe(R)” is a subscription-based product and community service that supports self-care for women to live with their own minds and bodies, with the vision of “Selfcare for Selflove.” Based on the theme set every month from the six perspectives of “LaboMe(R)”: food ~EatWell~, rest ~MeTime~, beauty ~BeautyMe~, exercise ~BodyFlow~, warming ~Warm~, and connection ~ForUs~ , “LaboMe(R)” researchers (employees of our research institute) will deliver self-care products carefully selected from various genres to members, and also share and exchange self-care information in the community. Masu. The community also provides information on women’s minds and bodies (articles supervised by doctors and other experts, articles on the latest research, etc.). We also hold events that all members can participate in.
“LaboMe(R)” is the first commercialization project of “A-STARTERS,” a new business creation program in which Ajinomoto Co., Inc. broadly solicits business ideas from employees and publicly solicits internal entrepreneur candidates.
“LaboMe(R)” official URL:
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■(1) Self-care theme & products for October 2023
Based on October’s self-care theme of “Beauty Me”, we will be delivering WAVE STYLE Co., Ltd.’s face wash “Boost Facial Wash” and Dreams Co., Ltd.’s bath powder “MONTHLY FRIEND” as self-care products.
[Image 3:×427.jpg] Product content
『Boost Facial Wash』
(1 piece -100ml- for dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, normal skin) The foam pack is made based on the plant-derived yokuinin, which is gentle on the skin and can thoroughly decompose dirt, soften sebum, remove excess dead skin cells, and cleanse (*depending on how clean the skin is). Herbal soft peeling foam pack face wash.
[Image 4:×277.jpg] “MONTHLY FRIEND” (40g each x 3 types set)
Cold body, rough skin, irritability. A milky-white bath powder that helps with various problems during menstruation. A set of 3 types with different scents and ingredients.
・Rose: Contains HOT ingredients (rhyolite powder – skin conditioning ingredient, ginger rhizome extract – moisturizing ingredient), for “cold”.
・Geranium: Contains relaxing ingredients (Roman chamomile flower oil – fragrance ingredient), orange peel oil – fragrance ingredient – for “irritability”.
・Berry: Contains moisturizing ingredients (water-soluble collagen – moisturizing ingredient -, glycosphingolipid – moisturizing ingredient -), “for rough skin”.
■(2) Held on Wednesday, October 25th! “LaboMe(R)” event
“LaboMe(R)” plans events that members can participate in based on monthly themes. The self-care theme for October is “BeautyMe”, and we will deliver products that bring out your own strengths.We will hold talk events and workshops to find self-care tips and tricks that will bring out your own strengths. We will implement it. We will invite Ayurveda and Raja Yoga instructor Seika Oka as a guest, and we will think about self-care that brings out strength. Ayurveda, a
traditional medicine that originated in India and Sri Lanka and has a history of 5,000 years, has a lot of wisdom on how to respect each individual’s constitution and live a comfortable life every season and every time of the day. , will learn how to make spiced chai and oil massage at a self-care workshop recommended for autumn that
incorporates Japanese-style Ayurveda by Mr. Oka.
[Image 5:×210.jpg] Ayurveda/Raja Yoga Instructor Seika Oka
Registered dietitian, Ayurveda/Raja Yoga instructor/Founder of MOTHER, Representative Director of Mother Co., Ltd. Born in 1993 in Hyogo Prefecture. Studied food nutrition at Mukogawa Women’s University and obtained qualification as a registered dietitian.
Questions that arose after studying Western medical health theory and nutrition led him to become interested in Eastern perspectives, which led to his encounter with Ayurveda.
After graduating from university, she studied essential Ayurveda on the island of Kauai, and acquired the Yoga Alliance certification. After that, she worked on yoga classes and nutritional guidance, food development specific to the intestines, recipe supervision, and event planning and management.
Founded MOTHER in 2019, and Mother Co., Ltd. in 2020.
We advocate “Japanese modern Ayurveda” as a way to make the teachings of Ayurveda more suitable for modern Japan, and we are developing various businesses such as producing wellness spaces, product development, events, and seminars, and spreading Ayurveda through various media. We are disseminating information based on To date, he has taught yoga/meditation to over 50,000 people.
In 2020, we opened a school to train Ayurveda instructors, which has received a great response.
Implementation overview
Name: Believe in your own strength ~Learn Ayurveda you can start now~ Date and time: October 25th (Wednesday) 19:00-21:00
Location: Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Head Office 2nd floor (1-15-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8315)
Participation fee: Free for members and members’ invitees (please enter the coupon code when applying)
How to apply: Please apply from the “Event” page on the “LaboMe(R)” site. Speakers: Ayurveda/Raja Yoga Instructor Seika Oka, “LaboMe(R)” Project Leader Maiko Hashi
■“LaboMe(R)” overview
Name: “LaboMe(R)”
URL: Features: You will receive products based on a monthly self-care theme, and you can use a community where you can get self-care information and connections.
Price: 2,980 yen per month (tax included) *1,000 yen discount for the first month if you apply for the first time
How to apply: Please register as a member from the URL and apply. *September products will be delivered if you apply by Saturday, September 30, 2023.
[September product]
Venere Co., Ltd.’s delicate zone soap “pitonFemcare Soap”
[Image 6:×116.jpg] Members Introduction:
[Image 7:×314.jpg] Project leader Maiko Hashi
She herself has been suffering from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) for over 10 years and has found it difficult to find reliable information and self-care that suits her, and after learning that her best friend also had the same problem. , with the desire to contribute to the well-being of all people who live with fluctuations in mind and body, devised a new service called “LaboMe(R)” that combines products and communities to provide self-care practices, information, and connections. . In 2020, a team of two people applied to an internal recruitment process for the “A-STARTERS” program, which was selected from among 133 themes, and the project began in earnest. As the founder of “LaboMe(R),” we provide hints, information, and connections for practicing self-care for those who are worried about the fluctuations unique to women, who are going through painful trial and error and patience, and those who want to be themselves at all times. We provide the “LaboMe(R)” service.
[Image 8:×191.png ]
Researcher Ami Mizukaki (Registered Dietitian)
He is mainly engaged in nutritional research in the sports field, and his strength is his knowledge of food and nutrition. Utilizing her qualifications as a registered dietitian, she also has experience creating menus for top athletes.
[Image 9:×190.png ]
Researcher Kotono Kobayashi (physical therapist)
During his student days, he majored in physical therapy and researched exercise, muscles, and stretching. He also has experience working in orthopedics, providing rehabilitation for patients with
osteoarthritis, hernias, strokes, etc. Currently engaged in
nutritional research and health food development.
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