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Lark Japan Co., Ltd. DX tool “Lark” that connects teams announces “Best DX Template” and “Next Trend DX Template” for the first half of 2023

Lark Japan Co., Ltd.
DX tool “Lark” that connects teams announces “Best DX Template” and “Next Trend DX Template” for the first half of 2023
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Lark Japan, which provides the DX tool “Lark” that connects teams, will announce the most popular “Lark Best DX Template” and “Lark Next Trend DX Template” in the first half of 2023.
Transcribing and sharing your work in a digital format is critical to increasing productivity. However, you may often worry about what elements to include, how to make it easier to understand, and the format.
Lark has over 150 different templates available. Among them, this time we will introduce the top 3 most used “Lark Best DX Templates” in the first half of 2023 and the “Lark Next Trend DX Template” that streamlines work in five departments.
Lark Best DX Template
1st place: Team task management (kanban) template
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This is a team task management template that allows you to manage team tasks by priority, person in charge, due date, etc. It was ranked #1 by far as it is an excellent template for visualizing the tasks of team members such as project managers, team leaders, project members, sales representatives, account managers, etc. in a Kanban view. 2nd place: Minutes template
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A minutes template for documenting the progress and results of meetings. It is a comprehensive template that allows you to record basic information such as date and time, participants, record of agenda, decisions, next step to-do list, and next schedule. With this, you can follow up on meetings without missing a beat.
Third place: Project management (reminder) template
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An almighty template for project management. It already has sections set for content, progress, task owners, related departments, Gantt charts, and related documents to cover even the most complex project management.
Lark next trend DX template
OKR task management template
OKRs are a framework that allows teams to effectively track project progress by setting goals and clarifying the means to achieve results. This method is attracting attention from various industries. By using this template, you can centrally manage information such as the person responsible for each OKR item, start time, end time, data indicators, and standard achievement, and understand the progress status. schedule calendar template
It’s designed to help you understand project tasks and deadlines at a glance. Lark’s advanced features make it easy to manage tasks and deadlines, and share information with your entire team. You can also use the customization feature to create a schedule calendar that suits you.
customer relationship management template
A versatile template that includes sections for project content, progress, task owners, related departments, Gantt charts, and related documents. Keep your entire team on the same page and simplify processes. This template is suitable for task management in various situations. brainstorming template
This brainstorming template provides a set of documents and a mind map view suitable for discussing ideas with your team. I hope you will turn this into a project and have an efficient brainstorm. By the way, you can use mind maps for free on Lark. organization chart template
With Lark, you can easily create an organization chart using mind maps. You can use this to update your organization’s organizational chart. there a template you are interested in? Lark templates are available to anyone who signs up for free. Lark’s best templates will make you the go-to person at work. We hope you will find your favorite among the “Lark Best DX Template” and “Lark Next Trend DX Template” for the first half of 2023 and streamline your work.
What is Lark?
Lark features next-generation collaboration tools that enable teams to work together in one suite for all your needs. By integrating many frequently used tools into one platform, including chat, email, calendar, video conferencing, documents, workflow, and back office functions, you can collaborate more effectively. All features are combined in one app and available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
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